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Von_Lausitz-1 Von_Lustatia-1

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WikiTree profile: Emnilda Słowiańska
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which spelling? I'm thinking Von_Lausitz-1 is preferred, since it has a source (to FMG, which does not give her a last name but says: EMNILDA, daughter of DOBROMIR [ruler of Lausitz and the lands of the Milseni])

sounds logic...
I'll have a look, but neither name is correct according to the EuroAristo naming standards.  I've also added the euroaristo tag to this question.

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German: Lusitzi

Lower Sorbian: Łužičenjo

Upper Sorbian: Łužycanarje

Old Sorbian: Łužycany

These represent not a house name but the West-Slavic tribe in question.
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Thanks Helmut, It looks like the only primary source to mention Emnilda's father Dobromir doesn't actually state where he is from, and it's later sources that think he might have been from  Lausitz.  I gather Emnilda's other name Slowianska is the Polish version of saying she is Slavic?

You have in WikiData Q455016 the following forms

Language Label Description Also known as

Emnilda of Lusatia

Duchess consort of Poland

    Norwegian Bokmål

    Emnilda słowiańska

    No description defined


      Emnilda av Lausitz

      No description defined


        No label defined

        No description defined


          Emnilda z Lužice

          No description defined


            Emnilda słowiańska

            No description defined



              Herzogin von Polen

              • Emnildis
              • Emnild

              Emnilda de Lusace

              No description defined


                Emnilda Słowiańska dari Lusatia

                No description defined



                  No description defined

                    Norwegian Nynorsk

                    Emnilda słowiańska

                    No description defined


                      Emnilda słowiańska

                      księżna polska, żona Bolesława Chrobrego

                      • Eminilda


                      I did a graph from the Wikidata using Polish names
                      See blog People-related-to-emnilda-of-lusatia.html

                      Bic pic

                      Map generated with the people in Wikidata marked with Piast dynasty (Q201615

                      You are right, słowiańska means just Slavic in Polish, and yes, Thietmar just mentions her as the daughter of "Dobremirus" and does not give any information about where she is from. I gather that the origin from Lusatia is guessed at mostly based on onomastic reasons: both Emnilda and her daughter's name Regelindis appear in Saxon nobility hence the speculation that Dobromir was married to a Saxon and Lusatia would be the most logical Slavic area of this time bordering Saxon lands.
                      Thanks again Helmut, any suggestions as to a LNAB we shoul use for Emnilda and her father?
                      Not sure if this is the same line, but D. Richardson has a Lusignan line. Royal Ancestry Vol. III page 677
                      John, what do you think about going with the predominant association with Lusatia since there are all sorts of theories involving almost all West Slavic areas but Lusatia appears almost everywhere as the most likely candidate? In that case I would go with Łužycany, the old Sorbian name, since that population is speaking one of the two existing Sorbian languages until today.
                      Thanks Helmut, I think your suggestion is better than using Unknown and I'll make the changes on the weekend.

                      I haven't actually seen the Richardson volume, but I think the Lusignan line may be a different family, but thank you for the suggestion anyway.
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                      Thanks for all the work on this, but, everyone, please remember that anyone can propose a Pre-1500 Merge, you do not have to ask someone else to do it.
                      by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (756k points)
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                      Is this resolved so I can merge her and adopt her for the Polish project? Or Slavic project?
                      by Maggie N. G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)

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