"Locking" Free-Space Profiles as HSA Profiles

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For the HSA Project I have created Free-Space Profiles to enter additional information on Noble- and Royal Houses, and categorized these accordingly so the show up in the appropriate Category-overview page (I don't think this information should be in the category-page).

Should or do we want to be able to "Lock" these the same as we do with Profiles and have the HSA-badge on them?
Is this technically possible?
And are there others who have created these kind of Free-Space Profiles?

(ps. the field below with the WikiTree ID/URL does not support Spaces)


in Policy and Style by Martyn Grifhorst G2G6 Mach 2 (23.2k points)
I have a clarification question: why would one create a Space page when a Category page would do just as well? I still struggle with this.
With detailed and informative category pages, there would be no need. There are those that believe category pages should be small. A one page category with links to additional more detailed category pages would work. One draw back we have now is no pictures on the category page itself.  I feel if the average Wikitreer is going to spend time connecting to a category page there should be shared information on the category page. Something to justify the effort of connecting to the page, perhaps a story shared by many ancestors.

Although it is possible to add text to a Category page, these are not meant to withheld large amounts of information. They are simply put "Tags" to organize pages/articles or profiles.

Every category should have a 'Main Article' giving detailed information on the category, whereas the Category Page lists only the Sub-categories and/or Articles/Profiles.

Have a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Categorization if you'd like to know more.

We are not Wikipedia but WikiTree.  See our guidlines:

Top Level Categories

All profiles on WikiTree — for people, places, and things — can be categorized. You can use categories to organize your own family history. They also aid historical research and help make connections between families.

  • Shared "informative" pages for our ancestors.
  • A source for linking ancestors with a shared history.
  • A means of linking to additional pages with more details.
  • A research tool in finding information for our ancestors.

Found at :
Category Style Guides - a part of Styles and Standards
And G2G Discusions

No, but the same principles aply. I only added the link because Wikipedia has an extensive amount of information on the subject.
And, since WikiTree is also a "Wiki" why invent the wheel twice? 

Categorization is, like it says in de tekst you copied, to organize profiles or other information. It paves the way to the information.

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Great work Martyn, nice pages!  A couple of suggestions.  On the page House of Amsberg copy the section "Heads of the House" to the category page Amsberg.  The names in the category page could then be linked  to the ancestor profiles.  I would also add to the category page.

See also:
     *  History of the House of Amsberg   

A more visible link to the free space page. These improvements would make the category page a page worth visiting. (Shared "Informative" Pages)

I would not consider "Locking" these pages and would keep them open for linking and expansion.

I will work on making these pages (project pages) more accessable from the main Category page.

by M Lechner G2G6 Mach 6 (61.8k points)
Great tips Michael, thanx!

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