Requesting search results to open on a separate page or tab.

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I sent this to Chris and he asked for the G2G preference.  Please indicate your preference yes or no.  Thanks for your input. cool KinCityKitty

Hi Chris,
> I hope this isn't a huge, problem request, but here it is:
> I start with a Surname search for Smith.
> I click Name to sort the list alphabetically.
> I click on a name to open a Profile.  All good so far, except that the
> profile opened on the same page as my search list.
> To get back to my list, I have to click the Back button a bunch of times and
> wait for the list to reload and get to my spot where I was working.
> This doesn't happen when I do a Full Name search.  In the Full Name search,
> each profile opens on a separate tab or window and I can click on my search
> list or the open profile with no problem. 
> Anyway, my request is, if possible, please make the Surname searched
> profiles open in a separate tab and leave the search list undisturbed as in
> the Full Name searches.

asked in Genealogy Help by Kitty Smith G2G2 (2.4k points)
retagged by Keith Hathaway
in all the websites I've worked on before, I could code something to open to a new window or tab. Not WikiTree. And when I'd asked about it, I was told that I was being presumptuous to open a new window/tab for someone who simply had to do so themselves (by right-clicking on a PC). But the main reason I like to have something open in a new tab/window is because I always forget to right-click and it's a pain to keep where you've gone & retrieve where you were.  I not only vote for a new tab/window whenever, but the ability to code that into my edits.  Thanks Kitty!

P.S. I think it's easier for someone to close the tab or window they don't want than to get that previous page back into a new window or tab.
I vote for keeping it in the same tab, simply because that way I have a choice which to do. Normal click for same tab, middle click (or CTRL+click, or right click -> open in new tab, or whatever) for new tab. If it automatically goes to a new tab with a normal click, then there's no choice.
Agree with Lianne' s approach. Keep on same tab.
I usually remember to back, back, back.  Sometimes I forget and have to start again, which is irritating.  I like the idea of opening in a new tab.  Could it be a choice, so you would click "Open in a New Tab" if that is what you want?
Vic, you should already be able to open the link in a new tab if you want. How you do it depends on your computer and OS. If your mouse has a scroll wheel or middle button you can usually just click with that to open a link in a new tab. That's what I do and it's just as quick as left clicking.
I don't seem to be able to do it.  I am using a laptop with a touchpad.  I tried a right click, but that didn't work, and I didn't see anyother way.
When you right click on a link, do you not see the option Open Link in New Tab? Also, on my laptop, if I click with both the left click button and the right click button at once, it opens in a new tab. If you're on Windows, you could also try CTRL+click.

I think I missed something, so please explain.  Why would you want to open a profile over your search results?  It sounds like everyone here pretty much wants to open a profile in a separate tab, we are just trying to figure out how to do that on our computers.  What is the benefit of opening profiles over the top of your search results?  

Sounds like there are several different ways to open a profile in a new tab, depending on what computer you use.  On my computer, when I remember to do the right-click routine, the profile opens in a separate tab, but the focus remains on the search list.  I have to do another click on the new tab to show the new tab on screen.  sad  When I use different computers, I expect I will have to change my approach, if I remember.

I would still prefer to have the default be the same as that used in the full name search.  I like a consistant reaction for my action.  Click, new tab, easy.  I guess I am lazy, but it gives me less to think about if I don't have to remember to do something special to get the results I want.

This is a good discussion.  I am learning ways around the problem, but I prefer a more direct approach. And I really need to hear why anyone would want to open a profile over the top of the search results.  Are you doing an occasional search or are you going back and forth between profile, possibily multiple profiles, and the search list with some regularity?

Thanks everyone!  This is great.  Kitty




Often when I do a search, only one result is what I'm looking for. So it makes sense for me to click to that result in the same tab, because I don't need the results anymore. When I do a full name search, and it opens in a new tab, I then always have to close the tab with the search results in it. This also results in my history for that tab being gone, since I'm now using a new tab. These are only minor inconveniences, but no more minor, I would think, than the inconvenience of opening a normal link in a new tab.
I agree with Lianne keeping it in the same tab.

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I agree with Lianne's idea. Same tab would be best.
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I'll vote yes for the purposes of consistency.  Similar types of activity should generate similar types of results.  In my mind, it is poor interface design to have similar actions result in two different display types.  Many  click options on wikitree open a new tab.  The system should be consistent OR have a clear logic (clear to the end user) for when an action behaves differently.
answered by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (648k points)

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