Suggestion to remove photo clutter on profile pages!

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What if we had a picture section similar to the badges but using portrait instead of landscape. Then allow us to sort the pictures the same way as badges. If we click on any picture we link to a page that has the pictures, link, caption, and coding to imbed into a biography.
in WikiTree Tech by Pat Credit G2G6 Pilot (145k points)
I don't do documents. All that I have are copyright so can't be used. I just reference those to their repositories. So I don't have an unreasonable number of images. Mostly they are my own.

I have been reading about images that you all have been talking about. On the profiles I create, I only have the main photo of the person on the right side. All other photos I embed into the bio section. See this one

Nancy Mae Clutter  It makes for less clutter on their profile page. However I was told this morning that someone couldn't see my images. I see them just fine in the bio's. Take a look and let me know what you think. Other people told me they see them as well. Let me know. Thanks,



I can only see the rows of butterflies - no other pictures.
Same here - butterflies only.  But judging by the captions, there are others which I cannot see.
I've just tested it out. I can get the butterflies but the other picture codes just produce the captions and no picture. Presumably the pictures are not on WT?
Can't see any photos in her bio.
Gwen, the pictures are all 'Privacy Protected', only those on your Trusted Lists can see them.  Try adjusting the privacy settings for them, so we can enjoy them too!
Can you explain that, Rob? I can't find any way of making my images PP.
Hmmm...  No I can't!  I 'jumped to an assumption', thought there must be a privacy setting, but could not find one.  The persons in the photos are from open profiles, and I could not find any reasons why they aren't showing.  Perhaps a veteran here can explain it?

The problem is being discussed:  here

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We do have a picture section on profiles. It's called the Images tab. Many of us have requested that this be the place -- not the right column of the profile page -- for photos related to the profile. Then we could incorporate them into the narrative or not.  But our voices have to date been insufficient to get the change made.
by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (781k points)
I like having pictures in the right column of the profile page except when it's just a repeat of the primary photo and photos that are part of the biography. I thought that having thumbnails in a grid pattern would satisfy those who wanted the pictures while adding enough variety not to compete with pictures that are embedded in the biography.

I can't stand the images on the right column.  They just don't fit or look right on a well-flowing profile.  I have to maintain my images on a free space page.

What a fantastic idea to put images inside the image tab!

Totally agree, Jillaine.
We have had changes in mind for images for a long time, but nothing has come together yet. We actually drafted software that converted the images to a slideshow a couple years ago but had trouble making it work on all systems.

I'm thinking that we might connect a change to images with an option that converts the text section, what is now the left column, to a single column format, i.e. full page width. In other words, some profiles would have the two columns as they all do now. But if the editors of a profile put images in the text or otherwise have an especially rich text section, the individual profile could display in a single column.

When I've floated this in various circles there was a lot of resistance and a dozen other ideas were suggested instead. That confused and delayed things.

I should probably propose this optional single column format idea more formally here in G2G.
Chris, the single column format sounds interesting, but how would that format affect the placement of the DNA Connections, Pictures, Collaboration and Comments?

Would that single column format occur on ALL profiles with pictures added?
That sounds interesting. Chris. But I'd like to see an example before I decided. Is that possibly?
Hi Pat and Martin. This isn't fully fleshed out. I think there may be some basic style and collaboration questions to consider first. A display option like this is something we've never done. I am not sure if it would cause controversies. For example, Pat, I'm confident that if a profile had a single column format the DNA and comments sections would be less visible. My initial thought would be that they would all be below the text, not to the right of it. One person might prefer this while another might not, and this could lead to trouble.

Seriously, that's what I thought ... don't think I would like that single column format.

Many like to see the pictures! That's why I thought thumbnails would be less distracting and the picture page is just one click away.

I don't like the photo tab only accessing 5 pictures at a time. So if you don't like my original thumbnail suggestion, you can use it on the photo page.
We also played with ideas for thumbnail galleries but had trouble getting something that would work well technically. These issues, combined with confusion over the goals, has been a recipe for inaction. (I'm saying all this partly to be clear to Jillaine that it's not that her requests or those of others have been ignored.)

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