I have created the category 'Nobility of the United Kingdom', how do I make it show under "U" instead of "N"?

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On the page Category:Nobility of the United Kingdom, put the line:

[[Category:European Aristocrats Project|United Kingdom Nobility]]

That will put it in the category sorted as if it were called United Kingdom Nobility, so it will appear under U.
answered by Lianne Lavoie G2G6 Pilot (409k points)
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So that's how it works!
Do we really wish to do this? It would be easy to change the category page now to the current standard "United Kingdom nobility". Conforming to an error on wikipedia does not make sense. I'm at a loss, ???
I was just answering the technical question, not saying that this is what we should be doing. I agree that however we want to the categories named, they should be consistent.
Thanks Lianne, for the clarification, Mike

I don't think it's an error, Mike. I think it is linguistically more correct to say 'Nobility of the United Kingdom' instead of the other.

Or it would be 'United Kingdomian' or something indecision

You could be correct.  It may also come in to play with Peerage which probably only applies to England, Scotland, Ireland etc.  I may defer this decision to your Euro group to decide. Going to be some work to complete the changes either way, let me know.
As a UK resident, I would argue that UK or United Kingdom can be used adjectivally and frequently is.
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It appears there is another standard in place that would also take care of your question. Use:

[[Category:United Kingdom Nobility]]

not sure of the capitalized "Nobility" seems it goes both ways. Looks like mostly lower case.

[[Category:United Kingdom nobility]]
answered by M Lechner G2G6 Mach 6 (61.1k points)
Yes, that's one way of dealing with it, but as you know, I keep a close look at what WikiPedia does, and when you look at this page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:European_nobility you'll see that their category is listed under "U" eventhough the text says 'Nobility of ...' I was wondering how do they do that?

That one on their page also looks out of sync. Would not be surprise to see it change one day. Would check with euro group here for a decision. I would still go with [[Category:United Kingdom nobility]]

Links to the category could be displayed other ways. Example

[[:Category:United Kindom nobility|nobility of the United Kindom]]

I saw your point about the use of the capital 'N'.

I'll ask Chris if this can be altered via the back end. Not sure how many profiles link to these.
There was something on one of our category name help pages that implied this capability. I do not think the instructions were clear. You might check. I still think I would go with the standard we have now rather than make an exception just to look like wikipedia.  Where it appears they did not follow a standard.

Right now only 2 pages

would need to be changed and there are no connections to them that would cause problems.

See my separate answer for the sorting issue.

As for changing category names to make the capitalisation consistent, unfortunately it can only be done manually.
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One vote follow Wikipedia's error - Nobility of the United Kingdom

One vote use Wikitree's standard - United Kingdom nobility (disconnected)

One it could be done as wikipedia, here is how, but do not care

One comment gramatically it could be done either way.

Disinterest from all others, yields => Follow wikipedia error ???????


answered by M Lechner G2G6 Mach 6 (61.1k points)


What's your point, Michael? We're still waiting for other responses I thought. 
Plus I belief you said I might be right and that we only needed to correct the Papel States and Crusader states. I thought this ment you voted in favor?
I have posted another more direct question, let's wait and see what others think. 
My view is not to duplicate wikipedia's error "Nobility of the United Kingdom"

Go with established WikiTrees standard "United Kingdom nobility"

Changes were made to the categories this morning, so I responded.

Would suggest waiting for management to return and inform us of the merge/merges in progress. Perhaps as a supervisor you already know. I will standby. Let me know if you hear anything. Since no one is responding and if you think otherwise go for the change. Its a project that could use some help and since you wish to take it on go for it.  Thanks Mike

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