Help needed to sort out profile that combines two people and has duplicates

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Yes, boring, I know. I came upon this while running an Error Report on Williams-42817, a profile I manage. At Generation 9, I get error 409, Marriage to duplicate person. I look at the profiles and find two John Tompkins who are each married to two Rebecca Knights. One of the Rebeccas is married to three John Tompkins. It's obvious that some cleanup is needed, but it can't be done straight away.

1 - [ John Tompkins] is married to [ Rebecca Knight]. This is fine, except that the bio lists a daughter, Rebecca, who is not linked to the profiles; I found her, with another set of John Tompkins / Rebecca Knight as parents. Tompkins-105 is also married to [ Rebecca Knight] who is also married to two other John Tompkins (and also to someone else, Abiel Somerby). Knight-445 has a lot more children that Knight-467, including Rebecca.

2 - [ John Thompkins] is only married to Knight-445. There is this comment on the profile:

"This profile is a composite of John Tompkins of Concord and Fairfield, Mass. and Eastchester, New York, and John Tompkins of Salem who married Rebecca Knight and never left Salem."

Fair enough. I find somewhere else (I'm beginning to lose track) that John Thompkins of Concord, etc. was married to Elizabeth Unknown.

So I post a comment saying "why not decide this one is Tompkins of Concord, since we have Tompkins-105, who seems fine as Tompkins of Salem?"

I also add a comment in the bio saying "please do not merge with Tompkins-105" and set them as rejected matches (they were set as unmerged).

Then I realise that Thompkins-21 has profile managers who are probably convinced that their Thompkins is the true Tompkins of Salem.

So what is to be done? I'm sorry to leave the mess as it is, but surely someone more experienced might tackle it. I won't even get into the third Tompkins married to one of the Rebeccas. I didn't open the profile.

To all who got this far: thank you!
WikiTree profile: John Tompkins
asked in Policy and Style by Isabelle Rassinot G2G6 Pilot (242k points)
retagged by Dorothy Barry
Glad to have you here at WikiTree, Isabelle. We benefit from brave people who are willing to try to tackle messes like this one. :-)

Skimming the histories of the profiles, I get the impression that the Thompkins/Tompkins profiles were supposedly sorted out some time ago, but then somebody mistakenly merged some content from the Salem man (Tompkins-105) into Thompkins-21 (or maybe it's content from Thompkins-21 that got added to Tompkins-105). I think that your plan to distinguish the two profiles makes sense. I suggest that you ask Vic Watt for help on this, as she worked on these people before and she is a Leader who could project-protect the profiles in hopes of reducing the chance of future mistakes.

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