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I would like some feedback from the Military and War Project members.  I would like to create a new category under the US Army Units titled [[Category: US Army Berlin Brigade]]. This organization and people that served in it performed a very unique duty. Berlin Brigade was established at the close of WWII to establish military authority within the conquered and divided city of Berlin Germany. The Allied powers, "The United States, Great Briton, France and the Soviet Union" held distinct powers of authority within the assigned sectors of Berlin. This role took on a distinct and world changing presence when The Soviet Union and its East German block member decided to build the Berlin Wall to close off free travel between East and West Berlin and in effect isolate the peoples of the soviet held east and the free people of the west. A very good read and history of the Berlin Brigade and its mission is;

 Long story short, Do you think the creation of Berlin Brigade as a new category has value as nearly 100,000 men and women have served in the Berlin Brigade since its inception? These men and women were at the very "front edge" of the cold war until the "Berlin Wall" fell in 1993 and the subsequent retirement of the US Army Berlin Brigade.

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....1989 it fell...  :)
You are correct that the wall fell in 1989. The Berlin Brigade was deactivated in late 1993 with the last unit ( a Postal Unit) departed in mid 1994.
Thanks for every ones input regarding my question. Unfortunately it appears that there are too many unknowns and/or pending in the Military and War project and the Categorization Project collaboration for my patience level. I will focus on finding sources for my own family line from here on out.
When will the Military Team be open for suggestions on new categories?

I have been purchasing some books on WOMEN who were "Code Breakers" and Spies for the USA in WWII and made a big difference in us ending the war sooner.


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I like the idea assuming it's not already subsumed elsewhere.  I certainly remember about the Berlin Airlift when i was young, though I don't remember whether it was in the papers or in a history book.  Somewhere in a box I have some Albums with German postage stamps including a fairly complete set of the Berlin versions of the stamps.  If you get it going I'll try finding the books and scan some of them for use as decoration.  (Though perhaps it would be quicker to look for them on-line.)
by Dave Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (408k points)
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At this time, no categories are permitted to be created by the Categorixation Project.

Once a structure has been approved by them and is implemented then new categories can be addressed.

Currently, Keith, the Military and War Categorization Liaison, is in the process of obtaining the Categorization Leaders approval before implementation.  

Keith would be in a better position to advise if this suggestion falls in line with the current proposed structure.
by Terri Rick G2G6 Mach 3 (39.7k points)
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There were four occupational forces in Berlin at the end of World War II. Berlin, like Germany, had four sectors, Each was occupied by one the victorious allied forces at that time. Three of the forces were to become NATO allies, one of the forces became the leader of Eastern Bloc allies.

The three NATO forces in Berlin were:

*Berlin Brigade of the United States Army
*Berlin Infantry Brigade of the British Army
*French Forces in Berlin

The Eastern Bloc forces in Berlin at that time were from the Soviet Union and Soviet occupied East Germany.

In my opinion, if a category is warranted for one, then a category for each would be appropriate.

by Terry Welshans G2G5 (5.1k points)

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