When using a census as a source...

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Is it necessary to include it on profiles of all the children?  Or is including it on the parents profiles well enough (assuming the census is not the only source for the connection)?

Thank you!
asked in Policy and Style by Mary Cole G2G6 Mach 9 (97.9k points)

Mary, I find that there is a plethora of other information in US F Censuses, as shown in this Example: http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Goode-1169

Yippie! I also agree with Mikey! JPV IV :)

Hi John ~

Okay.  I have no qualms with it.  Just wasn't sure if it would be unnecessary clutter.

I put the transcription (in a narrative) for each person on their own profile.  But I generally only work with 19th and 20th century American profiles so it's very easy with Family Search.

Vincent ~  I will keep that in mind.  

When I first started here, a little more than a month ago.  I thought I'd rather not rely too heavily on using censuses (is that even a word?) for sources.  Reason being the likely possibility of error on the part of the enumerator or whomever answers the door (I think we had this conversation back then).

Since then I have reconsidered.  I often find leads there I can follow up on even if I don't cite the census.  For instance, another family household on the same page. 

Thanx for your input!  

John ~

By the way.  That is a nice looking profile!
...the censuses produce at least a good idea as to what was going on with the families at that certain time...  :)


Thank You Kindly for the compliment on my paternal Grand-Mother-Vickery.  She was a strict disciplinarian; but we always knew how much she loved us all, as she would tell us the most wonderful true stories.

You might notice in the Notes: that there was much confusion while Sourcing Profiles between the three Ethels

Even in her death, It was a good lesson for me about being exact & thorough. JPV IV :)

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Including the text transcription of the census record once on the father/head of household is enough.  But citing the particular census as a source should be done on every profile and ideally each fact on those profiles.  But done right it is not as repetitive as it may sound.
answered by Mikey Anonymous G2G6 Mach 4 (45k points)
Thank you for that, Mikey!
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If I can print off "original" copies of the US and/or Canadian and/or English/Wales census reports at an LDS family history center, I try to enter all the information from all the individuals in the household.  I also make notes on nearby households (often times, they are relatives)  The original copies are most often better than the transcriptions as one's own transcriptions might turn out better than the professional transcribers because you know the families you're researching.

I do try to get every member of the family in the census report if I have the time to do so.  In my rootsweb.com files, I've also included non-family members as well.  Some times, the non-family members wind up marrying into the family at a later date.  One never knows. I also try to correct bad handwriting and bad spelling.  The census takers put their own spin on the names sometimes.  Obviously, census records don't show a woman's last name at birth, for it's only been recently that women did not take their husband's name after marriage.
answered by David Hughey G2G6 Pilot (333k points)
David ~  Okay, I will consider all of that.  I too have a branch and a half that is largely Canadian (when I am finished perhaps we will be connected).  I am finding there is an abundance of Canadian censuses, where as the other types of records are harder to come by.

I too read the entire census sheet and often find other family households on the same page.  I shall aim for adopting your process.

Thanx for the input!

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