Merge 1900 individuals!

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Hi, I have a very large gedcom file, over 1900 individuals, was trying to go thru them, but then read that my file was too large, but started going thru them one by one, then read that i could just skip it all and try to upload a smaller file.  I do not have a smaller file!  Help! Thanks in advance
in WikiTree Tech by Betsy Bucsanyi G2G Crew (310 points)
If there are more then so many I think 500 duplicates or assumed duplicates, it will create a fail. You should be able to split your gedcom into smaller chunks. Work on any issues on that smaller section. Then continue. You can have an intentional merge "anchor" person to merge on upload just as a place marker.

Trust me!! (infamous last words) you do not want to upload everything all at once. Even 1000 if you go thru and hand merge everyone. Wikitree is not the same critter as rootsweb, ancestry, or even familysearch.

I would suggest that you see if any one in your gedcom is already listed. And build from there. Its not about how many gedcoms we upload, its about building one tree and having verifiable documentation.

You really do want to learn how Wikitree operates before you upload a bunch. Its really easier to hand list them with proper documentation, then it is to add everyone all at once and attempt to sort thru it later. This I learned the hard way.  And I only uploaded 500 my first time.

I have 10,000 in my db, but I have only uploaded about 2000.

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According to Wikitree, you should be able to upload as many as 2,500 people at a time. Check with their guidelines to see if you fit them. Otherwise, if you continue to have issues, attempt to select only a few individuals at a time (pick certain surnames, for example). Here is a step-by-step guide for more information. I hope this help!

by Georgia Wrocklage G2G1 (1.2k points)
Thank you for your response, i will do more reading first.
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I checked the last file uploaded and it is 322 persons and the earliest person born 1440 and it has just 2 sources

In WikiTree quality is prefered not quantity. As we work together we need to have sources to resolve conflicts without sources we can't objectively resolve conflicting information see our Honor Code.

Uploading a big number of people is not the recommended way and neither uploading gedcom files without primary sources. So the recommendation is start small and/or start adding people using the web interface.... 

We strongly recommend uploading one small GEDCOM (25-50 individuals) so you can get comfortable with WikiTree, then uploading another small file. And always use sources without sources it easy to start climbing someone else family tree.....


by C S G2G6 Pilot (274k points)
Thank you for your response, I will do more reading and research.

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