New entries won't accept birth dates and they won't load

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A new entry, a spouse for [Gréant-3] refuses to load. An error message comes back saying that the birth date is in the wrong format, needs to be YYYY-MM-DD or DD,MM,YYYY (or perhaps I've reversed month and day, but.. that's the idea). But I *have* the date formatted exactly as directed. This has happened intermittently since I joined, but it's gotten to the point where I've just spent 20 minutes trying to get an entry to load without success. This has to be a software glitch.

Thank you,

Deb - [Cavel-3]
in WikiTree Tech by Deb Cavel G2G6 Mach 2 (25.2k points)
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Ordinal numbers also aren't accepted, ie; 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.....

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I always enter the dates as e.g. November 16, 1904. Seems to work
by anonymous G2G6 Pilot (284k points)
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13 Dec 1984 format works fine as well
close that window and try with a fresh one. I always do YYYY-MM-DD and it works for me.
dd Mon yyyy is what I prefer too since it can't be confused as to which order the day and month is.  I'm not sure what is done for different languages, but for English speakers it works best IMO.
DD-MM-YYYY is my preferred format and what I always enter. What puzzles me is that the birth date in this format (or any format - I tried them all) is rejected, while the death date right below it in that format is accepted with no hesitation. This has happened repeatedly (in more than 20 entries) which is why I believe it is a software problem. Last night was the first time I could not get the entry to load. Usually after five or six tries I can get the entry to load. It is not a problem with the date format because I have the date formatted *exactly* as instructed.


Deb [Cavel - 3]

I am trying to add this entry again, and have the following message when I went to save the entry. Sorry, the birth date 1913-04-09  is not valid. Please use YYYY-MM-DD or Month DD, YYYY.
Sorry, the death date 1990-02-23  is not valid. Please use YYYY-MM-DD or Month DD, YYYY. 

This is how I have them formatted: (Copy and Paste)

Birth: 1913-04-09 

Death: 1990-02-23 

I've also tried without the hyphens which made no difference. Is there really no one else who is having this problem?  

Deb [Cavel-3] 

It certainly looks like you've followed the directions and it appears as if it should work.

I've just tested on another profile I manage, and it works for me without error (but it does auto-convert it from the numbers and dashes to day num month text coma year number). You might try just spelling it out that way as a workaround.

Otherwise, it does seem like you've encountered a bug. I suspect there is a hidden or special character trapped in there, probably from a copy/paste. That happens sometimes. Or, maybe your browser is converting the dashes to special 'en' dashes. Those would appear as regular dashes, but the computer treats them as different and special characters and would probably reject them.

You'll probably need an admin to look deeper. Sorry.

Hi Dennis,

Thank you for your response. How do I get to an administrator? 

I'm not doing a copy/paste, I'm typing the information in. I'm trying to set up my mother-in-law's profile. She lived with us the last 15 years of her life and I know her details by heart. It just gets worse and worse. Here's the response I just got after trying to follow the instructions.  I'm using Chrome on a Macbook.  

Sorry, the birth date April 9, 1913 is not valid. Please use YYYY-MM-DD or Month DD, YYYY.
Sorry, the death date February 23, 1990 is not valid. Please use YYYY-MM-DD or Month DD, YYYY.
Sorry, the marriage date February 18, 1938 is not valid. Please use YYYY-MM-DD or Month DD, YYYY.
Sorry, the marriage end date March 20, 1966 is not valid. Please use YYYY-MM-DD or Month DD, YYYY.

Thank you very much,

Deb [Cavel-3] 

your post is tagged properly already, so it should show up on their news feed. eventually, they will see it and hopefully help debug and find the problem to help you.
I see that you are having this trouble again, Deb. I wish I had an answer for you.

Something that might be related: input in G2G isn't working quite right for you either. Spaces in the text you enter aren't being interpreted as ASCII spaces. I have no idea what's causing this.

You say you're using Chrome on a MacBook. That doesn't seem like an unusual set-up.

Thank you Chris, your comment about the ASCII spaces clued me in on my problem. I also correspond in (and teach) one of the Iroquoian languages. I use a font that allows me to use both English and Iroquoian characters. It's never been a problem anywhere else, but apparently the WikiTree system doesn't like it. I switched back to an English only font and was able to enter my data. What a relief! :D 

Thanks to everyone who offered help and advice! I truly appreciate it. 

Deb [Cavel-3] 

Chris, are you able to capture her input encoding? Maybe she's using a different browser encoding. But I also notice that her profiles have special non-ascii characters in them (é), so perhaps she is using an IME (Input Method Editor) to assist in entering those characters. Or, typically, accented characters on a Mac are usually entered with a combination holding the option key. Most likely then, she is accidentally holding the option key with the space bar too (or the option key gets stuck). An Option-Space character would still look like a space to the eye, but actually be a different non-ascii character (0xc2).

edit: I'm too late. looks like problem solved :)
Dennis, looks like you hit the nail on the head. You and Deb must have been writing your posts at the same time.

So glad it's solved, Deb. That was really puzzling.
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after looking at the other answers and your responses I'm wondering if in your copy/paste approach you are including a space at the start or end?  This system seems more text oriented than some I've been on and spaces don't show and are characters at the program level.
by Kathy Wright G2G6 Mach 1 (10.2k points)

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