Looking for James Crowley -County Cork January 1864 He settled in Jackson Michigan

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Partial answer:

Do you have his parent's names?

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I think I've got the marriage to Maggie Murphy:

Marriage 1893 lists parents as James Crowley, xxx Sullivan


1900 Census, in Jackson, MI

1920 Census, in Jackson but Widowed

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No James Crowley in Cork with James for a father (1864 +/-2)

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Searched James Crowley + Sullivan as parents.

2 James (1859) with James + Honora Sullivan in Co. Tipperary & Co. Waterford

Might not be born/baptized in Co. Cork.



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Hi Igor!!!  

Thank you so much!!  I am looking for James C Crowleys family in County Cork.. so I do not have the parents name....   How did you find James and Honora?  I actually traveled to County Cork to hopefully find my ancestors but James C Crowley who was married to Margaret Murphy had no information that I could find on my great great Grandfathers family that were listed on my greatgrandparents marriage certificate as in county cork but no city.was mentioned.


Thanks so much for your help Igor!!




Don't run with Honora quite yet.

How I got there:

(A) Found a James Crowley marriage in Jackson, MI, in 1893, using FamilySearch (that's the link).  This listed parent's names for both parties. Actually, father's name and mother's maiden.
 So one piece of data says parents are "James Crowley" and "Unknown Sullivan".

(B) James is listed in 1900 with a Jan 1864 birth. 1920 looks like same person, but James "C" Crowley   1900 also list married for 7 years to Maggie (hence 1893 marriage record probably OK.)

(B+) Your latest comment says your looking for James "C" , so we've got the right family.

(C) I subscribe to a site called "RootsIreland.ie". You need an account (free) to search but need to pay to really see the detailed record. You can still find a lot with the free search.
  For example: "No James Crowley in Cork with James for a father (between 1864 +/-2)"
  So, James may not have been Baptised (assuming R.C.) in Cork, or not born between 1862-1866.

(D) Another search was just for the parents; i.e. surname=Crowley, father=James, mother surname=Sullivan, (1864 +/-2):
  This yielded 2 females. (I checked the detailed record, I've got a subsciption.)
     Marion (morther=Nora) Co. Tipperary
     Mary (mother=Honora) Co. Waterford

(E) Finally, I looked for James Crowley, father=James, Mother=Sullivan, no date restriction
  I was surprised to get 2 results in 1859
     James (morther=Honora) Co. Tipperary
     James (mother=Honora) Co. Waterford

(F) there are numerous James Crowley during this period, 1864+/-2 but not with James & Sullivan for parents.

But .....

  It is all based on 1893 marriage record. Could really use:

(a) Another document with parent's name, particularly mother's given name. (James' death cert. for example)
(b) James arrived (per 1900 census) in 1883
     - did he come alone?
     - are there Naturalization papers?
(c) did any siblings come along/arrive later? (Like a Marion or a Mary)
     - I doubt he was an only child, farm families in 1800-1900 weren't small.

So ... tempting data but no solid proof, a couple of interesting leads though.




I am so grateful for you taking time with this... All the information you found was actually from my Ancestry information.  I even found out that James lived in Illinois for a while before he married my great grandmother, Maggie...

I should have been more clear in my question.  I am looking for James C's family in Ireland.  My grandfather mentioned that he was from county cork when my mom was a child .  He never talked about his family that my mom could remember. My mom never mentioned the Crowley family at all as I was growing up so... I feel like I hit a brick wall.

--It looks like James and Honora got married in 1864 which was the year my great great grandfather was born.  I guess weirder things have happened.. hahahaha

It looks like you really enjoy ancestry research... I find it so interesting.

Its funny, my mom did my father's whole family line and did it the old fashioned way by writing letters to relatives.  But she had nothing for the Crowley side..  I have been working on this for a few years.. but never really have had luck other than James C and Maggie Crowley ... it is probably my short attention span. hahahaha

I really just started my search for James C's parents and siblings... I am so grateful you are helping.. you look at things differently than I do ..

You are amazing.. .thanks Igor!!



Slightly more bad news (Honora not the name).

Well, I found the death record (06OOCT1925).


Mother's name is "Mary".


FindAGrave has 1862 - 1925 (might be an obit in local paper).



Didn't find a baptism with "James Crowley" and "Mary Sullivan"

Back to square one...


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