What does a red flag on a question mean?

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What does it mean when we see a red flag beside a question?... Marie
in Genealogy Help by Marie Chantigny G2G6 Mach 2 (26.4k points)
edited by Chris Whitten
SOMEONE FEELS THE INFORMATION GIVEN OR REQUESTED IS NOT APPROPRIATE.  THERE HAVE BEEN REQUESTS FOR WIKITREE TO "find" certain living persons and that could be from a stalker. There was also an incident Friday I think involving an Amy who joined wikitree and the "question" was from a WENDY using nasty language and making threats.  There have also been incidents recently where the "question" was from someone trying to used cars.etc
Hi: Thanks for the information. Thought it was a weird question..glad I asked...Marie

That is interesting.  I've had a question "red flagged" and I can't understand why.  If it has been checked out, why is the red flag not taken down?  It has been up a while. I don't think it should be flagged and I would be wary of answering a question here with a red flag.  I hope people do not feel that way about my question if they find it.

It is here:


I did read Catherines reply.  My question is about leaving the red flag on the question.  If I ran across a question I might know the answer to, I would pass it up because it was flagged.  My G2G question is still flagged. Will the flag be removed?  Can people just flag a message so easily and that not be remedied?  If it is not possible to "unflag" the message, would it not be better to remove the question?  

Thank you.

I cleared the flag. Someone may have flagged it accidentally, or because they thought it was about a living person.
I think it was probably an accident too.  She certainly isn't living. Thank you for removing the flag and for replying.

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Catherine answered this in her comment. I'm just repeating it here so the question doesn't appear unanswered.

Flagging tells a WikiTree Sysop (usually me) that a question may need to be deleted.
by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Thanks Chris...Marie
HI: Send a message to Wikitree tec. They will help you with red flag

issue. In ask a question... select Wiki tec. Hope this helps ..Marie

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