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This is the marriage of my 4G grand-parents. Benjamin Joseph Killer and Theotiste Huard.

Thank you in advance.
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OBS You need to have login t be able to see the picture,,,,

Magnus, here's a link to FamilySearch where all can see:
"Québec, registres paroissiaux catholiques, 1621-1979," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 16 July 2014), Paspébiac > Notre-Dame-de-Paspébiac > Baptêmes, mariages, sépultures 1791-1811, 1839-1866 > image 30 of 476; nos paroisses de Église Catholique, Quebec (Catholic Church parishes, Quebec).
Thanks sorry but my French studies are not enough....

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I found the record in the Drouin Collection at Ancestry. I took a screenshot of it and attached the PDF to Benjamin's profile.

The handwriting and the French are a bit difficult for me, hopefully someone else can have a look at it.

What I have been able to establish is that the marriage occurred on the 24 April 1803. Benjamin was the son (of age) of Joseph Killer and Marie... it looks like 'Seen' to me? - They were from Portugal. Theotiste was the daughter (of age) of Jacques Huart and Anne Duguot.

There seems to be a lot more information here but I'm going to leave that to someone who has more experience in early 1800's French!!
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Thank you!!! It is a copy, not the same version, but I should be able to spot any differences.

I read Benjamin's mother as Marie Jesu. The marriage was also legitimzng Joseph Killer born on January 5 and baptized March 15. I added a link to FamilySearch - their copy is very clean.

Thank you.
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So this is not the original wedding record; it's the rehabilitation of a wedding contracted a year earlier (March 30, 1802), that had been voided for some reason (I think because it was a civil wedding -> performed by a "juge de paix").

They also recognize Joseph Killer (born Jan 5, 1803) as their son.

I don't have time right now to translate the whole thing word-for-word, but that's the essence of it.  Ask if you want more specific info like names; they are easy to read.

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Thank you Yves. I missed the voiding of the contract.

I can help with the "mar. rehab" phrase. Per Dennis Boudreau's book, Les Mariages des Iles-de-la-Madeleine, P.I., 1794-1900, p v

"due to a lack of priests in Acadia during the years of exile, many couples were married before a civil official (Justice of the Peace)  or before an "ancien" (elder of the community), who in he name of the church, received their mutual consent of marriage.  These marriages were later blessed by itinerant missionaries.  This blessing was called a "rehabilitation"...

Yeah, the work 'voided' was probably not the correct one to use.  Something like 'not sufficient' or 'to be blessed' by the church would likely be more accurate.


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Now this is what I call cooperation and collaboration. Thank you all.
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On 24 April 1803 by me undersigned priest was rehabilitated the marriage of Benjamin Joseph Killer (of age) son of Joseph Killer and Marie Jesu of the city of A??? in Portugal, on the one part, and Théotiste Huart (of age) daughter of Jacques Huart and Anne Duquet on the other part.  Contracted the 30th March of the preceding year 1802 before John Man (?) esquire, justice of the peace of New-Carlisle, the parties received dispensation of the publication of the 3 bans.  Witnesses, Jacques Loiselle, friend of the groom, Jacques Huart, father of the bride, who, along with the contracting parties, declared they could not sign; the aforesaid Joseph Benjamin Killer and Théotiste Huart recognized as their legitimate son Joseph Killer born on 5 January last, given lay baptism on the same day, to whom the ceremonies of baptism  were supplemented on 15 March for whom the godfather was Jacques Huart and godmother Élisabeth Doiron Loiselle , as appears in the act registered in folio 35 of the present record.  signed by _ Lefrançois priest.

As a note, the son's baptism got recorded in both Bonaventure and Paspébiac parish registers, which is quite frequent for this area.  Funny, he's born on my birthday.  Just a tad wee bit earlier.  

Can't quite make out the name of the city in Portugal, but looking at a map, it may be Albufeira on the Southern coast of that country.  Looks close enough to the word written out also.

There is no mention of voiding of the marriage anywhere, you have to realize that when the church ''rehabilitates'' a marriage, it can also be due to it having been done outside the fold, so to speak, like before a judge, or in a protestant church.  They do their thing to bring the people back within the fold.
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I think it is Alcobassa, but I will keep your suggestion in mind Danielle. Thank you so much. I got a lot of that, but not the fine details. Damn my mother and her idea that speaking french to us wouldn't have been fair to my father!!!
LOL, she should have made him learn it!  :D

Pour le prêtre Lefrançois, l'initiale du prénom est un A.

Le nom du juge de paix serait John MANN, probablement un membre de cette famille MANN

J'ai trouvé une notice sur John MANN. "He was also a Justice of the Peace and Magistrate"

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At   Look in the upper right hand corner and it will translate the page for you if you click English
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Click English in the upper right hand corner for the translation
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I think the mother of the bride is Duguet rather than Duquet when you compare the g in vingt and the q in quatre.  Also I've known people named Duguet and never Duquet.  I also think "solemnize" would be more appropriate than "rehabilitated".  My parents' protestant mariage was solemnized by a priest when my mother converted to Catholicism (my father's original church)
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Before searching for his baptism record, I would like to see his marriage record because some family trees mention him as a native of Coutances in Normandy.

In the 1730 of Bayonne, there are two families with that name:

Pierre DUGUE, sailor and his wife

and another P(ier)re DUGUET, master taylor, and his wife
married in France per PRDH, he moved here after marriage.  Wife is named on the PRDH link I put above (free access that one)
Most of the family trees give them as married in Pabos, Gaspésie, on October 7th 1733.

Regarding marriage of René Duguay & Marguerite LeBreton, Nos Origines says as source: 'Mariage avant 1729 en France de parents inconnus. S. White ne fait aucune allusion non plus, que Marguerite Breton soit d'origine Acadienne.'

Refer also to homepage of L'association des familles Duguay that says: "L'ancêtre des Duguay de la région de la Baie des Chaleurs est René (Irénée) Duguay, né vers 1710 et marié à Marguerite LeBreton, vers 1733. Il était installé à Pabos (devenu Chandler) en Gaspésie où naquit son fils François, l'ancêtre des Duguay de la région de Shippagan.

Nous ne sommes pas encore fixés sur l'origine exacte de René (Irenée) Duguay. Il y a plusieurs hypothèses sur les origines de René (Irenée) Duguay. ..."

et on sait pas quand il est mort ?

Ce profil

dit qu'il est né vers 1710. Logiquement ça voudrait dire qu'il existe un document avec son âge.

Une date de décès, le 1er juillet 1776 à Paspébiac sur Geneanet

PRDH Individu #160244 does not give date for death of Rene Duguay. Neither does Nos Origines 431082 (Rene Duguay).

PRDH Individu #160244 also does not provide date of birth (in Bayonne, Gascogne).

En gros, on ne sait rien.

Répertoire alphabétique 1668 - 1792 de Bayonne

Lettre D

Selon Les Grandes Familles Gaspésiennes, on sait de René Duguay que «  On le trouve à Pabos, le 21 novembre 1751 au baptême de sa fille Marie-Joseph. Il assistera au mariage de sa fille, Geneviève qui épousera Pierre Huard le 25 juin 1753. »

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