Ability to select "DNA Tested" gif as a profile picture

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I would love the option to select the "dna_tested.gif" badge to use as a profile picture.

I think it would be wonderful to easily see the people that are tested in a family tree.

in WikiTree Tech by Rhonda Lucas G2G6 Mach 1 (12.1k points)


If you can make a snippet of the DNA tested Gif, you could upload it and use it. You could also take a picture of the person who has been tested and add the gif to the picture and upload and use it.

If you don't have a good photo editor, I suggest GIMP.


I experimented with something similar to what Mags has described.  See:


where the I-Z59 yDNA haplogroup is under the generic male profile images.  I also did this for mtDNA haplogroups and the generic female profile images.  However I found it too time consuming to create different ones for all the other haplogroups in my family tree.  I also realized that because of the difficulty most other people would not do what I was doing.  I wanted something more automated and adding information on the DNA Tests page now provides that automation (along with selecting the confirmed with DNA radio button to display the gold DNA icons).

Sincerely, Peter

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Hello Rhonda,

A few thoughts about a "DNA tested profile picture"... Would it only appear on the profile of the DNA tester?  The tester would need to choose between using their photo portrait or a DNA tested picture?

See http://www.wikitree.com/genealogy/Roberts-Family-Tree-7085 which shows gold DNA icons with a check mark for parent/child relationships which have been confirmed with DNA.  If a direct paternal line was Y-DNA tested, but not confirmed, then perhaps each male on that direct paternal line could automatically have a pale grey DNA icon without a check mark? Similar for mtDNA and auDNA? When a parent/child relationship was confirmed (by selecting the DNA confirmed radio button) then the grey icon would be replaced automatically by the gold DNA icon. Other ideas?
by Peter Roberts G2G6 Pilot (614k points)
edited by Peter Roberts
What about the DNA bar "filling up" by segment as each leg completes verification based off the DNA verification page?
Hello Elizabeth, If I understand you correctly, how a DNA bar fills up can vary due to the type of DNA test.  One Y-DNA test would fill the bar 50%.  Matching Y-DNA tests of direct paternal line relatives would fill the bar 100%. Similar for mtDNA.  Two auDNA tests for matching 3rd cousins or closer (who share the expected amount of cMs for their relationship) would fill the bar 100%.  auDNA matching between two more distant cousins would fill the bar two thirds.  Three or more distant cousins who all match each other on at least 7cM would fill the bar 100%.  X-DNA is similar to auDNA except when two male cousins share on the X.

This seems a bit complicated to me (unless WikiTree is able to completely automate it).  Sincerely, Peter

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