How do I find answers to mitochondrial DNA questions?

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How do I find the information on my my mitochondrial halogroup, test type, and mito search ID?  If I find this information, would it help ?
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Are you sure you have mtDNA results?  It is possible you have autosomal DNA results instead?  Please describe your results.

Thanks and sincerely, Peter

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If you tested your MtDNA at Family Tree DNA their help pages are quite well done. Another place to look is WikiPedia.

On WikiTree, if you have entered your Mitosearch ID into your profile and provided your privacy controls are set to yellow, green, or white, your DNA data is propagated to your daughters and to all direct line maternal female ancestors and their daughters.

To search for someone with your haplogroup you can search wikitree by going to search, scrolling to the bottom and using the global search for any characters. You may have to try a few variations on it to get it to work. I just tried with mine - H1a1 - and found a lot of people.
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I want to know how to find the Mitosearch ID and my halogroup from ancestry DNA which is mtDNA and autosomal.
Ancestry DNA is only autosomal. It doesn't provide your MtDNA. It used to, however, but hasn''t for a number of years. Family Tree DNA is the usual place to test for your MtDNA.

As Rosemary mentioned, ancestryDNA only tests autosomal.  If you get your mtDNA tested through FamilyTreeDNA, you can then upload your results to and you would then have a MitoSearch ID # to add to your Wikitree profile.

You need to change the DNA test that is on your profile to the auDNA from ancestry.  You have it as mtDNA.  Also, have you uploaded your results to  It's free to do so, and by so doing you will be able to see what DNA segments you share on the various chromosomes with others.  Once you've uploaded to Gedmatch, you should enter your Gedmatch ID # on your profile as well.

I did not realize this is how Wikitree handles mtDNA. Cool!
You only need to add it to the test taker Maxine, and be sure the profiles are at least yellow, green or white. The same thing happens with YDNA for the guys.

You won't see it immediately; it happens overnight.
How long ago did Ancestry have that mtDNA?
3-4 years ago I think.
I'm not sure.  Several years ago, I'd say.  Tried looking for information on it, but came up empty handed.  How long ago did you test at
Ancestry started making it difficult to find the Web page for orders in early 2014 and there were rumors in Feb 2014 that they would stop selling the mtDNA  and Y-DNA tests.  The rumors/news became official in June 2014:

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