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As said we have now a property P2949 in WikiData that is used to mark with WikiTreeID

Today I have set it for about +2000 profiles ==>  we can now 

  1. ask queries like 
    1. Find all profile marked WikiTree that has been part of the olympics display with picture or as a list
    2. Find all profiles in Wikidata of House of Windsor if marked WikiTree then add an URL to WikiTree
      1. Displayed on a map
      2. Displayed with pictures
    3. Find all profiles marked WikiTree and map all locations for birth dead and buried 
  2. by going to Histropedia you can send in a query CLAIM[2949] ==> it will create a timeline for all +2000 entries with Property P2949....

    URL Histropedia Query CLAIM[2949]
    1. Another timeline software https://tools.wmflabs.org/wikidata-timeline with the same query https://goo.gl/rQVfZm

And we get this look from Histropedia

Bic pic


By adding arguments that we would like just to see people in the Timeline with WikiTree Property 2949 and also that it should be of Nobel family (P53) house of Windsor (Q81589) ==>

CLAIM[2949] and CLAIM[53:81589] ==>



http://histropedia.com/timeline?q=CLAIM[53:81589] this will show also Windsor not marked to be in WikiTree (map version)

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Latest update today from Histropedia

Hi Magnus,

It's Navino here from Histropedia.

You may have noticed that we've released a new tool for showing Wikidata queries on a timeline, so I wanted to send you a quick couple of examples to show how it might be useful for WikiTree. It's still very basic at the moment, but we have quite a few improvements on the way soon.

You may well prefer to stick with the query timelines on the main site for now, as we do not have a related content panel yet in the new tool (the panel with Wikipedia, YouTube etc).

However, the new tool does have a few key advantages you may find useful:

  • The results do not depend on whether there is an item in Histropedia. If the data is present in Wikidata then it will definitely be on the timeline.
  • You can apply an automatic colour code to the timeline based on a chosen query variable (e.g. 'gender'), and filter using the colour code that is applied.
  • You can choose a variable from the query results to use as the link for each event - so the queries below will open to the WikiTree page when you double click on a person.
  • You can make timelines in any language as the title comes straight from the query.



Here are some examples to illustrate. Make sure you click on the droplet icon in the top right of the screen to show the colour code/filter panel


All people with a WikiTree Id

House of Windsor, colour coded by genderhttp://tinyurl.com/ha78d2z



II hope this ends up useful, do let me know if there are any particular features of fixes that would be helpful for your work at WikiTree.



All the best,




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