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There has been much discussion about the lack of sources on profiles so I thought that I could offer an example of an easy way to do this. I started with the profile in this example and searched only on and yes there are other places to search but this one is totally free and has citations that can be copied and pasted without much work. The sources show enough information for others to check them including a link and most even have a link to images that can be viewed for free. Some may argue that they are not the proper style or are too long but they work and the profile only had the statement of the information coming from a 2011 GEDCOM upload I feel that it is a major improvement with very little effort. My total time spent on this profile was less than 2 hours and I even took the time to eat breakfast in there.

If we all took the time to do just one profile like this every day the number of unsourced profiles would quickly be reduced to almost none in a very short time.

So join me with this endeavor, others can always make the biography better later and even change the source style as long as they have the basic information to start with.
WikiTree profile: Mary Bradford
in Policy and Style by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
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The privacy is set the way it is to allow everyone the chance to view the result without having others "fix" it first. I am active and try to check my email several times each day so I will respond to positive comments about changing some data after  a short time to allow this to be viewed as it is.
This is how I do most of my sources. I notices that there were 2 references for her Find A Grave Memorial:
1. Generic FamilySearch citattion

2. A link to the Find A Grave Memorial, which I improved with a short description with credit to the creator of the memorial. This is the way I usually reference Find A Grave. It's just cut and paste with a little tweakng.

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That's pretty much what I have been doing in the monthly Sourcerer's Challenge, Dale.  Easy!
by Carolyn Martin G2G6 Pilot (235k points)
This one was actually harder and took longer than most because it had an incorrect middle name and was attached to the wrong father. There were a couple of Mary Barringer's and Mary Bradford's born about the same time as this one in the same general area of North Carolina, and at least one of them was married to a John Bradford so I had to find other names that fit who I was trying to find.
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Could someone please tell me how to make the type link which looks like a three sided box with a number in it?  An example would be the ones used in the Mary Bradford profile. Thanks.
by Susan Wilson G2G6 (7.8k points)
You get them by clicking the C symbol in the edit tool panel.

Or you can write the <ref> </ref> by hand around your source citation.
Wow! That's so much easier!  Thanks, Eva. I never noticed the C symbol or used the edit tool panel.

Thank you both for the two answers. They are very helpful. 

I have always enjoyed research, but since most of my research was pre 1973, I'm starting over.

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