can't swap parents - father is mother

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There are a number of profiles that show up on my error report have have incorrectly swapped father and mother.

I tried to make a correction a couple of weeks ago (see, but apparently not following the proper order -- as soon as I replace the mother's id with the father's id, the privacy levels on the parents auto-changed, and I was unable to complete the swap. So I didn't attempt any of the others.

Until today -- I asked and was added to the Trusted List of the parents and children affected.

Now, I'm attempting to first disconnect the parents completely, before reattaching them properly (at least, that's what I understood the proper sequence to be from other posts)

I can't edit the parents from the child's profile, because of privacy levels still.

But it looks like I can edit/remove the children from the parent's profile -- however, nothing actually happens. A change record is entered into the logs of both the parent and the child, but its not actually changing. Why is is logging a change, but there is no actual change?

So, how to fix?

Sounds like being on the Trusted List is still not quite enough, I have to actually be a co-manager as well?

Child: Garrett-4848
Mother (should be father): Garrett-4565
Father (should be mother): Marchak-1

WikiTree profile: Lucy Pearl Garrett
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An easy fix is like this.  Make one of the parents both father and mother of the child.  Once you have that done, go to that parent and copy the Wikitree-ID of the spouse to your mouse.  Now go back to the child and add as the parent that Wikitree-ID of the spouse as the other parent.

In this particular case, the parent's privacy level is on yellow so that will need to be addressed with either getting the profile manager to do the edits or getting on the trusted list.  It would be best if the profiles were open since they're rather old.
thanks, but you're not reading the problem fully.

I did just as you suggested the first time, and got them stuck, as it auto-changed the privacy level from open to yellow, preventing me from completing the swap.

This time, I got on the trusted list, but the edits aren't working.
Have you double-checked that the genders are accurate?

If that doesn't solve the problem:

1. Note down the wikitree id's of each parent.

2. Go to the child page; click on Edit tab. Under father's name click on "edit father" - scroll to bottom, remove this person as father. close the window.

3. Should be back on the child's edit page. Do the same as for #1 but for the mother.

4. Should be back on the child's edit page. Click on "add father"; enter appropriate wikitree id. Save

5. Repeat #4 for the mother.
yes, the genders are accurate.

step #2 -- can't because of current privacy settings (already mentioned this)

however, it appears I can remove the child from the parents -- and it actually logs a change -- but oops, it doesn't actually do anything. It could be the privacy settings still getting in the way, but then why would it pretend to make the change and log it? Perhaps I should write that one up separately as a bug, because it seems to be getting lost in the confusion.
It's got to have something to do with the privacy settings of the parents. I see that Rhitt Garrett has made you PM of his own profile, but not of the profiles of the people you need to be PM of.

As things stand now, Rhitt has to make the changes.

After you click SAVE CHANGES, are there any (often hard to read) error messages at the top of the page?
Indeed. Thanks.

No, there are no error messages.
1. Get the profile manager of the parents to put the privacy level on open of both parents

2. add a comment when that is accomplished
Yep, I got the PM to open up the privacy level again, and I managed to switch another of the children, but as soon as I did, it locked the parents yet again. So I still can't switch the others.

Without adding me as a co-PM (which I don't think he understands, because he added me as a PM of his own profile), it appears he's the only one who will be able to fix this error.

I've sent him a message trying to explain what needs to be corrected.

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I understand what you are saying. Your correct I think you must be on the "Trusted" list for all of the profiles and then become profile manager on them .


by Stanley Baraboo G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
edited by Stanley Baraboo
its a complicated set of options to navigate...

I already am on the Trusted List of all the profiles in question. Its not enough (or there's a bug).
Probably need to be on the Profile manager list. Once on the trusted list you can be changed to a profile manager.

Jerry, thanks for copy/paste quoting the policy pages. But I think a link would have been sufficient.

I think my reply is being overlooked as it was buried in between your very large copy/paste quotes.

In this case, being on the Trusted List is not sufficient as you initially suggest. But I agree with your second... I will now need to either ask to be promoted to manager, or ask the current manager to fix the problem.

This is an odd case where the parents, unnecessarily have a more severe privacy setting than the children (inadvertently caused initially by unexpected "auto-changes" - reported in the linked post above)

Lol.. Yes..  Dennis I was trying to get someone's attention that might help us .. 

You have a question and situation that I'm also interested in knowing the solution to...



that's cool. Thanks :)

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