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While looking at the WIkitree Errors Report on a family location, Bennett-937 shows.up as a pre-1500 problem. Without research it seems that Bennett-937 is attached to the wrong wife. Detaching him may solve this problem but it then leaves problems with Bennett-276 as it leaves him with 2 similar but seemingly very different wives (a proposed merge has been postponed by a manager) and this leaves a mix of children that needs sorting. I think that detaching Bennett-937 and at least 2 identifiable children (all Wiveliscombe, Somerset) would help someway to resolving this. Any brave pre-1500 certified person willing to give it a go?
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in Genealogy Help by Chris Hoult G2G6 Mach 1 (18k points)
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Agree that detaching the Wiveliscombe John makes sense He appears to be an 'ancestor' of some Benetts that  later went to the 'New World'    I suspect he is speculative.  .

The Wiveliscombe son John  (Bennett-64) born  in 1508 is  supposed to be both a tanner and a ' the Earl of Tankerville' which seems highly improbable   (There were  Benetts became  Earls of Tankerville but  according to Wikipedia not until 1714 .There are parish records for Wiveliscombe  from 1550s The death date on this profile   (3 Dec 1564 )is  the burial date  for  his wife Margery Free Reg   The register entry, confirms that her husband John was a tanner. I can't find the death of John in Wiveliscombe but there are  several candidates in the neighbouring parish of Milverton.


John Bennett of Clapcott was according to Cockayne married to an Anne Molines  His 3rd  son Thomas became Lord  Mayor London.(some account of the Lord Mayors and Sheriffs of the City of London ) . )

The Victoria County History mentions John's death in 1547  but says his widow was an Agnes rather than an Anne   The Molines (Moleyns)family also held the manor at a later date.

Molyns-1 is also married to a Thomas Freeman,  haven't found  anything to substantiate this marriage.

As to the wife with the strange name of Molinesum, there is no evidence of even the existence of the name.(not one hit for the word, let alone the name)  There is already a note on her 'father's profile suggesting that he should be merged away.

Sounds like I'm volunteering, I am pre1500 qualified but I'm not that experienced in the aborist aspects so would like someone who is more experienced than I to give an opinion (help!)

Sorry I did try to reply but mobile is not that good for WikiTree. Home now and off to bed! In the morning I will try to list the UK end of the family. Thanks so far :-) Chris Hoult

Is it possible for someone with pre 1500 editing rights to look at this.

The problem seems to be when a Thomas Bennett-937 was married off to Molyns-1 or whatever people call her (she duplicates) in Berkshire. There does not seem to be any supporting evidence I can find.  One of the sons of the Berkshire Bennetts  becomes an MP he later is awarded the title, The Earl of Tankerville it is not hereditary. So any tiitle does not stem from before this time. None of the Wiveliscombe Bennetts seem to descend from this title. The Pilgrim Fathers from Wiveliscombe are before this title was formed. A simple read of Wikipedia gives this history.  I really think the best thing to do is un-link Bennett-937 and Bennett-64 from Agnes  Molyns-1 and have a fresh look. Leaving a note of why please. This would allow the Molyns merges to proceed without chaos. 

Mean while the Berkshire Bennetts / Earl of Tankerville family can be added and checked if anyone is chasing titles and the Wiveliscombe Bennetts can be sorted out.

My only interest is in the UK Wiveliscombe family in the UK. If they went to America I am really not interested and I havee no links with the Berkshire family either but it needs sorting.

If proved wrong and someone sources the marriage between Berkshire and Wiveliscombe they can always be relinked.



Oh and one more thing the Earl of Tankerville is not an hereditary Royal title it was for political patronage. We have a House of Lords full of people with titles now.. They are handed out likes sweets for being a good boy. It was the same in those days.
Chris, I could be wrong, but I'm fairly sure all titles created during this period were hereditary.  Life peerages were only introduced in the twentieth century.
No you are right. My wording was rubbish. I meant to infer that the title was not inherited it was given for political services. :-) Itu just meant those that followed on didn't earn the title.
See comment below, I've started to pull them apart.  Helen the Mayors and Sheriffs of London source has been a huge help.  There is more of the family on page 65 as well.

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Thanks Chris for all of this information....Let's see if I can get a Pre-1500 person interested in helping out.

by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (627k points)
I've started to separate them but they are the various Bennet families are very entwined.  I'll try to do some more later
Thanks John :-) My feeling is to split them up to try for some sense. If they do link up again in the future at least it will have a few sources to prove it.  The Berkshire line should be well documented and the Wiveliscombe line into the US the same. It is just very confusing intermixed. The Tankerville entry on Wikipedia certainly provides clus if not sources. Thanks for giving it a go.
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I've been looking closely at this for a year or more. First, there's no doubt that (Gov) Richard Bennett and his uncle Edward were from Wiveliscombe.

I'm separating the lines here: . I believe they're not really entwined at all but that descendants of Richard's want them to be. However, Y-DNA will sort it out. The problem is that the Bennett DNA Project will not show the ancestors for their testers.

I'm pulling together the information for the Wiveliscombe Bennetts at my page for Richard: I have a long way to go before it's reasonably complete.

Thoughts are welcomed.

I do like tenacity ;-) I think you have come to the conclusion I did. The Gov Richard Bennett link to Wiveliscombe seemed sound there was some sort of sourcing. The UK links that followed were to say the least hopeful ! The links to aristocracy in Northumberland and the political Bennetts from Berkshire were tenuous. That said Bennett is a very common name. The Wiveliscombe family were traders so maybe a link is there. Just not via a long lost peerage resurrected and awarded for political reasons and not inherited.

Its a shame so many imaginary links to aristocracy exist in family trees and then get gedcom duped into Wikitree. it causes all sorts of problems. It's so much easier when your family tilled the land and you have no pretensions beyond your station! ;-)

Is someone with pre 1500 able to deal with this?

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