I was adopted by gardie o and bonnie l smith of smithfield, ohio in 1961. have been told i am a black market baby?

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I was said to be born on may 29, 1956 in martins ferry, ohio. have been told I might have been a black market baby. adopted mother and dad were evil people and dad said he cut through a lot of black tape. the judge

s name on what was half way filled out adoption papers was henry Albright of Belmonty county, ohio. I checked with Belmont county courthouse and was told that he was indeed the probate judge then but why he wold sign a half filled out form they didn't understand, but said this adoption never went through court because of the lack of information, they did confirm it was his signature and hey had the records. gardie and bonnie later adopted a boy from someone in Bellaire, ohio. is there a site you can go tro to see if you were indeed a stolen or black market baby and see if anyone is hunting for you. I am said to have 4 or 5 siblings older than me.
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I suggest that you add the tags adoption and ohio to your question to help get the attention of people here who are (1) familiar with research strategies for adoptees and (2) are familiar with research strategies for the state of Ohio.

Good luck in your search!

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Well, if you were 5 years old when adopted, I'd start by looking for newspapers of the time.  There can't have been many children born on or close to that date in that area.  Of course if you were stolen rather than sold, you would need to look at missing persons reports for the time.  but you could have come from some distance away.  Genetic testing would also be a good idea as if there happens to be one of those siblings who was tested, it'd show up quite clearly.  Another possibility if you were indeed from Martin's Ferry would be to look at the appropriate school yearbooks to see if there's someone who looks a lot like you.  Ancestry.com has a lot of yearbooks available if you happen to have a subscription though I don't know if they have ones from Martins Ferry / Belmont County.
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I don't believe she was 5 years old when she was adopted; rather, she said she is "said to have 4 or 5 older siblings".

I do agree with the recommendation for DNA testing. An autosomal DNA test would help cast a wide net for possible relatives. This kind of test can detect matches on any branch of the family, and matches at the levels of full or half sibling, first/second cousins, and aunts/uncles/nieces/nephews are readily detectable. I think many adoptees test with all of the services that offer autosomal DNA testing in hopes of casting the widest net for relatives. Whether you test with one service or all of them, by uploading the data from one test to Gedmatch, you increase your chances of finding family members.
Well, the title says she was adopted in 1961 and the first line of the text says she was said to have been born in 1956.  Hence the 5 years old.  Of course with hearsay, you never know the truth until you have good sources.
Oh, arithmetic! Duh....

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