edits on activity feed but not on profile

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I added bios and several sources for a number of people today. Before going to another group, I realized much of what I'd done was gone. But it was there, for hours. I was adding sources as I found them, so I was visiting the profiles, adding the source, editing the bio and saving.

The edits are in my activity feed but not all of them are in the profiles or profile changes. Some profiles have reverted to no edits at all. One of the G2G answers suggested logging off and back on. No luck.


WikiTree profile: John Luster
in WikiTree Tech by D Osborne G2G3 (3.6k points)
retagged by Julie Ricketts
I go to changes, and only see the last one made. I click the activity feed and it only holds two changes.

But the last change I made knocks out the previous one. So while I was adding sources and saving those, each one was deleting the previous.

Now I see the origin of the profiles, what I used to locate them all as a group, and my way to find the additional ones I haven't looked at yet, the Gedcom, is gone from all of them.
D --

Could you post the browser (including version) and operating system you're using?

Chrome: ver  53.0.2785.116 m 

Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0

Win10 Home ver 1607 the new update came out but the problem started before and continued afterwards in both browsers

Thanks for updating the other profile, the citation is there but not formatted properly, I have it, and can do that, but won't until I know I won't be adding another profile to this problem.

Thanks so much Julie


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I see what appear to be your edits (I haven't checked all of them)... perhaps your browser is caching the previous version of the pages. You may want to try to either 1) force reload the page in your browser, 2) clear your cache, 3) use a different browser

hope that helps

edit to add: do you see your edits on the changes tab?
by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (532k points)
Thanks, that has helped some of them. Others are still missing but I'm blurry eyed. I'll look at it again tomorrow.
I did all that, restarted the machine and found some edits show up, not all. But the problem started again. I'm in a different browser now.

I'm losing edits as fast as I add them. This hasn't happened before yesterday. At this rate, l will have to clear cache, reboot and recheck every profile several times a day to find what didn't take and edit again?

That can't be the answer.
that's weird... usually, after saving your changes, the moving back to the profile page (not staying on the edit page), then forcing a page refresh (usually F5) will show your recent edits, though typically even the refresh is unnecessary. There's usually a message that appears after saving about that, but the message can be misleading, because force refreshing while still on the edit page will save the page again (and it doesn't appear that you're doing that).

a typical reason for edits not displaying, are missing or incomplete <ref> tags, but I didn't see any of those problems with your edits.

but primarily, you should also be able to verify your edits by looking at the changes tab and seeing your recent edits listed there. Once listed, you can view the differences between versions to verify your edits. If they are not getting listed here, then somehow your changes aren't getting saved when you click the save changes button. But if that were the case, you should get a warning message about losing changes when moving away from the edit page.

otherwise, I'm at a bit of a loss to find a reasonable explanation for what you are experiencing.
Thanks Dennis, I know, I don't understand it either. By last night I had re-checked and entered edits in the profiles from the day before. When I got back to Luster-26 and Choate-173, I'd lost edits for them. This morning, Luster-48 -49 -50 -51 -52 and -53 have reverted to no edits. I haven't looked at all Luster profiles.

I use preview, get annoyed with myself to have to edit the same info because of an incomplete tag. When this starts, I can't see the edits from the "Changes" tab, but can see them from my "Activity List" immediately for hours at least, but not necessarily the next day.

I need to figure out what is going on before I can continue. I don't know who to ask?

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