What "hidden" WikiTree gems do you like?

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I like using http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Postcards to correspond others interested in family history.

I also enjoy how attractive an ancestral tree can be:


Best of all is the ability to share a link with my DNA matches showing eight generations of my current ancestry in a compact format:


Another outstanding "Easter Egg" few know about is:


What treasures can you share?
in The Tree House by Peter Roberts G2G6 Pilot (726k points)
For ancestor function you should use http://wikitree.sdms.si/default.htm and navigate from there.
When I was looking at my ancestor table i got the idea to add links on wikitree-ID to get it's ancestor table. So now you can navigate down through the table.

I like the Surname list to send to my auDNA matches:  http://www.wikitree.com/treewidget/Cooper-1/10. If my match recognizes a surname from their own tree, that is the name to start collaborating on.  

Awesome post, Peter. :-)

Aleš, that's fantastic that you enabled the ancestor tables to be called by WikiTree ID in the URL. Now we can link to pages like http://wikitree.sdms.si/function/WTWebAncestors/Ancestors.htm?UserID=6035205 from members' Tree & Tools pages. And maybe elsewhere. Maybe from Nav Home Pages? (I'm really feeling like our navigation systems need to be reconsidered. Gems shouldn't be hidden! :-)

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I find that Peter Roberts is a hidden WikiTree gem!

by Michael Stills G2G6 Pilot (537k points)
selected by Chris Whitten
Thank you.
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My new addiction is all the cool things that can be done over at WikiData and that we can connect WikiTree to Wikidata using the attribute Property:P2949 its about 2000 profiles in WikiData that are connected to WikiTree listmap


    by Living Sälgö G2G6 Pilot (305k points)
    1. House of Windsor Q81589 on a map - query
    2. People on Wikidata with Australia citizenship Q408  displayed on a map - query
      1. Australia citizenship and on WikiTree displayed on a Map or as a Image grid or as a Timeline
    1. People member of Slovenian Academy of Science and Art =
      ?person wdt:P463 wd:Q266063 displayed on a mapImage grid or as a Timeline
    2. Person wdt:P53 wd:Q81589 ==> House of Windsor mapImage GridTable
      1. On WikiData but not connected to WikiTree
    3. Timeline of people related to Swedish King Gustav Vasa - query - displayed as a Graph
    1. WikiTree -> Wikidata 
      Created a Template Reasonator ==> Whatslinkhere creates a link from WikiTree to Reasonator displaying data in WikiData ex. Mommsen-8 get a link to Q2535c
    Hello Magnus,

    I hope to learn more about WikiData and I want to believe it can be used to compare DNA information.  See for example:


    Might is be possible to display a graphic of a shared segment like GEDmatch does?  Or some other way to use Y-DNA or mtDNA matching?

    Thanks and regards, Peter
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    I absolutely LOVE the new Citation button at the top of the profiles right up there where the Bold, Italics etc. buttons are.  Makes in-line referencing so easy - thanks you so very much!!
    by Deborah Collier G2G6 Mach 3 (39.7k points)
    Cool! I forgot that it was there. Thanks.

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