Looking for Isabella Beveridge parent on death certificate of Robt. Oliphant aged 68 in 1883?

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The place of Robert's death was Prinlaws, Fifeshire. His father's name was Alexander.
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anonymous - I'm confused.
What information are you looking for - the linked profile provides both parents for Isabella ?  Is it Robert Olipant's family you are looking for ?
Thank you Allan. I am sorry. I meant I am looking for Beveridge family of my Isabella Beveridge who is the mother of Robert Oliphant, his father was Alexander Oliphant; their son Robert died aged 68 in 1883. I know Isabella off that death certificate only, who is my 3xG-grandparent.

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No problem but there is still a problem with your definition of events - the Isabella Beveridge you linked to is not identified as having a husband called Alexander Oliphant or any son AND she was only born in 1874 so wouldn't have been allowed to be the informant at a death in 1883 at age 9 !
Nevermind - Anyway, to confirm Robert Oliphant was born in 1815 and was the son of Alexander Oliphant and Isabella Beveridge.  Robert's mother was the informant at Robert's death registration, so she died later than 1883, so lived to be more than 82 years old.  If any of this is misconstrued say so.
Are you sure the death informant wasn't a sister who was named after their mother?  If this Isabella (the informant) is really your 3xgrtGrandmother she would need to be born approx 100 years before you (25 years per generation), so is quite unlikely to be Robert Oliphant's mother!
As long as my analysis above is correct, the parents seem to be in Fife in the 1841 Census...
OLIPHANT, Alexr M 55 1786 Watchmaker Fife
OLIPHANT, Isabella F 50 1791 Fife
OLIPHANT, Elisabeth F 24 1817 Fife
OLIPHANT, William M 20 1821 Flesher J Fife
OLIPHANT, Isabella F 4 1837 Fife
Piece: 402 Book/Folio: 1 Page: 10 Civil Parish: Anstruther
Address: Castle Street, Anstruther County: Fife
This census makes me think that the daughter born in 1837 might have been the informant at Robert's death registration?  In any event Robert appears in some of the censuses (see below)...
Scottish Census of 1851...
OLIPHANT, Robert Head Married M 39 1812 Ag Lab Colipie, Fifeshire
OLIPHANT, Helen Wife Married F 34 1817 Cameron, Fifeshire
OLIPHANT, Margaret Daughter Unmarried F 13 1838 Flax Spinner St Andrews, Fifeshire
OLIPHANT, Isabella Daughter F 10 1841 Scholar N K, Fifeshire
OLIPHANT, Elizabeth Daughter F 8 1843 Scholar Denbog, Fifeshire
OLIPHANT, Alexander Son M 5 1846 Scholar Markinch, Fifeshire
OLIPHANT, Helen Daughter F 3 1848 Scholar Markinch, Fifeshire
Piece: 444 Folio: 56 Page: 24 Registration District: Prinlaws
Civil Parish: Leslie (Fife) Address: Prinlaws, Prinlaws, Leslie (Fife) County: Fife
Any more records I find I will add as comments...


by Wombat Allen G2G6 Mach 2 (25.2k points)
Scottish Census of 1871...
OLIPHANT, Robert    Head    Married    M    58    1813     Labourer    Collessie, Fife
OLIPHANT, Helen        Wife    Married    F    55    1816            Cameron, Fife
OLIPHANT, Elizabeth    Daughter  Unmarried  F    27    1844     Flax Spinner    Dunbog, Fife
OLIPHANT, Helen    Daughter  Unmarried    F    22    1849            Markinch, Fife
OLIPHANT, Andrew    Son  Unmarried    M    19    1852     Cloth Bleacher    Leslie, Fife
OLIPHANT, Janet    Daughter  Unmarried    F    17    1854     Flax Spinner    Leslie, Fife
OLIPHANT, Christian    Daughter    F    13    1858     Flax Spinner    Leslie, Fife
OLIPHANT, Lindsay    Daughter    F    11    1860     Flax Spinner & Scholar    Leslie, Fife
OLIPHANT, Robert    Son        M    8    1863     Scholar    Leslie, Fife
Piece: 444    Folio: 6    Page: 14    Registration District: Leslie
Civil Parish: Leslie    Address: Porch Cottages, Leslie        County: Fife
Yay, Wombat.
Hello Wombat Allen
There are some misunderstandings.
Apropos Robert Oliphant's death certificate P.22 1883 Statutory Deaths 444/00 0064 Deaths in the Parish of Leslie in the County of Fife

(1) the informant was Alexander, his son not his mother.

