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I added links in ancestors table for each wikitree-ID to get it's ancestor table.

Using this links you can navigate down through the table.

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Is there a reason Descendants is not activated on the search form... 

The URL seems to work

Yes. It quickly kills my server, since it can go to millions of profiles in a few generations. I have to find a way to limit it effectively. I will look into it to finish it. Something must have interrupted me and then I forgot about it.

Ok the report is cool Stockhaus-3 is Hans Stockhaus who the Swedish king hired from Germany in 1500 because he needed blacksmiths that could create better weapons. I was yesterday on a museum in Stockholm with another Wikitree person Fernqvist-1 to see what he maybe had produced...

Many people doing genealogy know if they are related to a blacksmith as they are well documented in Sweden....

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Why have it go through so many generations?  The data is way too unreliable.  I've never seen even a 20 generation pedigree that was worth the paper it would have been printed on.
by Living Anonymous G2G6 Mach 4 (47.7k points)
That is what relations in wikitree are defined. In last month, quality of a table improved significantly.
Maybe disconnect what you don't trust....
If there is a popular movement to disconect then it will be much more of a challenge to confirm the ancestry with mtDNA  or Y-DNA matching.  Instead select the parent child as uncertain.  

Thanks and sincerely, Peter

Hello Mikey, 

Some surname projects have confirmed direct paternal lines beyond 20 generations but they have not yet shared that information on WikiTree.  Why is beyond my understanding. The best WikiTree can currently demonstrate is 19 generations from  Duldig-2 to Neville-219 confirmed by the matching mtDNA of Duldig-2 and York-1245  So I think you are correct (for now) that there is no 20 generation pedigree that we can be sure about.


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Excellent.  This is what Sir William asked for, with IDs listed as well.  Would it be possible to add the Ahnentafel numbers?
by Living Horace G2G6 Pilot (573k points)

What is Ahnentafel

decimal binary relation
1 1 proband
2 10 father
3 11 mother
4 100 paternal grandfather
5 101 paternal grandmother
6 110 maternal grandfather
7 111 maternal grandmother
8 1000 father's father's father
9 1001 father's father's mother
10 1010 father's mother's father
11 1011 father's mother's mother
12 1100 mother's father's father
13 1101 mother's father's mother
14 1110 mother's mother's father
15 1111 mother's mother's mother

People who has done oldschool genealogy used it...

I don't make any difference in ancestors, so it is not possible.

Maybe someday in the future, when I will have Wikitree data as a graph.

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