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One of the first subcategories I think we can/should do for the New Netherland Settlers project is "immigrant ancestor" (although that term grates my nerves for some reason).  Havens-6, Van Meteren-8, and Eltinge-1 have already been identified.

My thinking is that the subcategory would be for just the head of the family who immigrated. Then each of those could have an associated freespace page that would list the agreed-upon spelling/styling of the descendants' version of the name with a link to the identified lowest-numbered ID for that person's profile. It would also be a good place to provide a brief explanation of the name & links to fuller explanations, such as what Fine Lineage has.

(related loosely to discussion at )

Cheers, Liz (ps, I'll be offline most the rest of today - after I award the badges Chris just finished :)

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FYI - I found the discussion at of interest so I thought I'd share.
Yes I agree wholeheartedly that a sub-catagory for Immigrant Ancestor be made. I vote YES!!

Kari - see

Martyn suggested "Migrations" and I like that a lot!  (I mentioned your name in a comment... maybe it would be a project you'd be interested in heading?)  For now, I'll get started on the subcategory for New Netherland settlers.

Cheers, Liz

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Just getting my feet wet with categories:

For folks who embarked from Amsterdam and settled in New Netherland, add

[[Category:New Netherland Immigrants from Amsterdam]]

before the project template.


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Liz, could you add some opening text to

so we know what the criteria is for adding this category to individual ancestor profile pages? I want to know, for example, if my husband's Huguenot ancestors qualify.


that's on the project to-do list for this weekend... we haven't set criteria yet (well, we all have individually, but ...)

narrowest that I think's been proposed so far is:

1) Individuals that emigrated from the United Provinces of the Netherlands including Dutch colonies (regardless if their ethnicity is Dutch, German, Flemish, Huguenot, Portuguese, etc.) , and the lineal descendants of these individuals;

2) Who settled or were born in the political boundaries of New Netherlands;

3) Before October 1674, when the Treaty of Westminster stipulated all Anglo-Dutch hostilities were to end.


but... that would go on the Project page, yes?  I don't see other projects with their criteria on the Category page.  I have currently on the Project page:


Project Template

WikiTree profiles of the early settlers of New Netherland should include the template for this project (see Template:New Netherland Settler). To use it on a profile, just put the following text on the profile, above the biography:

{{New Netherland Settler}}

The template includes a project profile badge - an image of the Old Dutch flag - and will also add [[:Category:New_Netherland_Settlers]] to the profile, so you don't need to add the Category line if you're including the template.

It's important to add either the Category line or the template to project profiles that should have it so that they'll be included in the category page.

If you're not sure that a profile fits in this category, post a question to G2G from the profile page (click the "Ask Question..." button on the right-hand side of the profile, under the "Comments" section). Be sure to tag your question - new_netherland - so that it goes to project participants' G2G feed.


Does that need to be copied on the category page too?

Also, you might want to post to g2g as suggested, maybe your question will influence how the group defines the criteria!

Cheers, Liz

Yes, I did later find it on the Project page. Then you may just want to nclude a link on the category page that says. See the project page for criteria of which profiles would be flaged with this category. Something like that.

i did something like that shortly after your previous post - on both the New Netherland Settlers category page and (maybe soon to go away) Category:New_Netherland_Immigrants_from_Amsterdam ... I added "The New Netherland Settlers project went live June 10, 2013 and the criteria is still being defined." before the existing sentence "See the project page for more information." for the former.  For the latter, I added the sentence "The New Netherland Settlers Project went live June 10, 2013 and the criteria is still being defined, but the cut-off date will probably be 1674." after the existing first sentence: "Included in this category are New Netherland settlers who embarked from Amsterdam."

Thanks for suggesting it!

Cheers, Liz

so Jillaine - do your husband's Hugenot ancestors fit the narrow criteria I sited? Where do they miss if they don't?
Nope; they arrived in 1686.
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two points - first, the criteria's final. see

second- in the related g2g question, Lianne pointed out that an Immigration category existed. So now there is a New Netherland Immigration category, which should include any New Netherland Settler not born in New Netherland.

So far there's only one subcategory under it, for immigrants who took ship from Amsterdam -

Cheers, Liz
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 one of my fifth great grandfathers - should this profile be Protected?  It is a great profile not mine, but I did leave a comment inviting the PM to add the NNS template
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A lot of New Netherlands settlers were Huguenots. For those you come across who were, please consider adding to their profiles:

[[Category:Huguenot_Migration]] if they were migrating Huguenots. See the Huguenot Migration Project for more details.

The {{Huguenot}} template. 


by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (782k points)

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