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Today the people we connected yesterday are showing the connection at the bottom of their page but are also still appearing on the unconnected list.

For example

but when you search Darling in the unconnected list he will show there to.
in WikiTree Tech by Paula Dea G2G6 Mach 7 (75.8k points)
Might just need a bit more patience.  Profiles I created yesterday are still listed as Unconnected, but the ones I created the day before are fine.
Aye is possible, but usually the list updates when the new time stamp goes onto it.
The problem is, it is quite an impediment having these people still in your list when you are trying to work on unconnected profiles. As a tool for rapidly finding the unconnected it becomes much less effective.
I'll look into whether there might be a problem. Our connections program crashed a little while back because the database and the number of connections got too large. We had to change a lot of things. This could be related.
thanks Chris, much appreciated.
We did have a problem that was causing the Unconnected database to be updated a day late.

(A day later than the normal day late, that is. For those who want more of an explanation, this gets complicated: As I mentioned we were having trouble with the Connections database recently. It was running longer and longer. As RJ perceptively discovered some time ago, the amount of time it takes for the Connections database to be updated is just as relevant as when it starts updating. We might say that the database updates in the middle of the night, say midnight. But that doesn't mean it's updated at midnight. That's when it takes the current data and starts making connections with it. This process can take as much five or six hours. So, if it starts as midnight it might finish as 6am. If you make a connection after midnight it won't appear at 6am. In these cases, it takes 30+ hours for the new connections to appear. OK, now the second part of this complicated story. The Unconnected database is based on the Connections database. It can't start its process until the Connections database is completed. What happened recently is that the Unconnected program started its process before the Connections database was updated, i.e. before 6am in our example. Way more than most people want to know, I realize. We are going to add some timestamps to try to make this clearer on the pages.)

Anyway, thank you for reporting this Paula and Gillian. Darling-1090 and others should no longer appear.
Thank you for getting this sorted, Chris. It's very much appreciated by everyone, and especially the 'connectors'.

There are some of us (with IT backgrounds) who do like to know what is happening behind the scenes, and do understand your techie answers, so please don't ever be worried about adding them to your G2G posts.
Agreed, if we understand the process, we know better what to expect :) Thanks for looking into it for us, having just connected a bunch of 70-odd profiles I've been wrestling for months, I was keen to see the back of them!

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Same here. Yesterday I finally connected a line of 70+ people who have been unconnected for several months, their connections to Kevin Bacon et Al work fine today but they are still on my unconnected list.
by Gillian Causier G2G6 Pilot (263k points)
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Thanks Chris, It's sorted this morning and the total number unconnected dropped from 2,930,180 to 2,923,468 :)

by Paula Dea G2G6 Mach 7 (75.8k points)

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