Can you have more than one DNA test under your GEDmatch account [closed]

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I have read I think all of the FAQ's at  and have not seen the answer.

I am the administrator for mom's DNA test and now I have my husbands and waiting on mine.  Do I have to have different accounts for each of these tests?
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Yes, I have about 20 under my account.   If you have tested with multiple companies (there are only minor differences) you can upload all IF, Please edit your resources and designate all but one of them as "research" - that way you can use all but only one of them will ever appear in others match lists.
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This is an important point, if you test multiple times, mark all but one research so that others don't get multiple matches that are really the same person, which leads to wasted time figuring that out.
Anthony, I have tested with 5 companies. I have put 4 of them in GEDmatch. I am unable to put my Living DNA results in there. Is Living DNA one of the ones you used?? I HAVE tested many relatives and their info is in GEDmatch on my account.  Are you willing to tell us which 20 companies you used and which ones you like best? and why?? Very interesting!! I didn't even know there were that many out there!!

I have 20+ different peoples kits at gedmatch, by 3 testing companies.  Where the same person has tested with more than one company, only one is public, the others are marked "Research" so I can use to see minor differences in the company match lists.

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I'm pretty sure you can have them all under one account.  They certainly have the option to enter additional accounts on my account.  Each one, of course, will have a separate ID number But. I've certainly seen several IDs all attached to the same e-mail address.
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Yes, this is correct. I'm the administrator for my own and my cousin's tests. When you go to search a "one-to-many", GEDMatch actually provides a dropdown menu to permit you to specify any of 'your' tests if desired.
I've got 38 under my account, but when you get a lot, the pop down menus to select become cumbersome because they are sorted by kit number, not name, so the ordering is arbitrary.
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To echo responses of others, Yes. Absolutely. The email address on Gedmatch simply correspond to the manager of the uploaded data, not necessarily the person who was tested. One person with the one email address can manage multiple data uploads.

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