George Thomas Egerton 1850-1926 (Edgerton) - Lancashire England? Looking for the burial site of my GGG Grandfather

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George Thomas Egerton 1850-1926 (Son of Sarah J Edgerton 1816-1884) Father to my GG Thomas Edgerton 1883-1996 (GG left Liverpool 1926 with wife Mary Jenkins & children (Thomas,Irene,Violet).  I can't locate my GGG grave site.  I did find some Egerton's in Fleetwood Cemetery, Beach Road, Lancashire England.  

George Thomas Egerton
Birth abt 1850 in Stone, Staffordshire, England
Death 22 Jun 1926 in Staffordshire, England
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Contact Staffordshire Vital records,see if they have death info.Then you could order death certificate.
by Wayne Morgan G2G6 Pilot (914k points)
Thank you!

To get a  copy of a death cert in England and Wales,

They won't tell you the burial place , this is what they have on them

  • Name, date and place of death.
  • Date and place of birth (before 1969 a certificate only showed age of deceased).
  • Occupation and usual address.
  • Cause of death.
  • The person who gave information for the death registration


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England Births & Christenings,

George Egerton Christened Nov 4 1849,Stone Stafford, England

Father James Egerton,Mother Sarah.
by Wayne Morgan G2G6 Pilot (914k points)
Hi Wayne,

I truly appreciate your assistance.  I have a tree on the ancestry site but was never able to locate my GGG and his wife's burial site, or know if I had his father and mother noted correctly.  You have his father listed as James and Sarah.  I have found the following:

1850 Birth
abt Stone, Staffordshire, England
1851 Residence
Age: 1 Clive, Cheshire, England
Age: 3; Relation to Head of House: Son
1861 Residence
Age: 11 Whixall, Shropshire, England
Age: 8; Relation to Head of House: Son
1871 Residence
Age: 21 Colemore, Shropshire, England
Age: 20; Relation to Head of House: Servant
1874 Marriage to Elizabeth Nicholls
Age: 24
Stone, Staffordshire
1881 Residence
Age: 31 Edgmond, Shropshire, England
Age: 30; Relation to Head of House: Boarder, Age: 31; Relation to Head of
House: Head; Marital Status: Married
1884 Marriage to Elizabeth Nicholls
Age: 34 Manchester, Lancashire, England
1891 Residence
Age: 41 Stone, Staffordshire, England
Age: 40; Relation to Head of House: Head, Relation to Head of House: Head
1901 Residence
Age: 51 Eccleshall, Staffordshire, England
Age: 50; Relation to Head of House: Head
1911 Residence
2 Apr
Age: 61
Pendlebury, Lancashire, England
Age: 60; Marital Status: Widowed; Relation to Head of House: Head, Age: 48;
Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Head
1916 Residence
Age: 66 337 Bridge Terrace Crewe Rd, Sandbach
Relation to Head of House: Father

 I think that you need to retrace your steps carefully, starting from what you know  because I don't think the census records for the same person. ( and 1916 census? middle of WW1 )

I traced George Egerton born c. 1850 through the censuses

1851 At age 1, a George Egerton born in Stone is a visitor in the home of George Molton, a farmer of the village of  Barleston, Staffordshire. Sarah Egerton, aged 23, a butchers wife is also there,  (we don't know  at this point if Sarah is his mother or aunt etc), Christening above suggests could be mother)

 HO107;  Reg dist. Stone, Staffs, En dist 1,Piece: 2000; Folio: 548; Page: 13

1861 There is a George Egerton aged 11 in Stone. He is with his father James  aged 35 and a cattle dealer, his father's wife Anne   Anne is aged 36  there are also brothers Joseph(5) and William (4), Thomas (4m) and  sister Mary (2)  1861,RG 9; Stone Staffs   En dist 6 Piece: 1910; Folio: 86; Page: 19

Sounded like possible 2nd marriage so checked.

1849, 10th April James Egerton marries Sarah Mellor  in  Stone,

1851 3rd quarter,  A Sarah Egerton dies  in Stone

1855 James Egerton marries Ann Wood in Stone

1871 George is still in the family home, he's now 21 and working as a butcher

1874 George Egerton, son of James aged 26 marries Elizabeth Nicholls on 18th November 1874 in Stone.(Christ Church Stafford)

1881 Still in Stone,  aged 31,  married with wife Elizabeth. He is still a butcher and farms 43 acres. Children, James 5, Frederick 4, Herbert 1,  George H 2 months

1891 Still in Stone, aged 41, Butcher, wife Elizabeth , children James 15, Frederick, 14, Herbert, 11, George H 10, Leonard 7, Frances 6, Frank 4, Ernest 2, Isabella 2. There is no Thomas

1901, Still in Stone, addition of Sarah aged 9 , James V has married and moved to Birkenhead, he is also a butcher as is brother  Frederick who  is with him.

1911, the family is no longer together, some are borders, elder sons are married.  

