How do the merges for NNS Project get completed?

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A well meaning member set the proposed merge for this profile as "matched" over a month ago based on the "warning" message on the profile of "DO NOT MERGE"

The question running around the Arborist Project is, that this is an obvious duplicate, should the merge have been completed and by who?

Just trying to understand the process.
WikiTree profile: Ezequel Cole
in The Tree House by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (645k points)
I just realized that this subject has come up in the past...

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Hi Robin,

Just to reiterate what Carrie mentioned, NNS has some really difficult LNAB issues, so they have a process for making merges happen. Sometimes that process is really slow as primary sources are hard to track down to try to call what the LNAB should be. What I usually do if I cannot see clearly how I can help, is to either send a message to the PM to ask for help or look at the changes and see who placed the merge template so I can ask them where things stand on moving it along. Often, it will still be awhile as research doesn't always happen quickly. It definitely is not the responsibility of the person who proposed the merge to do the research, though the definitely can if they wish to help. The profile managers, trusted list members, and the Project members are generally expected to look at the profile and decide if a merge should happen and what changes need made to make that happen.

Best bet, go to the NNS Project Leaders and just ask for help. Carrie and crew a fantastic to work with :-)
by Abby Glann G2G6 Pilot (411k points)
selected by Robin Lee
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Ezekiel is descended from one of the Kool/Cool/Cole families of New Netherland (which are the subject of a One-Name Study, in addition to the New Netherland project; sometimes the One-Name Study might hold  up a merge).

This profile appears to be waiting for confirmation that the LNAB is the right one to use. The family name wasn't spelled consistently, and many modern genealogies have imposed the author's preferred spelling on all identified ancestors, so there's a desire to (1) look for additional undetected duplicates (I don't find any more profiles for him) and (2) verify the LNAB against appropriate records before completing a merge. Verification of the LNAB looks like the hold-up here. Profile lists 17 sources, but there are no footnotes (nor any weblinks to make it easier to find the sources) and it's unclear which of the sources (if any) is a baptismal record or similar document that would confirm the LNAB. If the merge proposers could investigate the sources and report what they find, this merge would no longer be backlogged.
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Would agree if the the LNABs were different, but in this case the last names are the same.
The reason that New Netherland Settlers Project profiles take so long to merge is that it is sometimes difficult to determine what the LNAB should be and in order of priority, determining the LNAB should be done before any merges are completed.

Usually the problem is that a primary source that confirms what a LNAB should be hasn't been located. I see where "Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Church and Town Records, 1708-1985" has been cited but I have no clue what they say or how to access these records.

There are at least 4 versions of the name recorded for this family: Kool, Kole, Cool, Cole; and two different Kool, Kole, Cool, Cole families.

Edit: Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Church and Town Records, 1708-1985 says that other versions include Coles, Coales, Cowle, Cohl, and Kohl, and that there are three branches.

To Robin: Indeed. And given the lateness (i.e., 1756) birthdate, the chance of variations in name spelling is fairly low.

However, I believe I've seen some instances recently of 18th-century profiles bearing the name of Cole when the actual records suggest that the person went through life as Kool or Cool. The NNS project has been treating the merge process as an opportunity to check records, add sources, and apply the "correct" LNAB once and for all, even if the duplicate profiles have the same LNAB.

In future situations like this, I recommend contacting the Leader(s) whose name(s) appear in the profile history (in this case, Carrie and Michelle) to ask them to take a look at the situation. The NNS templates were placed on the Cole-180 profile long before the merge was proposed, neither profile has the WikiTree-8 project profile as a profile manager (which would serve to alert the project to the merge proposal) and (until today) no active members of the project touched either profile since then. Don't assume that the NNS Project has know-all see-all powers.

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