Add total count of profiles on first page of One Name Study

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When a "One Name Study" has over 200 people, is there a way to put the accurate amount of profiles added to the study on the lst page somewhere???

Every time I click on the "200" to go to next page while counting, for instance the Barry Name Study, it goes up to 4 more pages but with different profile counts at the end. Sometimes I add up 634 other times more then 826 profiles. I have encountered different counts when you do it manually, going from page to page. 

I would like to see the total count of profiles added to the study, and if possible on the first page of any and every "One Name Study" Category page if possible. 

Thanks for considering this.

WikiTree profile: Space:Barry_Name_Study
in WikiTree Tech by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
retagged by Julie Ricketts
I think that's a great idea, Dorothy.  You might want to add the "improvement" tag to your question, too.
Thanks Nan!!! I added "improvement" as you suggested.
Thanks for helping with tags, Nan, but I don't think anybody officially follows "improvement". If you're trying to get technical attention, just categorizing in WikiTree Tech is enough.
Oh, well . . .  :-)
Actually, this would be really nice for all categories... I keep wishing for it on my personal categories as well as other projects.

That is what I would like to see also. If you just look at it by going to;  Click on next page, where it says (previous 200) (next 200), then the next page, maybe it will better show what I am saying here in my original question. Also please note: Names should not be repeated when you go to the next page of names.

I love this idea.

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Dorothy --

I thought you'd like to know that the paging issue has been fixed for categories containing more than 200 profiles.

Your Barry Name Study category should work much better now!

I have another request in to add the total number of profiles to the category page, but the paging problem was a higher priority.
by Julie Ricketts G2G6 Pilot (401k points)
selected by Dorothy Barry
Awesome Julie!! Thank you so much for following up on this!! Much appreciated and nicer look on the pages themselves.
You're welcome, Dorothy!!
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You can use Wikitree+ to get the answer. It is 666 of them

There you can also define custom sort orders,...
by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (576k points)
The Wiki Tree + reports are really helpful.  I was able to modify the one you just sent to fit the Name Studies I manager. I also saw a list of the most used categories.  Is there a place we can find these helpful reports. I've seen a few good ones posted but can never remember how to find them when I want to use them again.  Is there a guide of some sort for using making these Wiki Tree + reports/things or a place where these are listed?
You have a Question mark at the top next to Wikitree+ image. It takes you to where something is written about reports. I really have to finish this page.
Thanks, I am beginning to see how these reports could really increase the usefulness of information, which is already stored on the site, but is not being used because its hard to find.  They remind me of Foxpro (database) type reports.  I will check out the page you sent.  Thanks for all you are doing with this.

Not sure that helps. When I click on your link it says 660 on top but only 66 on the bottom of the page on all three pages. Ten names per page, 3 pages 60 names total. This is what I see: 

Found: 660 profiles for "Barry_Name_Study".

First Prev 0 / 66 Next Last 

****It just would be easier to have the number of profiles in the study listed on the first page to me. That is why I am suggesting that. 

Plus when you click on the next page on the actual study not using WikiTree plus the names are the same as the first page except for a few which is confusing. 

(Also not everyone knows how to find or use WikiTree plus. Just saying.)

In the mean time update was published. It is 660 of them. 66 is numder of pages. You can also extend page size to have less pages.

There may be 660 of them and 66 pages but I believe names are repeated as you go from page to page. 

If you just look at it by going to;  Click on next page, where it says (previous 200) (next 200), then the next page, maybe it will better show what I am saying here in my original question. ALSO: Names should not be repeated when you go to the next page of names.

You can change the number at the end of the address and get all of them on one page if you like

Not sure if that will help
Thanks John, I saved the link.
Good link to add to any ONS page.

But what are the magic words for the SortOrder option?

RJ, go through Wikitree+ interface. group Search item All Wikitree. There you have some other options.


A discussion about category listings is being looked into by the Team. I just offered you the solution to list the category, until it is resolved.
Thank you  Aleš.

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