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We have a property in WikiData Property:P2949 its used on Special:WhatLinksHere/Property:P2949

Example Beethoven is Q255 and in WikiData we have a link to WikiTree Van_Beethoven-1

I suggest this G2G topic is a discussion what we should do now....

My suggestions

  1. Update Wikidata with WikiTree properties for all WikiTree profiles with template Notables
    1. Review WikiTree Notables profiles so they have a good quality level ?
  2. Update the template Notables to take a parameter = Wikidata object
    1. Maybe add a link to Reasonator
  3. Update some guidelines for how to create Notables inside WikiTree to also describe how to set WikiTree property at WikiData
  4. Define a Database Error that a profile with the Notables template should have a WikiData object parameter and if possible check if the WikiTree ID is set in WikiData ....
  5. ??????

Reasonator with WikiTree property

Property in Wikidata

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I love the idea of a database error that shows Notable profiles with no Wikidata object parameter, and ideally finding those with no WikiTree ID property set in Wikidata.

Another great error would be finding more than one WikiTree ID linking to the same Wikidata object, which would indicate a duplicate profile.

Also checking birth dates and death dates and locations in WikiTree with Wikipedia/Wikidata I have seen that they differ....

As also FindAgrave ID is in WikiData it's stupid that we don't have templates for FIndAGrave records. If we had templates it would have been easier to check that the WikiTree profile had the same FindAGrave record number as WikiData maybe we should create a FindAGrave template

Example search in Wikidata that displays FindAGraveID etc....
Another search showing people in Wikidata that 
have a WikiTree profile and a Facebook account

Wikidata query finding all people in Wikidata with a WikiTreeID and display from WikiData a birth, death and buried location on a map with a link to WikiTree

The result is embedded in a webpage see my blog

Query asked 




  1. Ask for all people in Wikidata with WikiTree attribute P2949
  2. Get the Birth location and the coordinates for the birth location
  3. Create URL to Wikipedia
  4. If illustration exist in Wikidata for the person it will be displayed
  5. If FindAGrave ID exist Link to that 

#SPARQL query in Wikidata
# Find all people with WikiTreeID => they have a profile in WikiTree
# Display on the map 
# - Place of Birth
# - Place of Death 
# - Place of Burial

# In the popup window show illustration from Wikidata and URL to WikiTree
SELECT ?person ?ppicture ?personLabel ?personDescription ?WikiTreeIDf ?FindAGravef ?FBf ?Genealogicsf ?coord ?coord2 ?coord3 WHERE {
   ?person wdt:P2949 ?WikiTreeID .                 # All item with WikiTreeID
   OPTIONAL { ?person  wdt:P535 ?FindAGrave }  # FindAGrave
   OPTIONAL { ?person wdt:P1819 ?Genealogics }  # Genealogics
   OPTIONAL { ?person wdt:P2013 ?FB }              # Facebook
   OPTIONAL {  ?person wdt:P19 ?loc .             # P19 Place of Birth
    ?loc wdt:P625 ?coord } .                    # Get coordinates from Place of Birth

   OPTIONAL {  ?person wdt:P20 ?loc2 .             # P19 Place of Death
    ?loc2 wdt:P625 ?coord2 } .                    # Get coordinates from Place of Death
   OPTIONAL {  ?person wdt:P119 ?loc3 .             # P19 Place of Burial
    ?loc3 wdt:P625 ?coord3 } .                    # Get coordinates from Place of Burial
   OPTIONAL {?person wdt:P18 ?ppicture}         # If Wikidata has a illustration use that

#   ?person  wdt:P166 wd:Q219578 . # just showing people who has received Victoria Cross
   BIND (URI(CONCAT("",?WikiTreeID)) AS ?WikiTreeIDf)
   BIND (URI(CONCAT("",?FindAGrave)) AS ?FindAGravef)
   BIND (URI(CONCAT("",?Genealogics)) AS ?Genealogicsf)
   SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "en". }
LIMIT 10000


I can see this being helpful for finding people to add to Wikitree for the Notables project. Maybe a query that selects all humans born after 0 AD who don't have a Wikitree ID? And we could filter by occupation, or awards, or country of birth, etc.

One approach Jamie is

All Wikidata profiles with the FindAGrave property set but no WikiTree ID 

Thanks for this, Magnus! I added a politician who is buried near the street where I parked the car on the way to the office. : )

WikiData Flow

Bic pic

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How to add a WikiTreeID to WikiData

Video connecting Olof Palme

Other cool examples:


by Living Sälgö G2G6 Pilot (305k points)
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Resonator -> Reasonator

I think it's an invented word based on reason. But your video demos really resonate with me. :)

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How about updating locality categories with things from Wikidata like the "coordinate location" property?

For example, my hometown of Hobart, Indiana, USA, is

so perhaps the coordinate location property could be referenced on

Category: Hobart, Indiana
by Karen Lowe G2G6 Pilot (198k points)

That would be magic if we could feed infoboxes in WikiTree from Wikidata.... I am not skilled right now to explain how to do it....

