Who was Francis J. Lehmon that married Susannah Abernathy in Lincoln Co. N.C. 1824

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Looking for information on both Francis J. Lehmon, Sr. and/or his wife Susannah Abernathy. They were married on December, 1824 in Lincoln Co. N.C. I am looking for their ancestry. I know their descendants.
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Their marriage license is signed by Jacob Abernathy and Frantz Lehman. In the NC Marriage record book he is listed as Francis J Lehman (Ger Frantz J Lehman)  to Susanah Abernathy.

On 5 February 1866 is Francis J Lehman's last will and testament, he does not name a wife, however he does name children:William, Mary (Lofton/Loftin?) and Catherine Goodson; and one granddaughter, (?Frances?) Lehman; predeceased by son Frances in 1865

William Lehman married Adaline Troutman (see http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=160963493) on 28 February 1864; and his will, probate July 28, 1884, is attached to Francis J Lehman's will.

In the 1850 Lincoln, NC census, Mary Loftin 22 (see http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=87050678) m. Martin Loftin 26 w/daughter, Susan 0; listed with them is a William Lemans, Francis Lemans and Catherine Lemans (see http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=92900628) m. George Goodson -

Francis J. Lehman who married Susanah Goodson on 29 September 1861 - I believe this to be the Francis found on the 1850 census with sister, Mary Loftin: (see http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=92453821)

I am researching them, so if you know any other pertinent information or can verify anything I have commented about, that would be awesome! Thank you!
There was Francis J. Lehmans (senior) born circa 1790 and married Susanna in Dec, 1824 and his son Francis (Jr.)  He married Catherine Goodson.
You are correct. The Francis J. Lehman (Junior)  married to Susan Goodson was the one in the 1850 census. They were single then. He was the brother of Susan and William Lehman and they lived with Martin and Mary (Lehan)  Loftin in 1850. The different ways of spelling the name Lehman is confusing and has made research difficult.

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Born about 1790 in France

Name    Francis Lemman
Event Type    Census
Event Date    1860
Event Place    Lincoln, North Carolina, United States
Gender    Male
Age    70
Race    White
Birth Year (Estimated)    1790
Birthplace    France
Page    41


He died 6 years later, in 1866, per Will; In home with daughter, Mary (and Martin) Loftin and their children. Though census says her father is from France, Mary's death certificate states her father was born somewhere in Germany. Which could be very plausible. There areas that changed between France and Germany Territory....

I am still searching for his wife, Susanah
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Charlotte, I have heard through the family that he was born in Alsace, France. The Germans took over Alsace and Moselle in 1871 (I believe) and made it part of Germany. But, his birth was in France. Thanks for your help.  By the way, his daughter Mary lived to the ripe old age of 95. I haven't been able to find anything on Susanna yet.
My grandpa said that Susanah Goodson and Francis J Lehman died young, and so their kids were raised by her grandparents. He also said Francis J Lehman was a Jewish man from up north. Anyone know if he was Jewish?
There were two Francis J. Lehmans'. One was "junior" and the other was a "senior."  Francis J. Lehmans, Sr. was married to Susanah Abernathy and  married  December 18, 1824. Francis was born in 1790 and died in 1866 making him 76 years old. He  is shown in the 1860 census living with the Loftin family.  Mary Loftin was the daughter of Francis, senior and Susanah Abernathy (Lehmans).  I have searched endlessly for Susanah Abernathy (wife of Francis, senior)  to verify her parents.

On the other hand, Francis J. Lehmans, Junior,  married Susan Goodson (sister of George W. Goodson also a few houses down on the 1860 census) on Sept 29, 1861. I believe that the Francis J. Lehmans you are refering to is this one. I know that Susan died very young so she and Francis, Jr.  are likely the ones with kids that lived with the grandparents. If that is the case, their grandparents would be Aaron Goodson (1808-1877.)

