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The Wales Project and the Collaborative Profile of the Week Present

Charles Stewart Rolls


The Wales Project is delighted to present Charles Stewart Rolls to be our Collaborative Profile of the Week.   Charles Rolls and Henry Royce were the founders of the Rolls-Royce Motor Manufacturing Company.

1. Charles was born in London so why is he representing the Wales Project?
2. Did he have a privileged upbringing?
3. How did the partnership with Henry Royce come about?
4. What was the cost of the first Rolls-Royce motor car unveiled in 1904 at the Paris Motor Show?
5. What were his interests apart from cars?
6. What was unique and tragic about his death?

What would you like to contribute to this week's profile? Please post an answer here first. This prevents duplication of effort and it keeps the question on the front page of G2G.

The Wales Project

Wales (Cymru) - Mountains, hills and valleys define it's landscape, with six designated areas of outstanding natural beauty.   Land of song, rugby union, gold, coal, daffodils and the red dragon.    It's history stretches back thousands of years.  Wales today retains two main languages Welsh and English, with 20.5% of a population of 2.9 million claiming fluency in Welsh.   Remarkably 35% of its population have a family name of Welsh origin.   If you have an interest in Wales and it's people then we will be delighted to welcome you to the Wales Project - part of the United Kingdom Project.  Just contact Maria Maxwell.

"We'll keep a welcome in the hillside
We'll keep a welcome in the Vales"


Thank you

WikiTree profile: Charles Rolls
in Requests for Project Volunteers by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Thanks Anne !!

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Wikipedia conveniently gives us a family tree at his father's page !!,_1st_Baron_Llangattock

I'm adding his siblings and bits and pieces to begin with !!
by Maria Maxwell G2G6 Pilot (167k points)
selected by Anne B
His mum was a Yorkshire lass and a pretty amazing lady !!   Thanks Ron for your input.
Wow - This family justs gets better and better.  See  for a history of his GGGM Sarah Coysh's  family and wealth and again conveniently another family tree !!   We could be busy all week on this one.   So much for bits and pieces !!
Thanks Maria for picking up the ball and running with it. My internet seems to be working now.
This is Charles Stewart Rolls grandfather:,_9th_Baronet
Excellent  - thanks Ron - much appreciated.
Thank you from me also Ron.
Charles Fitzroy Maclean already exists as:

Daughter is duplicated with and

Questions: what is the correct surname spelling and how do we propose a merge of which daughter into one? The christian name Georgiana we know to be correct from birth/christening record. This variation in the spelling of Scottish surnames is "alien" to me!
The Peerage and Wikipedia both spell her name with a "small l"   rather than "capital L"    I'll propose the merge for you and Eugene to consider !!
I have approved the merge for the same reason, with birth details. Puzzled though, Maria, Wikipedia in particular spell the clan name through the barons with a "small l", whereas Wikitree is with the "capital" L. Which is correct, or are they both acceptable?
Good question -   spells the clan name both ways.
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Just to say thank you for all the contributions so far to Charles' profile and his immediate/extended family.    It's all looking good and so very interesting.    Remember to post here what you are working on or ideas for others to work on.

We can still add a lot more especially to the family profiles.
by Maria Maxwell G2G6 Pilot (167k points)
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I added a short paragraph about his unmarried state.
by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
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I think it's great we are delving into the Scottish Clans Project as well now for his mother Georgiana's line !!
by Maria Maxwell G2G6 Pilot (167k points)
OMG - just did the relationship finder for Georgiana and myself and discovered we are 9th cousins three times removed !!

And for Charles Rolls it says we are 10th cousins twice removed.

Wonder if I'll qualify for family discount on a second hand Rolls !!!
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To answer question four !!

10 hp (7.5 kW), two-cylinder model selling at £395 (£40,000 in 2014)

by Maria Maxwell G2G6 Pilot (167k points)
Thank you Maria.

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