I assume we then need to have infoboxes with the object Q1999235 and then write something that fill in locations flag,,, name,,,, etc.... 

As WikiData has FindAGrave attribute we could also feed Notables with Find A Grave links... from Wikidata.... Property:P535 used WhatLinksHere/Property:P535 

Question is how...

For coordinates I think we would want to copy code from

The smaller problem is to create the template If Chris gives us a go then we do that...

The technical challenge is how to update it from Wikidata..... without manual work....

My understanding is that WikiTree hasn't set any standard how a category page for e.g. Hobart, Indiana should look (wikipedia)

I have been playing around a little bit at the Family Search wiki and they run a later version of Wiki ==> you can inside Family Search use Wikimedia pictures..... without download and upload

I would like to see simplified maps inside WikiTree on categories....

On the Swedish Parish pages we(I) have started to add Template:SPC_Gen_Parish that could be extended to also have picture of the local church, coordinates etc.... the future will tell

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Hello Magnus,

Do you imagine there is a way that Wikidata may be used for some of the DNA results which people in WikiTree have?  If so, I would like to start with something more simple (to learn the ropes) and then build to a more complex use.

Thanks and sincerely,
by Peter Roberts G2G6 Pilot (726k points)
Never heard about that....
I would think you would want a Wikidata property for GEDmatch ID or even NCBI GenBank submissions.

Hmm, I wonder if a WikiTree profile could serve as a reference to a family link claim on Wikidata? For example, the page for Anne Frank at includes claims that other Wikidata objects represent her father, mother, and sister. So a reference for those claims could point to a profile page or to a relationship calculator page. Probably the profile page is better since it contains the source citations, right? Or is the profile not really the correct reference since it is really just making the same claim based on references to source documents?

What could be done using RDF is that WIkiTree is so magic so we have an unique URL for Anne Frank

That is

We can then tell the world that is the same as

We also have today in machine readable form the relations father / child/birth date etc... if you check Google Structured testing tool

you can see that WikiTree is coded so intelligent that Google understand the structured info.... of the profile of Anne Frank

Big picture

That means what we should do is also make Gedmatch ID machine readable and somehow access Gedmatch and compare gedmatches.... on the fly.... ==>

We get a new error when two people share segments at GEDMATCH but are not connected in WikiTree ;-) 

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SPARQL query in Wikidata

 that returns

subj WikiTreeID FindAGrave givenameLabel surnameLabel FB Instagram PlaceofBurial                            Van_Beethoven-1 9528924 Ludwig   110664992295466                            Shakespeare-1 1450 William Shakespeare                            Frank-1225 6870415 Anna Frank                            Frank-1226   Otto Frank                                          
by Living Sälgö G2G6 Pilot (305k points)
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SPARQL query in Wikidata that returns 
  1. WikiTreeID
  2. FindAGraveID
  3. FB account (if they have)
  4. Instagram account
  5. name
  6. location object of burial
    SELECT ?subj ?WikiTreeID ?FindAGrave ?givenameLabel ?surnameLabel  ?FB  ?Instagram ?PlaceofBurial WHERE {
       ?subj wdt:P2949 ?WikiTreeID . 
       OPTIONAL {  ?subj      wdt:P2013 ?FB }
       OPTIONAL {  ?subj      wdt:P735 ?givename }
       OPTIONAL {  ?subj      wdt:P734 ?surname }
       OPTIONAL {  ?subj      wdt:P535 ?FindAGrave }
       OPTIONAL {  ?subj      wdt:P2003 ?Instagram }
       OPTIONAL {  ?subj      wdt:P119 ?PlaceofBurial }
       SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "en". }
    LIMIT 1000

Big pic
by Living Sälgö G2G6 Pilot (305k points)
edited by Living Sälgö
#SPARQL query in WikiData
# List of presidents with causes of death with WikiTreeID
SELECT ?WikiTreeID ?FindAGrave ?h ?cause ?hl ?causel 
    ?h wdt:P39 wd:Q11696 . # P39 = position held Q11696 = President of the USA
    ?h wdt:P509 ?cause . # P509 = cause of death
    OPTIONAL {  
        ?h rdfs:label ?hl filter (lang(?hl) = "en") .
        ?cause rdfs:label ?causel filter (lang(?causel) = "en"). 
        ?h wdt:P2949 ?WikiTreeID . # P2949 WikiTreeID
    OPTIONAL {  ?subj      wdt:P535 ?FindAGrave }
Same query but also with FindAGraveID

Big pic

George Washington Washington-11 has 3 FindAGrave IDs

List all US Presidents with A WikiTree profile and a Facebook account
Person WikiTreeID Facebook
Barack Obama
Bill Clinton

#US presidents and spouses and if they have WikiTreeID in Wikidata

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