What do you think of this new RootsSearch application for WikiTree?

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Hi WikiTreers,

Our friend Justin York has added something to his RootsSearch program so that it works especially well with WikiTree.

RootsSearch makes it easy for you to search for the same person on multiple genealogy websites. For example:

Justin set this up so that using the WikiTree ID in a URL like the one above saves you from having to enter the person's info manually.

To test it, copy and paste the URL above into your browser (without clicking Enter) and put your own WikiTree ID or anyone else's in place of Whitten-692 (then click Enter). Then click some of the buttons at the bottom of the RootsSearch page, e.g. for FamilySearch, Find a Grave, etc.

What do you think of this?

If you think it would be valuable, we could put a link from all profiles that takes you directly to their RootsSearch page. It could go in the pull-down menu, perhaps as "Search Other Sites," and/or we could replace the "Research" section in the lower-right column of profiles.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!


in The Tree House by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
No joy.  It asked for email and password.  Do I just create one?  There is nowhere to register.
Kitty, that's asking you to login to WikiTree so that it can get the profile information. I'll update the app to make it clear.
Oh!  I see.  Thanks.

This is awesome, Justin!  Thank you for this program.

Is there a way to enter a WikiTree ID for a second search?  Without the copy, paste, change ID, then hit enter action.  https://apps.wikitree.com/apps/york1423/rootssearch/?profile=Whitten-692

When I go to enter a second search, this URL line has disappeared, so I have to come back here and start again.  Maybe this is a Chris-To-Do item.

Anyway, thanks for this new research tool.  Kitty 

Kitty, I'm not entirely sure what you are asking, but perhaps you should load the App without the profile ID set in the URL. https://apps.wikitree.com/apps/york1423/rootssearch/ Then you can just use your browser's back button.

I can't have the app open RootsSearch in a new tab (which would be ideal) because the browser will block it like a popup.

 Maybe I can add link to your app on my page http://www.sdms.si:92/default.htm Like I did in Errors/Watchlist section to my app. I would add edit box to enter WikitreeID.
Aleš, that sounds good to me. What's the use case? Users want to search for records while fixing errors?
I see this page as kind of 3rd party addons to wikitree.

Errors section is just part of it. I also made some reports and other stuff, not connected to errors project.

It is hard to find 3rd party addons on Wikitree, so we could collect them all in one place.
Chris, Iike the idea of replacing the Research box on the profile with a dropdown in the menu.  I presume that RootsSearch would replace the Google search box? If so, does removing that from the profile affect any  Google search results for the profiles?
This is awesome  Thanks
Wait...  if I am already logged into wikitree, why do I have to login again? Is this page actually entering my wikitree password on another site?
Dana, the login is just for the app on our apps server. It's safe.

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This is fabulous!  I just tried it on 2 different people and found more records.  This is really amazing!!  Just curious though, do you need to have accounts set up on those other sites to access records?  I already have them, but I'm wondering for people who do not.  Especially for paid sites.
by Summer Orman G2G6 Mach 8 (87.8k points)
Yes, you will need accounts on sites that require them. There's no legal way around that.
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Hi Chris,

I see the research block is only on open and public profiles. I assume this would also be so for this link to protect the private info on the profiles.  I would prefer it on the drop down menu.  Easier to find there and no scrolling.

Could it be arranged that when you click the drop down link, the WikiTree ID is auto-filled in the search URL?  It would be nice not to have to replace Whitten-692 for each search.  Thanks.  

by Kitty Smith G2G6 Pilot (588k points)
Hi Kitty,

Yup, it's privacy protected. It won't fill in the details for a private profile unless you're on the Trusted List.

We'll definitely have the WikiTree ID auto-filled when you select the link from a profile.


Hi Jillaine. We should be able to add the links soon.
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I continue to find this quite helpful.

Since you're including subscription-based sites, I wonder if you'd consider adding AmericanAncestors.org to the list as well.

by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (821k points)

It's already supported. When you're on the search page, click the link on the bottom right that says "More sites." That will display a list that allows you to turn on more sites. RootsSearch supports too many to show them all by default.

Awesome! Didn't see this. Okay: new request: can we add WorldConnect to the list?
I added it to the todo list.
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I don't like that it won't accept the use of XP. My Win 7 crashed and that is all I have now. Tree for everyone???

The program otherwise is great.

Jon P Czarowitz

by Jon Czarowitz G2G6 Mach 4 (40.9k points)

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