Anyone researched the Mortons of Lowndes Co., MS? Looking for father of G.T. Morton b.1872 d.1929

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My 2nd GG- George T. Morton, Lowndes County MS, b. 1872 d. 1929

Buried in Egger Cemetery, MS, Headstone says G T "MOTON" (which is misspelling)

Married to Fleatie Polk, (J F Polk), @ 1892., b. 1874 d. 1929 (also Egger)

children include Wesley "Cuvie" b. 1897 , Cullie b. 1895, etc.......

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I found a George T. Morton in a 1920 Census Lowndes, Ms.

George T. Morton - 48 Years Old B. 1872 Lowndes, Mississippi.

Fleetie Morton - age 42 born 1878- Mississippi

DeWitt Morton - age 17 Mississippi

Ecklee - age 15 Mississippi

Clinton M. - age 13 Mississippi

Grace - dau. - age 10

Lida May Morton - age 3 Mississippi

I think that this is his father's family.

1880 Benton Mississippi Beat 4 Census

David Morton age 39 Mississippi born about 1840-41.

Rhoda Jane Morton - age 38 Mississippi born about 1842.

Johnson P Morton - age 18 Miss. born 1862

Mollie E. Morton - age 15 Mississippi born abt. 1865

Joseph Morton - age 13 Mississippi born 1867

George Morton - age 11 Mississippi born 1869

Prudy Morton - age 8 Miss born 1872

Frank Morton - age 6 Miss born abt. 1874

Lula Morton 2 Mississippi born abt. 1878

Ammon Morton - age 0 born 1880

Mary Morton - age 64 (mother of David) b/p Alabama born abt. 1815 -1816

I have more information but I am trying to connect it to George Morton born abt. 1868-1873 depending on the census records and if the names are not misspelled.  I did have some idea that to go looking in North Carolina for his father, cause I put Mary Morton in Alabama and if I am right which at this point I don't know for sure, but it might lead you to a Jacob David Morton born 1840 -1841. I will take up this lead later and hopefully I can find you more records.  Nancy
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I am so sorry that I wrote that about the Morton's when I was very sleepy and had chest pain, so please forgive me that I forgot to put the source of where I got this information and I got it all on

Thank You for letting me work on this, I did have some problems with the names because of the misspelling. Those census takers do need to go to school. But I understand how hard it was and that the schools were few and far between.  I am fixing to start my research on the family so I will let you know what I find.  Thank You, Nancy
Thanks so much for your response.  I actually sent you an email reply, but just figured out that it didn't go through.  I spent quite a considerable amnt of time on this, but the George Morton of this family was born in 1869, and has a different middle initial. He also died before Wesley Cuvie Morton& other siblings were born.  On every census I have viewed of G T Morton, he was born & lived in Lowndes, MS.  One draft registration paper says he and his father born in Monroe County.  His children include G.T. , Ecklee, Wilda Grace, J.C., and a few others.  They are buried in Egger Cemetery, Caledonia, MS.  He was married to J F Polk, "Fleatie"  I have to find GT's parents. Mystery of a lifetime!
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you have done the research on this, then you should know that every 10 years of the census it seems that they are mistakes made. And I have ancestors that only age 3 years in 10 but you also should know that not to take every census at face value. So since I don't know this family and only going what you gave, then I found that just maybe it may lead to North Carolina and I am only doing the research that I think may help you in the long run of things. I hope you understand but you are saying that you are looking for a George T. Morton born in 1869 in Monroe County, Miss. and that he has lived in Lowndes,MS But his headstone says he was born in 1872 and died 1929, Right?  But now you are saying that is not him and that he actually was born in 1869. But don't you realize that things can change every ten years and what actually is the truth and what is a lie is a very thin line. I do not know much about my ancestors but I know what the papers says, and what every site that I have been on says and since I wasn't there, I only have what I have gather about him to be the truth. On my gggggrandfather, it says he was born about 1745 - 1750 but I don't know for sure when he was born, just like you, you say he was born 1869 but what if he was born say 1868 - 1872, there is no birth certificate, and you have what you believe is the truth. I had a case that I was working on and the lady told me that he was born about 1845-46 so I went with it, and searched for this person, but when I actually found this person, the person was born 1849 and the lady did not know if this was the right one, but I explain to her that the people around him at birth are not the same ones at death. Do you understand what I am saying. I have a birth certificate that says I was born on the exact day and time and weight and everything but persons born in 1800's do not. Most of the time it is the spouse or a child given the information about their father or grandfather and they only know from what they tell them when they were born and who they know their parents are, so you have to have an open mind when it comes to census, keep track every 10 years of what is being put down on paper. I had another case that I was working on and we found this ancestor of this lady's and on her death certificate it says she was born in 1895. But I told her that is not right, because she married in 1897 and her daughter was born in 1898. So please keep an open mind and maybe it did say that George was born in 1872 or 1869 you just have to follow with what you feel is the truth. The truth is that a George T or George Thomas Morton was born between 1868 -1972 in Mississippi, not necessarily in Monroe County then again maybe he was born in Monroe County but it could be Monroe County, La. I am not trying to tell you what you should believe, only trying to keep an open mind about this George and then do the research. I will let you do the research and I will bow out. I was only trying to help in your research since you asked for someone to help you. I cannot spend anymore time on this but I do appreciate the time I did. Thanks, Nancy
You must have misunderstood my reply.  I have researched a thousand different leads, including yours, even after I was leaning toward it not being my George. I have a strong feeling, that all these leads are distant relations & at some point, I pray that I find the missing link.  I wasn't basing my assumption on dates as much as knowing that my GG-GRANDFATHER, Wesley "Cuvie" Morton, was remembered by my dad.  I also found one of Cuvie's Sibling's Grandson, ( J.C. Morton).  Cuvie was married to J.F. Polk (Fleatie).  They had more children, stretching a span of more than 20 years.  Many records (educatable children records), cemetery records, a draft registration, 6 (or so) different censuses, obituaries, etc.  I definitely know what you mean about misspellings and mistakes, but I am REALLY new at this.  I cannot express how appreciative I am for your lead.  I have learned a lot, and after all, they are all Mortons, from the same general area.  I just feel strongly that I am missing something with the whole G.T. Morton.  It's as though, past those tombstones, and the info I am referring to, I see NOTHING about GT's parents.  I am certainly not negating any of your research or doubting your abilities. Again, thanks so much for taking the time to help me. I will take any help I can get!  I will share if I stumble upon anything interesting.

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