A bit more checking finds

George and Elizabeth have probably  died , both dying in the last quarter of 1905 (Dec)

  EGERTON  George  57  Stone  6b 21 )

 EGERTON  Elizabeth Nicholls  49  Stone  6b 21

But as there is no Thomas, it  doesn't seem to be your family!

Starting again,

A Thomas Egerton  married a Mary E Jenkins in June 1919 . . Check it out and take down the reference number  by searching here.

You can get the marriage  cert from here .  If it is the correct one (ie are you sure that Mary Jenkins was the wife's name?)This would  give you the names of their parents. 

The marriage was registered in Newport Sh which includes parts of Shropshire and Staffordshire.

 I suggest you do also do a  general search for Thomas Edgerton/Egerton in the 1891 census. And then follow all the likely candidates, keep check of where they say they were born. People don't always give the exact same place each time especially if born in a rural area ( they may give the hamlet name one time and a nearer bigger place another) but they don't tend to change counties of birth (though enumerators made mistakes). Don't just look at the one name from the family , check the parents, the siblings and the occupations to make sure that they match each time.

Finally, I can find no death of a likely George Egerton or Edgerton in 1926. (the only one was aged 0)   I searched  on freebmd, using Egerton phonetic search on surname, 1920-30.

 Also  English death certs won't tell you the place of burial By this time people,  especially if it was a more urban area, the burial is not so  likely to take place in the churchyard (they ran out of room and municipal cemeteries were built)




Hi Helen,

Thank you for all your hard work.  I have found it a difficult task.  

I believe the following to be accurate:

His family left Liverpool in 1926 upon the Montcalm (Thomas & Mary (nee:Jenkins) Egerton; both buried in Canada) with children Irene (Wicks), Thomas, and Violet, and my father James born Canada 1927-2005. I have been trying to locate my GGG Grandfather that was still living in April 1926 when they left.

1926 Death
22 Jun
Age: 76
Staffordshire, England

Hoping anyone can locate my GGG grandfather 

Richard Egerton (1740 )
is your 4th great grandfather
Joseph Egerton (1763 1845)
son of Richard Egerton
Thomas Egerton (1811 1888)
son of Joseph Egerton
George Thomas Egerton (1850 1926)
son of Thomas Egerton
Thomas Edgerton (1883 1966)
son of George Thomas Egerton
James W Egerton (1927 2005)
son of Thomas Edgerton
Connie Edgerton
You are the daughter of James W Egerton


Found a family that might fit.  Summary:

Thomas Edgington married Eliza Shenton 1871 at High Offley, Staffs.

Emma Edgerton born 1877

Thomas Edgington jr born 1882

Albert Egerton born 1893.

Other kids, all born in the same area, between Stafford and Telford.  Spellings vary - Edgington, Edgerton, Egerton.

"Emily" Egerton marries Thomas Gilman 1898, double wedding with older sister Sarah Jane, at High Offley.

1901 census, living at Wootton (small hamlet near Eccleshall, Staffs), spelt Egerton.  Thomas has flown the nest.  Emma (born at Edgmond - near Newport, but Shrops not Staffs) Gilman is still at home, with husband and baby, mistranscribed Gelman on Ancestry.

1911 census, same place, only Thomas sr and Albert left.

Thomas's birthplace is Newport, Shrops.

1919, Thomas Egerton marries Mary Ellen Jenkins at Forton, Staffs.  Forton is a small village about 2 miles from Newport.

Thomas Egerton age 76, death registered 1st qtr 1927.

Useful site, but incomplete

I'd start a tree, but I wouldn't know how to spell it
Found them in 1891 spelt Edgerton.  Living at High Offley, where Eliza was born.  James and John Shenton, same page, probably her brothers.  Thomas Edgerton age 9 born "Edgemond" Shropshire.

It sounds like information I received in the past from a retired history teacher that was on the site.  Is there any way to find my GGG burial site from this 1927 entry as you stated below?

Thomas Egerton age 76, death registered 1st qtr 1927.



Not really.  The registration is in Stafford subdistrict.  There's a burial index

but I'm not seeing an obvious match.


Thank you very much!  I really appreciate all that you have searched for me!  

I hope to visit his site one day :)

Warm Regards,

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Spelling of last name. Do your tree,the several spellings you see are a

function of census taker.Who hears the name,and since few knew how to

spell.He wrote it down like he thought it was spelled.If there is room you

could enter several spellings.Or note it elsewhere.I have my family tree

on Ancestry,i know it is there.Look at my Morgan Family Tree,there are

many comments on it.
by Wayne Morgan G2G6 Pilot (914k points)
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An  Eggerton, Buried at Hanley Cemetary Grave # 4759.

same time frame 1st Quarter 1927.May be him and his wife.
by Wayne Morgan G2G6 Pilot (914k points)
EGERTON Stone December 1926 1892 237 767 A

 I found the above.   Not sure if it is him.  He passed in June 1926 I believe.  Is there a picture / name of the stone you found?  



But I think it's two children

and her baby ?brother Harold on the next page.



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