How do i get a legit http to ancestry for a link?

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WikiTree profile: Anderson Gardiner
in Genealogy Help by Georgina Healer G2G Crew (440 points)

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you simply need to remove "" from your existing link, then the link will be correct

like this:
by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (535k points)
selected by Charles West
loved the simplicity of your answer.

But you should be aware, Georgina, that Ancestry Family Trees are not good sources for Wikitree. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Many trees (most?) are not supported by valid sources.
  2. Accessibility is limited to people with paid Ancestry subscriptions.
  3. Ancestry trees have a propensity to change over time, and to get abandoned. When a tree is abandoned, nobody can find the content any more.

We are encouraged to document what we know about each person in the text ("biography") section of the profile, support our biographies with original records to the extent possible (include a description of what the record says), use footnotes to identify the source(s) for each fact, and discuss any conflicting information (and, if appropriate, explain why one version of the story is preferred over the other).

That particular Ancestry page cites some solid records that can be individually cited in the profile. If the record is on Ancestry in a subscriber-only form, it's OK to cite it, but every citation to any online source should contain enough information about the record to give someone a chance of finding it if the URL stops working.

she's linked to her own tree, otherwise good advice.
Ah, and she has a well-sourced tree. :-)

Still, it's important for WikiTree to have the details uploaded here and documented. I've encountered far too many profiles here that apparently were once supported by a well-sourced Ancestry Tree belonging to the person who created the profile, but are now almost worthless because their tree was their only cited source, they didn't include any information in the biography section, and the tree is now a deadlink because they abandoned it.
ok , so i went to family search & found where he is mentioned on a death cert there & a census record, how do i cite it? There is a citing area paragraph a mile long, do i use that? i also noticed wiki on there, how would that work, or can we use that???
The most important content is words, not URLs. For example: You might write that he died on DATE at PLACE, and his death certificate gives his age at death as AGE. Create a footnote that includes citation details that could help another person identify the record you were looking at. If the source is online, include a URL. Family Search has those paragraph-length citations that can be placed in a Wikitree footnote, and are popular here because they are easy to add and they include the detail needed to help another person find the record in the future. But that's not the only way to cite a source.

There are help pages here on how to format footnotes. And you can learn a lot by looking at the Edit screen for a well-developed profile. I'm typing on my phone, so I've not inserted links....
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I see that the Ancestry link on that profile goes to an error page.
I guessed that it was supposed to be a birth record. I searched Ancestry and  did not find a Kentucky birth record for this man, but I did find a birth record for his daughter Nancy:

Also, I found an Ancestry Family Tree (not a good source) that cites the 1850 and 1860 census records (good sources, and available on FamilySearch or Ancestry).
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
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Here is a link to one tree that includes him:
by S Willson G2G6 Pilot (120k points)

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