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As we try to link from Wikidata to Wikitree see G2G it would be good to have an easy way finding what profiles links from WikiTree to Wikipedia/WIkidata.

My understanding is:

  1. Most people just create a link [ xxx] 
  2. Some people use [[Wikipedia:WikiTree]] when linking
  3. We have no template for links between Wikitree and Wikipedia ==> would have made it easier to find those profile pages just using WhatLinksHere

    (I have for all links from Swedish Category pages to Wikipedia Swedish Paris pages a Template SPC_WikiParish and get the category pages using it with Special:WhatLinksHere ==> if we should integrate WikiTree Swedish Parish Categories with WikiData it will be easy.....

So my question is how do we find those WikiTree pages.....

  1. Can I find pages using [[Wikipedia:xxx]] syntax
  2. ???? doing a smart Google search for inbound links...

Example of how WikiData can be queried....

  1. US presidents in the USA with spouse and the WikiTreeId displayed if it exist
  2. Same question as above but a Image grid
  3. Same question above but using a timeline based  on birth and death of the president..
  4. Show the location of birth, dead and burial for people in Wikidata with a profile in Wikitree

Image Grid url to question

Link Query
Video playing around with WikiTree profiles on WikiData 

in Genealogy Help by Living Sälgö G2G6 Pilot (304k points)
edited by Living Sälgö
You want to find all the links to Wikipedia?  You could try Googling for 'Wikipedia'.

But in my experience of looking for links, it's impossible to get Google to show you a complete list of anything.  It has this habit of deciding that enough is enough, you must be bored by now, you'd rather see something else.

It likes to think it's some sort of smart information browser, not just a dumb text search.  It's especially averse to duplication, because it's sure you don't need to see the same thing twice.

As we set an attribute in Wikipedia/WikiData saying this is the unique ID of this persons profile in WikiTree we need to try to find all WikiTree profiles that have an article in Wikipedia. Step 1 is to find articles linking today...

I hope that as we have Special:WhatLinksHere and there sould something like that also for inter wiki links like [[Wikipedia:WikiTree]]

Maybe it's time that we create a Wikipedia Template I think the Project Database error could use a link like that and check the profiles inside WikiTree,,,, that they match and warn if we have a mismatch....

I guess:

  1. We should have links to Wikipedia if it contains a good article
  2. Children Wifes.... mentioned in Wikipedia should match what we have in WIkiTree

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This is essentially RJ's answer, but for what it's worth, you could use this query on Google:

by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
Oh, wait, that's returning the BCE profiles we've redirected to Wikipedia, and are now starting to delete. You are right that there should be a better way.
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Here you can find all profiles with word Wikipedia in Bio.

  • List of profiles with word wikipedia in the biography. It is 25000 of them.
by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (824k points)

Can you do the same for FindAGrave ==> we could see when we have a mismatch with WikiData I haven't seen a API direct to FindAGRave... which is maybe a better approach....

See also G2G discussion about a Template or not inside WIkiTree

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