Is it possible for people to totaly opt out of the point systems on WikiTree?

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If it is, then someone at the top please do it for me even as an experiment.  I note that a number of people, like my self, do not like it and others do.   Wouldn't it nice if we we had the choice, rather than conforming to a Policy, that offends many of us.  Yesterday I raised the issue of doing away with names and Points on G2G.  Gosh I was targeted and  in a negative way.  This makes me more determined to battle WikiTree Policy, that I feel needs a good overhaul and review.  I would ask those, that respond, to do so, to only the question and policy.  The annoying thing about asking this question is I am going to get ponts!@#%


in Policy and Style by Athol Henry G2G6 (8.3k points)
We can't make points optional but if you don't want the G2G6 badge (which you'll qualify for shortly) you don't have to have it.
At last a small positive step in the right direction.  I most certainly do not want to receive this badge. To Whom do I contact to make sure this happens?
Me :)
Great, consider it done.
There's a difference between WikiTree, and the G2G question/answer forum. They are separate software systems, loosely tied together.
Exactly, Dennis, and something we have to really consider since we have a very small tech team (so WikiTree can stay free). Do we put our resources into improving WikiTree or the G2G? Usually WikiTree will come first.
I just ignore the points.
Jude good on you for doing this and publicly saying so.
WikiTree must always come first G2G is a distraction, when we could be doing better things on our own family lines. Lets scrap it, this is sure to give me bundles of fire!!!
And therein lies the rub, Athol. "Our own family lines..." - WikiTree is collaborative in nature and needs a forum where members can converse, discuss, make recommendations, etc.  It was never meant for everyone to work in their own little corner of the Wikiverse, which is why the G2G is crucial.

But I think you've made your point and we're aware how you feel :)
Athol - if you view g2g as a distraction, then just don't use it. But - if you want to use g2g to ask and answer questions, then you have to accept that the software has a gamification/points system in place that is legitimately used to encourage collaboration and participation on g2g.

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It looks like it is one of the core features of the software.

Maybe ask in their forum.
by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (648k points)
Jamie is right, its basically off-the-shelf software that we're using. If we customize it (which takes time away from working on actual WikiTree improvements), it will make it difficult to upgrade and maintain.

Its possible that there are other off-the-shelf options available, but to switch now would be a huge disruption.

There are a number of things about this forum software that I don't like either, but not enough to figure out how to join their development team and make suggestions.

I don't see the point system as too big a deal, honestly.

"their development team" Not The Development Team or Our Development Team?  What happened to this being a collaborative endeavor?  

Their development team = Question2Answer's development team.
How would you join a vendor's development team?  And why couldn't you make suggestions without being a team member?  Any sensible vendor would be happy to receive suggestions,
Really? We need to debate that? :)

Here's the Q2A Q&A where they happily take suggestions from anyone who feels the need to suggest something to them:
Right, Jamie and Dennis.

Dave, Question2Answer is totally open source, so if you had the skills, you really could join in its development. Or you could just make suggestions in their forum and maybe someone would run with them.
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Having worked on various formats of forum/discussion board, there is usually a points system built into the software. I suppose the idea is, that the more points a person has, the more they are conversant with the board, or the topic.Some people do however chase the points, to get to the top. This happens on any board system, it is inevitable.

Basically, if you don't like the points, ignore them.
by Dave Welburn G2G6 Pilot (144k points)
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If you don't like G2G, and you've been told it is a separate system to the Wikitree, why don't you just stop using it instead of trying to deprive others of the pleasure and usefulness of it? I regard tthis kind of question as trolling, pure and simple.
by Gillian Causier G2G6 Pilot (297k points)
I don't think it's trolling/ Athol is a retired teacher and well acquainted with genealogy according to his biography and as indicated by the fact he got the pre=1500 badge after just 3 months on WikiTree.  He may be too serious for some of us but I'll accept that he's honest about his opinions.
you don't have to be a massive intellect to allow other people to carry on enjoying something that you do not.
I agree with Gillian.  

The software for the site and the software for g2g each have the capability for gamification/points systems.  By using these systems, both on the site and in g2g, we encourage collaboration and participation (i.e. there is a legitimate purpose behind the gamification/points systems).  If we were to opt out of using these systems, we would take away an easy and effective way of encouraging collaboration and participation.

I don't see a compelling reason for Wikitree to opt out of using these systems - particularly given the preponderance of evidence showing that gamification/points systems encourage collaboration and participation.  As Jamie and Dennis pointed out, since these are part of the software behind the site and behind g2g, it does not seem feasible to make it possible for individual users to opt out of the systems.
I was talking about the "troll" accusation.  Trolls hide their purpose and normally do it by lying.  In this case we have a person who is making his position quite clear, and though I disagree with what he's saying, he's not lying or hiding so he's not a troll.

I've been on the net long enough to know what troll means, but if you want wikipedia's definition, it does not use the term lying: In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion,[3] often for their own amusement.

One of my best friends of 40 years... if I am around him all day / night he will intentionally try to start an argument about the most simple thing. He has always done this, I just have to remind him that I don't like to argue & never have.

 He once chewed me out for wishing him a Happy Fathers Day!

Te mau haamaitairaa te mau haamaitairaa te mau haamaitairaa, Kia tau te rangimarie ki a koutou.
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 Athol Henry 

Welcome .. For What it is Worth. I have been a member of Wikitree for about an year and I have been busy on G2G. I have found the forum to be useful, educating, informative and nourishing. I have never experienced, read or witnessed a single bully-manipulative, hierarchical-controlling , down the nose-snobbish and or self-super-ego serving G2G event. 

Your view point(s) are keen, well taken, intelligent and I believe well intentioned.  

Fortunately, I think you will experience a nourishing and helpful culture at WikiTree. I know you will benefit and add benefit to the expertise in this community and enjoy the passionate commitments members have to quality and integrity driven successes. .. I have ..

C'est Bon Magnifique 



by Stanley Baraboo G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)

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