PGM: Who can help clean up Thomas Prence's Narrative?

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Wow. The number of duplicates for Thomas Prence (aka Prince) was simply horrifying. They have been merged, but the Puritan Great Migration project could really use some help in the following areas. It would be great to have specific people work on specific areas; I hope some of the MANY still-active profile managers will step up to work on this. (My own connection to this profile is ONLY through facilitating the merges of Great Migration immigrants.)

  1. Merging of his spouses. He married four times. 
  2. Merging of his children. Please be cautious about making sure the correct mothers are used. Please use Anderson's Great Migration conclusions as a guide.
  3. Cleaning up the narrative. The good news is that there is ANY narrative and LOTS of cited sources. The not-so-good news is that there's so much, it's too much. Ideally, there is one story-line, drawing from multiple sources. Currently, there are a number of == REFERENCE == sections that each quote specific publications about Prence.
  4. Related: we are putting wikitree at risk for copyright violation because so much has been wholesale copied from other sources. Some of those sources are public domain, but some-- such as the Great Migration series-- are copyrighted. These should be extracted, not copied whole cloth. I'm hoping one or two people could collaborate on cleaning this up. 

    Be cautious about retaining <REF>...</REF> tags.

Please follow a format along the lines of:

== Origins == (include "Disputed" if they are)

== Biography ==

== Wives == (since he had so many)

== Children ==

== Sources == (this particular profile makes good use of the SPAN tag, and I recommend leaving this section alone, at least for now)

== Footnotes ==

<references />

== Contributors ==

I'm not saying don't include other section headers and subheaders, but be judicious. This is a LONG profile. 

I do recommend leaving the Inventory in as it paints an AMAZING picture of a well-to-do family/household from the 1670s.

Ideally, profile managers (and others) will respond here saying "I'll take on merging descendants through his son George..." etc. so that we can make some effort to coordinate this beast of  profile.

Many, many thanks for anyone(s) who can take on making this profile a bit more manageable.

WikiTree profile: Thomas Prence
in Policy and Style by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (771k points)

3 Answers

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I can complete a first draft on Sunday May 19
by C E G2G6 Mach 3 (36.5k points)
Thank you, Catherine; looking forward to seeing it. MUCH appreciated.
Catherine, thanks so much for taking the time to draft this. It reads beautifully.

This is so tough. I'd hate to lose specific references to sources that are scattered throughout the "old" narrative. The new narrative includes no footnotes. How difficult would it be to move them in?

I'm of the school that we should include citations for any fact. So perhaps we could hold on deleting the old narrative until we could move any citations there into your new, wonderful narrative? (There will still be more citations that we'll have to dig up, no doubt.)

(And thanks for adding a deadline for responses. VERY wise. ;-)
FYI, I added a few citations to the first few paragraphs as a potential model.

Another possibility is to leave your narrative alone, Catherine, and follow it with more detailed sections that are cited. In this way, your narrative is like a summary of his life with more details added in specific sections (using the subheaders I suggested up top, for example).

What you've written is a great overview and perhaps should be preserved as is.

== Biography ==

[Your great narrative]

== Details == [with citations on speficis]

=== Origins ===

=== Public Service ===

* governor

* other positions he held

* support of public school establishment

* engagement with the Quakers

* engagement with the Indians

* Land owner (?)

=== Family ===

* the four wives

* children (including current research about which children go with which mother)

=== Probate ===

* Will

* Inventory (the whole shebang because it's so amazing)


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Vic Watt merged the children. Thanks, Vic. And thanks Catherine for working on the narrative.
by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (771k points)
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Catherine Evans posted elsewhere the following, but I want to keep all of this together in one topic. 


prospectus ;; new intro submitted May 19 ;;any paragraphs of existing bio profile managers wish to preserve(should be pasted directly under new intro):: the entire section about will/inventory preserved;;the bibliography preserved ALL material not selected for preservation expunged.  Would a May 27 completion date give profile managers time to mark their favorites for inclusion?

asked 19 hours ago in Special Projects by Catherine Evans G2G6 Mach 1 (11,460 points)


by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (771k points)

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