This profile and several surrounding it need help

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I'm not even going to try to straighten any of it out anymore. My life is not long enough.
WikiTree profile: Matthias Marriott
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I see that the question has been change while I wrote my comment.  Referring  to the Public Message, I have experienced similar, but nothing as bad as this.  Last week I nearly left Wikitree but a swag of private emails persuaded to change my mind.  If I received a note like this, I would be gone full stop.  In my view, comments should be made privately and the  Public Message Box on Profile pages, scraped. !!
Wow, almost four years later and there are bunch of obvious uncorrected errors surrounding Matthias Marriott and his immediate family.  Unsourced information not corrected, etc.

I guess I don't understand.  I'm pretty new here, but I thought this site was supposed to be like Wikipedia, where you are allowed to fix incorrect information.

Like parents born after their children and stuff like that.  Do you have to have a committee to fix obvious problems?  Or can I at least disconnect an obviously bad relationship without consulting?

I've been writing and editing Wikipedia articles for over a decade, and I've seen it grow and improve.

It is discouraging to see that obvious problems are lasting for years on this site.
Not everyone is able to edit pre-1700 profiles.  Not everyone who is able to edit pre-1700 profiles has access to the sources, or feels competent to research pre-1700, or early American profiles.  (I am one who avoids American profiles, except for my direct family and their direct families.)

This is a community of volunteers.  As such, we don't work to a timetable, nor do we always work in a straight line (rabbit holes .. ooooh, shiny!)

If you are pre-1700 qualified, and can access sources acceptable for pre-1700 profiles, and are able to work with whatever project would cover this profile (and any related profiles), you could start by messaging the Profile Managers, or by leaving a comment on the profile outlining what you believe you can add.
Welcome Randall!

I second what Melanie said.  In addition, please understand that our tree now has over 23 million profiles.  Many of the early ones in need of work were imported en masse years ago, when WikiTree had much laxer rules about importing and sourcing new profiles on creation.  Many WikiTreers devote much of their time working these problems.  In April, about 2400 members made over 100 contributions each.  So our tree has almost 10,000 profiles per active member.  There's a lot of work to do and relatively few people to do it.  Heaps of opportunity for all of us to add value here!
Thank You for your comment Randall.  If you look at ALL of the profiles up line and down line from Thomas Warren you will see there are a great many errors.  You will also see there has been a lot of work done on these profiles. You will also see that this profile was being worked on at exactly the same time by two profile managers.  As one input info the other was removing it.  The Warren and surrounding profiles have been worked with many people collaborating well together.  

There is a great deal of conflicting info on these profiles and much of it incorrect.  Collaboration on these profiles is nessacary.  So is correct sourcing.  Some of these things take time to get correctly done.  Some people are willing to take that time.  Some are not.  I was at one time a profile manager on this profile. Until I could not get help.  If you look at the changes you can see what was put into this profile and the others surrounding it.  There are many private messages that are not seen involving this profile.  Asking to merge a profile on the message board is common.  Being attached for asking for a merge is not.  The actions concerning removing a duplicate source were discussed.  The 2 people who had the discussion about removing the duplicate, actually removed what they thought was the duplicate.

So private messages should have been more public. So people actually know what went on with a profile.  After being rudely attached verbally there are many profiles that are just not worth trying to fix.  

I have spent years on research on some people.  I have asked for help and collaborated with many people who have helped me with the technical stuff. If you have the correct sources go for it.  The issues with all of the profiles around this family are well known.  Good luck to you.
Well, I’m twice descended from Thomas Warren and plus I’m a stubborn Merriott, so I’m going to give this a whirl.

Nice to meet all of you!

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Randall nice to meet you.  You are most likely a cousin of mine.  Several times over. I am also descended from Thomas Warren on both of my fathers sides.  Charles Warren Roach Jr. and on his mother's Hunnicutt side.  Welcome.  It is good to see someone take her on.  I was just looking at a ton of my Warren research the other day.  Have fun and enjoy.  Thank You very much.
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Hi Randall welcome.  Im glad you are " going to give it a whirl "  good luck.  Have fun.  I am also a direct descendant of Thomas Warren on both of my father's sides.  Charles Warren Roach Jr.  And his mother's Hunnicutts.
Question: Who is the best person to contact regarding fixing a relationship that is project protected?

I can't tell who I should contact to get it corrected.  What project is it under?  Who is the project leader?

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