When and Where was John Beal Born (ca 1588)?

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There are three profiles for John Beal/Beale.
* Beale_Beal-1
* Beal-335
* Beal-9
The first two are the sons of Robert Beale Sr. and Mary Belt, but they were born on different dates.  The other is the son of Edward Beal and Margaret Stone.  Two are shown as dying at Hingham on 1 April 1688.  

These profiles need to be merged, but it can't happen until we resolve this problem.  I haven't been able to find any evidence for the birth or parents of John Beal/Beale. Can anyone help?
WikiTree profile: John Beal
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There also is a complicated mess of conflicting profiles for Edward Beal and his wife, connecting them to additional "sons" who may or may not be related to each other.  (These might be different people, or maybe none of them existed. I adopted one of the profiles as an orphan, but I see that the others were subsequently orphaned, too.)

John Beal is my ancestor. I've not looked up the info lately, nor dug into the records. However, I recall that there was a basis for saying he came from Hingham, Norfolk, but I'm not aware of evidence for his parents.

John Beal(e) is in Anderson's Great Migration Begins Directory, page 23. It says he came from Hingham, Norfolk in 1638 on the Diligent and went to Hingham. It lists a number of sources.

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Here are the sources from the Great Migration Directory page 23 (2015):

Beale, John: [origin] Hingham, Norfolk; 1638 on Diligent; [first residence] Hingham

There two are post immigration:

MBCR 1:375; HiBOP 54; PCR 1:53;

TAG 13:263-65 is about his Ripley spouse:


"Since John Beal, senior was born 1588 and contracted his first marriage in 1616, it is evident that he was not a son of Edmund, mentioned  above, who married in 1619. They were probably brothers..."

TAG 27:94 is about the Hobart Spouse:


NEHGR  121:13 is Hobart's Journal:



NEHGR 15:26 Daniel Cushing's Record:


Alicia Crane Williams, Stone-Gregg Genealogy:
The Ancestors and Descendants of Galen
Luther Stone and His Wife Carrie Morton
Gregg (Baltimore 1987)


This is the most recent of Anderson's recommended sources which also says he was brother to Edmund Beal who married Susan Wright (not father-son as Pope suggested). Thus the parents of John Beal are unknown.

The three profiles should be merged after the parents are removed in my opinion. Beal-9 being the target.




by R B G2G6 Mach 3 (40.0k points)
selected by Keith Hathaway
As the profiles are not project protected and as this has been on G2G for many months I removed the parents on all three profiles and requested a merge.
Thank you, Roland.
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I am revisiting this discussion because I now believe that John Beal (I need to change his LNAB to Beales) was the son of Edward Beales and Martha Stone (the parents who were disconnected), and I intend to edit the profiles to show this. In view of the strongly worded statements that have been made about John Beal's origins, it seems best to outline the evidence before I implement my plans.

First off, note that I am not suggesting that John Beal was the son of Edmond Beal. Edmond Beal, the father of "John Beal Jr." of Cambridge, was John Beal's brother.  Their father was Edward Beales.

The webpage http://beals.info/genealogy/beals/edward_martha.htm treats Edward Beals and his wife Martha Stone; I've not yet seen nearly all the records referred to on that page, but I've successfully used information on that page and other parts of the website as clues to finding sources that confirm key elements of the story told on that page. Another source that I found useful was a letter (link) published in NEHGS Nexus in 1987, from John D. Beal, Jr., of Birmingham, Alabama, who described parish records and other sources he had obtained for this family.

John Beal, who was traditionally said to be from Hingham, Norfolk, is actually documented in Wramplingham and Wymondham, Norfolk, but that's not a consequential issue -- Wymondham is about 6 miles from Hingham and it's about 4 miles from Wymondam to Wramplingham.

Some salient facts: Edward Beales became rector at Wramplingham in 1568 (information confirmed). He married in Wramplingham in 1572 and 1585 (I found record transcripts at FamilySearch or FindMyPast). Those wives died (I've not yet looked for these records), and in 1586 he is said to have obtained a license to marry Martha Stone (I've not seen that record, and there's no parish record of the marriage). They are supposed to have had 14 children; I found the baptisms of sons John (in 1593) and Edmond (in 1595) recorded in Wramplingham (based on record transcripts), with parents of Edward and Martha Beales.

It is generally accepted that John Beales married Frances Ripley. A Frances Ripley was baptized at Wramplingham in 1584 (I found a transcript for this; note: either she was 9 years older than her husband, or the child born in 1584 died and the second one wasn't recorded). The marriage was at Wramplingham in 1616, and I put an image of the register entry on the Beal-9 profile. Baptisms of several of their children were recorded at Wymondham, and Frances Beals was buried at Wymondham in March 1629/30 (that's a record that Torrey apparently didn't find when compiling his 1936-7 TAG article John Beal's First Wife; I put an image of the burial registry entry on Frances' profile and also on John Beal's profile).

Finally, the will of the John Beal Jr of Cambridge, Mass. (which I haven't seen yet, but it's described in sources including the Stone-Gregg Genealogy) mentions his father Edmund and some "cousins." The cousins are identifiable as children of John Beal of Hingham (Mass.), which suggests that the younger John's father (Edmund) was the older John Beal's brother -- and that's consistent with the existence of baptism records for John and Edmond Beales, sons of Edward and Martha.

There are more details, but I hope this is enough to show why I think it makes sense to reject the verdict of this earlier discussion and connect John as the son of Edward and Martha.

by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Sounds ok

I've made most of the changes I outlined -- and Janis Swanson has created profiles for some of the additional family members.

One thing I can't do is change the LNAB for John Beal-9. That profile is project-protected and I'm not on the Trusted List. Could a Leader please change the LNAB from Beal to Beales?

Ok Ellen, I've left a message of intent on the profile, and will take care of it in about a week.

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