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I sprang out of bed this morning terribly excited that all of the False Errors occurring on my Errors Report would have been absolved over the Monday night purge. Not so. The string of alleged boo-boos remains despite my best efforts to double check their accuracy. Even more frustrating are the cryptic messages which are for such things as a misspelled name- heck, German and Olde English names might look odd, but accurate they are. SO...color me   frustrated! I may go back to those coloring books for adults.
in WikiTree Tech by Dorothy Coakley G2G6 Pilot (175k points)
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Errors are still recalculated. This week Chris surprised me with new Database dump and I had to adjust a lot of things.

I am getting close to the end. Two more hours to go.
by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (671k points)
selected by Dennis Wheeler
Bless your heart! Keep dumping and we'll try not to trash the place again!
And it is done. Finally.
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I have the same frustrating problem. There are errors which show up in profiles where I am not a profile manager. There are errors in profiles which are locked, meaning there is no way I could correct them if I wanted to do so. Some show up based on the fact I have a similar surname in my watch list but there is no connection to my profiles. There is a genealogical saying which states "The name is the same is not proof of identity or relationship!"

by Living Templeton G2G1 (1.6k points)
Aleš has been constantly improving the errors list.  But there is no way it will ever be perfect on it's own; that's why humans need to review things before making the changes.    ;-)

If it bothers you, don't use it.  Or, don't use it for a month, then come back to see what changes may have been made.
Thanks for the response Nan! We, as humans, cannot respond or correct if we, as humans, are locked out. Therefore, locked out profiles should only show up for the individual who is the manager of the subject profile. For your information, I made this suggestion to WikiTree over a week ago and  received a canned reply. No WikiTree individual has responded as to whether my suggestion was being considered for action! You may not agree, which is okay, but it is my opinion errors in the error list(s) should be addressed only to the appropriate profile manager(s) for correction.
Well, I don't think Aleš spends quite 24/7 on WikiTree work, but I'll leave that for him to address if he wishes.

You do know that you can get a list of errors for your watchlist only?  Then you won't even see the ones that you can't address.
there is also a checkbox that will limit it to just your blood relatives
Yes, I can limit it to blood relatives but that does not answer the questions or take care of the frustrations. Let me give you an example of using the "blood relative" solution. An error came up with my father (blood relative!!). His name is listed as William Howard Templeton, 10 July 1909-20 May 1987. The error report was listed as 106 with a profile for a Josie A. Templeton, born in the 1900's and died in the 1980's. No other details are listed for this Josie and there is no Josie Templeton in my family tree.  In the definition of 106 it recommends merging the two profiles.

Yes, I did delete the error as a false error but that is immaterial as this type of error should have never shown up in the first place.

No need responding as I am finished!
While Ron may not read it, I'll respond anyway.  One problem with limiting errors on closed profiles is that there would have to be a way to include people on the PM's trusted list.  I don't know if this would be easy, difficult or resource intensive to do.  I expect, being a rookie, Ron doesn't realized the limitations of runing a large free database on volunteer labor.
Ron. With new dump, I will refine this error. At the moment it checks only first name and no other names. These fields changed in database dump.
Mr. Trtnik,

Thank you very much for your positive response and the corrective action being taken.  Ron
Mr. Dardinger,

Yes, I read it as I have the comments forwarded to me. As to being a "rookie" I am not sure where the nomenclature comes from unless it means I am recent to G2G as to inputs. However, comments regarding me being a "rookie" and what I do not realize regarding a large data base and volunteer labor are demeaning and degrading. You, sir, know nothing about me. You do not know my education level, what type to work I performed in the military or with Lockheed-Martin. Did you check my profile on WikiTree? Do you know how long I have been doing genealogy?

Your comment was followed by one from Mr.Trtnik. You might want to read what he states since it is a positive, not negative, comment.


Up to date

I believe, all errors are like they were before new dump. Name based errors have minor changes, since now prefix is excluded and nicknames are included.

I checked and mentioned error is no longer an error.

Thanks again! As to the error you said was no longer there I am assuming this was the one where one of the profiles was for my father. It may not be there as I has deleted it as a false error.
It is not present even as false error. You can view false errors and undo them on

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