Help reading parts of one 19th c German death record in old handwriting

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I'm a first-timer.  Here is the church death record from 1872--I've translated the legible old German script, and inserted ---- ---- for the words I can't sort out orthographically.  I can send a view of the very clear church record as an attachment.  This death record is important because I think what I'm missing is the cause of her death, and also I want to be absolutely clear about the words leading up to the list of the four children.


Anna Catharine Christine Damke, born Wilken in Eckhorst, --- ----[widow?] of  ---- Friedrich Clement Gottlieb Damke, ---- zu Rathjensdorf [from Rathjensdorf], gestorben in [died in] ----- ------ ---- ---- ---- , age 45 years.  ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- -- ---- vier kinder [four children] : Mathilde 23 yrs, Wilhelmine 20 yrs, Emilie 18 yrs, Christine 12 yrs old.

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Can you attach a copy of the original for translation?
How do I attach a small snippet from a webpage?  (I'm a newcomer and I don't see an option for uploading this.)
Create a profile for the person. Use the image tab on the profile to upload the image. Or if the webpage does not require a subscription simply post the URL here.


Thank you for the pointers.  


I have uploaded the snip as a photo on my membership page (not a photo of me).


Also I've created a profile for Mathilde Damke, and uploaded the death record of her mother Anna Catharine Christine Wilken which mentions her.  That's what I'm trying to understand exactly. 

I hope this enables you to help,


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Anna Catharine Christine Damke, née Wilken from Eckhorst, widow of Friedrich Clement Gottlieb Damke, teacher in Rathgensdorf, deceased following an operation for a hernia, at the age of 45. - She was married once and leaves behind from this marriage four children: Mathilde, age 23, Wilhelmine, age 20, Emilie, age 18, Christine age 12.
by Helmut Jungschaffer G2G6 Pilot (614k points)
Helmut, thank you *very* much for unlocking this mystery.  It is a meaningful discovery to know that she was a teacher--her husband died a decade earlier--and to know the circumstances of her death, something I did no expect to learn from church burial records.

I hope you will help me decipher some additional records from the same church which was a center for all major family events for several generations.  (Parts of the church building in Alt Rensefeld/Bad Schwartau date back 900 years!)

Her husband was the teacher, sorry I didn't make that clearer in the translation.
Helmut, thanks for the clarification, which I'm sure is clear in the German but not in English.

Where should I upload other clips for which I need help?  To the Mathilde Damke profile?

If you don't have profiles for the people involved you can use her for now (as long as the profile is open).
Helmut, I just uploaded six baptismal records, which are for Mathilde (of the death record you translated) and her five siblings.  (August is my GGF.)

All were baptized in the same church, same parents, so your help is needed re any "differences"--godparents and the info attached to them.  (Is the info after each name a place of residence or an occupation?)

Many thanks,


Hi Helmuth, 

Here you can find the records now, and here's the ''new'' G2G, David added them all there and they are open now, so maybe if you have some time to help and translate some more ? It's of course very much appreciated !

Helmuth, on the "full page spread" I only need help on the entry for Carl Heinrich Wilcken, middle of right-hand page.
I can read the names and I know the names of the parents, not problem.  What I can't make out is most of the "other words", including what follows after each name of a godfather/mother--since I don't know if it is where the person is from, or an occupation.  Either way, I want to know what it says.
By the way, Carl Heinrich Wilcken is the GGGF of Mitt Romney.
Sorry, can't make out exactly what it says, would need a little more enlargement. Just don't think it's occupations, looks more like the towns they are from, one ends in -dorf (village), a common part of German town names.
Hi, Helmut-- Thank you for your help on this one.  I was trying to get help on several other records from the same church (and family) that were put in a "file cabinet" for me.  I haven't learned to navigate Wikitree well, but I hope I can figure that out so that you can see the newer records.  (You did such a great job on the first one--and solved 2 big mysteries thereby--that I would like to your help on these.)

I leave for South America in the morning, to track down descendants and see where two of her brothers lived out their lives in Argentina.  I'll get back to you later today.


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