News on Database errors project (10 July 2016)

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Analysis was done on data from July 10th 2016.

Changes in last week are uncertain due to change in database dump.

Detailed statistics are available on in Statistics section.

Errors are prepared, but still needs some work done. All errors connected to first name needs detailed review, printout of errors needs some adjustments,... It will be done in a few days.

For all, that had problems with firewalls accessing errors, I have good news. I registered DNS so you can access errors. Also links on Wikitree are updated to this name so it no longer works on port 92 but on default www port 80.

in The Tree House by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (661k points)
retagged by Maggie N.
Thank you for registering the domain! It makes it much easier for me to access.

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Up to date

I believe, all errors are like they were before new dump. Name based errors have minor changes, since now prefix is excluded and nicknames are included.

by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (661k points)

"This and the Other Last Names field are the only one that can include multiple names. Separate these with commas (e.g. Frank, Frank the Tank)."

The commas are showing up as errors (separators) for nicknames.

What are we supposed to do about multiple nicknames?  They are coming up as errors, but they are just different names separated by commas (as instructed) to indicate all the possible names that were used by the person.


Also, the mutliple nicknames are showing up as "Separators in First Name" error.

Error 512 will be canceled. and replaced by 700 error. 751 allows commas as separators. If there are no objection to 700 errors, I can remove 512.
Not sure why there is still an error for separators in nicknames (751) or other names where commas are allowed to add multiple names.  Will names separated by commas be excluded from error 751?
Aloved separators are .dot ' single quote and  - hyphen.

751 and 791 allows also comma.

Other Separators are reported as an error / + ( ) ? " ...
Sorry, I misread your statement. OK, so commas will not count as errors for nicknames and other last names then.
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New errors table columns

I added columns Creator and Manager. It lists the user, that created the profile and the manager of a profile. In case of multiple managers, it lists random one.

New 700 Errors

These are first new errors for all names based on new database dump.

711 Separators in Prefix 1476
712 Number in Prefix 432
721 Separators in First Name 50345
722 Number in First Name 95
731 Separators in Preferred Name 64712
732 Number in Preferred Name 125
741 Separators in Middle Name 1432
751 Separators in Nicknames 2651
752 Number in Nicknames 168
761 Separators in Suffix 8453
762 Number in Suffix 1455
771 Separators in Last Name at Birth 5218
781 Separators in Current Last Name 6822
782 Number in Current Last Name 1
791 Separators in Last Name Other 4893
792 Number in Last Name Other 37
by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (661k points)
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New grouping of errors for open profiles

I added new list of errors containing only open profiles, that can be edited by anyone. It is last column in table of errors.

by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (661k points)
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Update will be 1 day late. There was some problem with dump. Now it is fixed so check back tomorrow.
by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (661k points)
Thanks for the update!

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