Changing citations already added to a bio.

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I have been working very hard to add proper citations to French Canadian profiles from the original registers available at Genealogiequebec,com (Drouin Insitute).

As far as I understand PRDH-IGD gets their information from the same database and I know that if I am at PRDH and I choose to look at an image it directs me back to the website. Therefore, I consider the Drouin Institute to be the correct owner that should be listed in a citation.

Today I found a profile had been edited and all my citations for the birth/baptism, marriages (3), and the death/burial had all been removed and had been replaced with IGD citations. While these citations are ok, they do not link to the owner of the database where the images are found.

Maybe I am being petty, but I think that when someone has gone to a considerable effort to find the best citation possible for Quebec genealogy (and I think that is the Drouin collection), it should not be removed but added to.

It has been pointed out to me in the past that has the Drouin database for free, but since it is difficult to find family members that are all connected on the PRDH-IGD, I have decided not to use familysearch (which would be my first choice for just about all other North American families). I would be thrilled if someone added the Familysearch link so that anyone could access it without having to subscribe to and PRDH like I do.

I have been known to remove bad sources (mostly ancestry trees) or links that do not work. I have moved Nos Origines links to a "See also" section when that is the only source listed and I have added Drouin citations. I think any site that offers "clues" should be retained but it should be recognized that a compiled site is only as good as the sources listed, and a lot don't have any sources listed. If a source link leads to a sign on page, I delete it when I am adding my citations. This is also the reason I don't usually add the whole genealogyquebec URL, but give the Acte # and the Image # so some one with a subscription can find the image quickly and easily without searching.

I have even added a whole Drouin citation when all that was there was "Drouin Collection" (which is better than nothing), but I have never deleted perfectly good citations/sources that someone has gone to a lot of trouble to add.

OK, I'm stepping off my soap box...
in Policy and Style by Dawn Ellis G2G6 Mach 8 (88.8k points)
Please don't delete a citation that goes to a sign-on page.
I guess I should clarify, I meant if it was an ancestry tree link.

RJ, I will delete a source that goes to a sign on or sign up page only if I can provide another source that is from a free site. As an example most ancestry sources are available from familysearch with the indexed information that can be viewed by everyone and still provides a link to Ancestry for those who wish to pay their membership fees to view the image of the original document. I will leave all sources alone if I can not find it on a free site even if I can not view it myself because others could check it, but I feel that having the information free to all is better than having a link to a page that is just asking you for your money.

Reply to Dale,

Free doesn't necessarily mean accurate. Tanquay is now free but often inaccurate. Fichier Origine is free AND accurate but only covers the individuals who crossed the big pond.   In French Canadian genealogy, I think PRDH and LaFrance are subscription based but accurate and ACCEPTED as the Standard of secondary sources.  I would prefer an accurate source even if, on a particular day, I cannot access it.  There are some libraries in Canada and in USA where PRDH can be accessed - wiki contributors and readers can potentially access. I will not use Nos Origines as a source because that is like stating Wikitree is a source for Nos Orgines??? No ?? Please tell me what you think and/or if I do not understand the problem correctly.  Thank you. Mary Beth

you are not being petty. I am with you on this one!  (I hope it wasn't me who accidentally deleted your citations!) . I agree with you and think there should be a listed of accepted sources in Quebec Project just like there are in the Acadian Project.  If such a list already exists, please point me to it! Thanks.
mary Beth
IGD= Institut Généalogique Drouin.  Which is their proper name.  I came in after the fact and added in the various links, which lead directly to the acts themselves when you click on them.  As I understand it, the original correction which had been done on your entries was due to the fact that which you left in there also had a colon at the end which was stopping it from working.  I always leave the full link together and just indicate what sort of act it is, so someone who does have a subscription can just click on it once.  Giving the number used by IGD/PRDH isn't very useful to someone who doesn't have a subscription to them.  My two bits on that.  I know in Sourcerers we aim to have links to actual documents in there as much as possible, membership or no.

I understand your frustration though, but realize that your work was not destroyed, it is still there.  Just reorganized a bit and renamed.
Hi Danielle,

I have thought about adding the whole link, maybe I will. I do love what he has done with the profile. I just wish he was a little more respectful of other people's work.

Done, end of story!

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