My concerns are with Francis J. Lehmans, senior. I do not know if the Lehmans' were Jewish. I believe that they may have been. I have noticed that in the DNA make-up of several DNA tested relatives the presence of Eastern European Jewish DNA. That would explain the mysterious presence in what is ordinarily Scots Irish, English, German, and French blood.
He was born in Alsace, France. Somehow, this is widely known in the family. Alsace which was France when Francis was born became Germany in the 1870s. When I saw the death certificate of Mary Loftin that mentioned that Francis was her father, the person that wrote the information didn't seem very reliable.
Thank you Larry! How did you find DNA tested relatives? By the way, do you think its possible his original name was Franz?

maybe his parents could have been Philip Lehman and Margaretha Schneiderlochner

Hi Alexandra, sorry it took so long to respond. I have been traveling. To answer your questions. I took the DNA test and added the results to a site called GED.com.  GED.com will take DNA and break into thousands of bits of data and furnish many people that are blood related. This has been fun as my son did the same thing. I believe that Francis senior was from Alsace, France (later Germany) and I have seen his name spelled Franz, so yes, that could have been his original name. It is a frustrating mystery trying to find what happened to Francis's wife Susanah Lehmans (spelled many different ways.)  The 1860 N.C. (Lincoln Co.) census shows Francis, senior living with the Martin Loftin family. The head of the household was Martin Loftin who died during the Civil War and was married to the daughter of Francis, Mary.

I found that in the 1830 census of N.C. (Lincoln Co.) Francis, senior lived with 1 male aged 40-50 (him), one female aged 30-40  (Susanah likely),  and one female under 5 which would have been Mary (Loftin.)

If you have anything new, please let me know. Thanks.
Martin Loftin died in February 12, 1865 from typhoid fever while serving as a POW in a prison for Confederates in Point Lookout, Maryland.
I only know that the was from France and that several of his descendants were given the name Lehmond (not Lehmans) as their middle names. In  regards to his being Jewish, I believe that is highly possible. I have seen the DNA of several of my ancestors via DNA data and found that many have traces of Jewish ancestry. It had to come from some place. I do have a list of new immigrants to North Carolina and saw that Francis J. Leman was registered in 1825 as being from France.
Susan Goodson that married Francis J. Lehman (Jr.) did die young as did his wife. The search is for Francis J. Lehman, Senior, born around 1790. This Francis may have come from the north, but records in Lincoln County show him as registering as a Lincoln County immigrant (Francis J. Leman) in 1825. He likely came to Lincoln County from some other American place before going to Lincoln County. I say that because he married Susanah Abernathy in December, 1824 in Lincoln County. The think that I am despairately trying to find is the parents of Susanah Abernathy. At this point, one can only speculate. Francis J. Lehman was a moulder (spelled this way in census records) at one of the iron furnaces which deferred him from going onto active duty during the civil war. His job was critical.
I believe that that is what he was called but not his Christian name.
Sorry for the late answer. I have not been not found a link with the Lehmans through my DNA. I really haven't looked very hard as I am more interested in other members. I do look for the name, but it is spelled differently on so many occasions that I find it too frustrating. I am regestered with GED as well as Ancestry.com/ GED compiles all genetic data and lists many, many relatives. With Ancestry, I look for a certain last name and see who they have listed and get their DNA data for comparison via GED. If you don't use GED, it is worth looking into. Just hit GED on your computer and you will get info and a prompt to guide you. Good luck.
I should not that after years of research and visits to Lincoln and surrounding counties, I am convinced that Susanah Abernathy's parents are Miles Abernathy and Susannah (Parr) Abernathy. I have gone through all dates of births and marriages, house locations, census data, wills, probate, and everything possible to disprove the above and have been unable. It has bothered me for ages that I have laced paperwork verifying parents, i.e. bible, etc. although census records reflect Susannah with a questionable birth date which I believe was simply a mistake which happened often. The dilemma still remains that she disappeared from the area without a trace around 1840 and never showed up again. What happened to her? It will continue to drive me nuts.

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