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Propose the following RE: John Heywood/Haywood/Haward etc.

John Hayward husband of Sarah Simonds.  Remove/change dob to c1636  merge into Heywood-14

John Heywood  husband of Rebecca Atkinson and Sarah Simonds  - merge into Heywood-14

John Heywood husband of Rebecca Atkinson.

Remove any parents of the various John's unless some source can be found.  See Heywood-187 for completed bio.
WikiTree profile: John Heywood
asked in Genealogy Help by Chris Hoyt G2G6 Pilot (610k points)
So who is Heywood-14's impossible daughter?
His real daughter Rebecca is  Many links in this line are results of bad merges.  I think I will just remove this child altogether, add her birth source w/names of parents.
Thanks for working on this. How do you decide on the spelling of the surname?
I ended up using Heywood from his death record.  He died intestate, didn't sign a will.  The court documents have various spellings, none with copies of a signature.  Haven't found any birth record. Marriage records have different spellings.  One  is Haward, one is Heywood.

Also spelled Hawerd, Howerd,   Heaward,  Heywood, Hayward, etc etc in various docs that are transcribed copies.

Should we change it????   And if so, to which spelling?

'''Concord Marriages'''
: Haward, John, and Rebake Atkinson, Aug. 17, 1656. (p. 8)
'''Concord Births'''
: Haward, Rebake, d. John and Rebake, Sept. 9, 1657. (p. 8)
: Heywood, Rebake, d. John and Rebake, May 13, 1660. (p. 9)
: Heyood, John, s. John and Rebake, Apr. 5, 1662. (p. 10)
: Heywood, Pirses, d. John and Rebacke, Apr. 24, 1664. (p. 11)
: Heyood, Benone, s. John and Rebacke, July 31, 1665. (p. 8)
'''Concord Deaths'''
: Haward, Rebake, d. John and Rebake, Sept. 27, 1657. (p. 8)
: Heyood, Benone, s. John, Aug. 12, 1665. (p. 12)
: Heyood, Rebaca, w. John, Aug. 5, 1665. (p. 12)
: Heywood, Jno, Dea., bet. Nov. 30, 1717 and Feb. 20, 1717-18.

Concord Marriages

Simonds, Sarah, and John Heywood, Nov. 30, 1665. (p. 12)

Concord Births

Heywood, Sarah, d. John and Sarah, Aug. 30, 1666. (p. 12)

Heywood, Judath, d. John and Sarah, Jan. 13, 1667. (p. 14)

Heywood, Mary, d. John and Sarah, Nov. 3, 1669. (p. 14)

Heywood, Abigal, d. John and Sarah, Apr. 9, 1672. (p. 16)

Heywood, William, s. John and Sara, Apr. 17, 1674. [Haywood. Co. rec.] (p. 18)

Heywood, Huldah, d. John and Sarah, Sept. 17, 1676. (p. 19)

Haywood, James, s. Jno, 27: 11m: 1678. (p. 22)

Heywood, Joseph, s. Jno, 3: 11m: 1680. (p. 24)

Heywood, Benjamen, s. Jno, 4: 1m: 1682-3. (p. 25: : Heywood, Benjamin, s. John and Sarah, Mar. 17, 1682-3.(p. 21)

Heywood, Thomas, s. Jno and Sarah, July 16, 1686. (p. 31)

Heywood, Edmond, s. John and Sarah, July 31, 1689. (p.31)

Concord Deaths

Heywood, Sarah, w. Jno, sr., Sept. 19, 1692. (p. 56)

Heywood, John, Dea., h. Sarah, Jan. 2, 1717-18. [a. 57 y. GS] (p. 93)

Heywood, Jno, Dea., bet. Nov. 30, 1717 and Feb. 20, 1717-18. (p. 29)
It definitely looks like it was Heywood by the time he died. Do we know what he used coming over? Or the earliest records? (Or if Anderson used a particular spelling we could go with that.)
I don't believe we have any evidence for who the father was, and he arrived too late to be covered in the GM books. (As for the father, two of these profiles are connected to fathers, but one of the father profiles is just another version of this man. The other connected father is -- no sources.)

I like the name Heywood because it seems like the other variant spellings all end up converging around Heywood.
No record of his coming over.  Nothing in PGM.  The earliest records here are transcriptions of court cases, but no signatures.

Then the 1656 marriage to Rebecca, spelled Haward.  

Concord History says this line use Heywood most commonly, while another early John in Concord used Hayward/Haywood.

So you either go with Haward - marrage # 1 or go with the death/common name Heywood.  Not much else.

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Thanks for taking on the daunting task of unscrambling this family, Chris. It looks like you've done a fine job. I agree with your proposed merges.

(FWIW, he maps as an ancestor of mine, via that "real daughter" Rebecca.)
answered by Ellen Smith G2G6 Pilot (866k points)
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Thanks Chris for working on this identity issue. I had worked on the Heywoods years ago as I am a descendent of this line. My previous research notes based on information given to me by an aunt indicate that "John Heywood, age 22, and his brother James came over together in the ship "Planter" in 1636. They were both certified from Stepney Parish, London. John settle in Concord, Massachusetts and was admitted a freeman in 1670. John married Rebecca Atkinson, daughter of Thomas, on August 17, 1656 and had children Rebecca, Rebecca again, John, Persis, and Benone. Rebecca died following the birth of the last child in 1665 and by the end of that year, John married Sarah Symonds" and had at least 9 children with her. I have dates for all of these which is how I found out about the confusion with too many "Johns"! Sources I can see in my notes are Savage, Vol. 2 pg 408; Cutter Vol. 3 pg 1820; Pope, pg 223 and of course the Concord Vital Records, but I haven't rechecked them all as yet - was just going over them again as I started with this WikiTree project. I would love to help with this!
answered by Ann Dysart G2G2 (2.3k points)

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