(2) his parents are recorded as Alexander and Isabella Oliphant MS Beveridge

(3) It seems his parents are alive at the time of his death in 1883, leastwise it is not notated on the death certificate that they are deceased.

(3) I can’t discount that at the time of his death, his parents were alive and accept they may have been 97 and 92 ie supposing the Alexander and Isabella you list out of the 1841 census are Alexander Oliphant and Isabel M.S.Beveridge, parents of Robert Oliphant.

(4) the rule of thumb of 25 years per generation does not hold true in this instance of my claim Isabella Beveridge is my 3xG-grandparent; I was eg born late in my father's life and my father was born in 1904.

(5) my father's maternal grandmother was Isabella Binning M.S. Oliphant, daughter of Robert Oliphant and Helen M.S. Kingsman; yes I believe that is Robert Oliphant and Helen you list in the 1871 census with his wife Helen and children, but I have no other lead to Beveridge than the death certificate of Isabella Binning MS Oliphant.

(6) Please  note Isabella Oliphant is not listed at the home of her parents in the 1871 census but with her husband William Binning in their own home with their first child, their son Sydney. When she married in 1865 she was 22.

(7) There is tiny discrepancy between Isabella’s age recorded as 10 in the 1851 Census*, but as 18 in 1861. As well Isabella’s birth place is listed as N.K. (Not Known) in 1851 Scottish Census yet she is listed in 1861 and 1871 as born in Abdie, Fifeshire. There is a tiny discrepancy between the age of Robert, the Head of the household in 1851 and 1871 but there seems little reason to believe the family is not the same so many of its features match.

*Scottish Census of 1861…
, Helen
, Margeret 20 Fifeshire St Andrews
, Isabella , Elizabeth , Helen , Andrew , Jessie , Christian , Lindsay
Piece: 444  Folio: 7  Page: 9  Registration District: Leslie
Civil Parish: Leslie  Address: Porch Cottages, Leslie   County: Fife
[Census 07/04/1861 444/00 007/00 009]

btw I am new to the site and I did not intend to imply my data is a match to wheresoever it is that I am. I did not identify an exact match. I was seeking to register that I am researching the Beveridge family because it seems an Isabella Beveridge is my relative.

Thank you for your interest, Wombat. I hope something turns up.
Hi anonymous, Sorry I was trying to understand why you had linked the profile that you had - I assumed that it was the person that you were referring to as they had the same name.  I will digest your new information, search some more and let you know of any extra records I find that may be of interest. Regards.
I made an omission from the 1861 census that Helen was 41 and her p[lace of birth was Fifeshire, Cameron. Isabella was 18 and her place of birth was Fifeshire, Abdie, Elizabeth was 16 and her place of birth was Fifeshire, Dunbog, Helen was 13 and her place of birth was Fifeshire, Markinch, the children Andrew, Jessie, Christian and Lindsay were respectively 9, 7, 3 and 1 and their place of birth was in each case Fifeshire Leslie.
Am I anonymous? Bear with me and next time I come online I will adjust my profile. I don't immediately have the time to determine what has happened there. Thank you Wombat. Regards in return to you

Hi sandshoe_christina,

Its hard to add much to what you have outlined, as I am not a paying member of  www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk  so apart from the IGI (http://familysearch.org) and FreeREG (http://www.freereg.org.uk/) I don't have access to any Scottish parish registers.

However, the marriage of Alexander Oliphant & Isabella Beveridge appears to be in the IGI...
FreeREG confirms the marriage with additional data (bride's parish)...
... and it appears that he may have remarried later ...
...FreeREG confirms this 2nd marriage...
...which may invalidate the 1841 Census noted previously?

I have found some other sources relating to names in Fife that we've discussed which may have some useful content...
http://media.ecollection.biz/viewcompdf.php?colid=1&mediauid=504e0af6e55784a&pdf=ae4f8912cce5e4b.pdf  (genealogy that includes Olyphants and Beveridges in Fife)

A user in a forum who mentions Alexander & Isabella is Roddy Oliphant...

I hope that some of this is useful.
Good Luck

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