Any information on Florence Daley Gallagher Morgan whose daughter was Margaret Gallagher?

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Do you know Florence's birth year and or her husband's full name?

Do you know what year Margaret was born and the location? What country, county and or city?

There was a Margaret Gallagher in MA, but her mother's first name was Julia.
this   is what   i  know    she was born florence daily was married to a gallagher she had a daughter by the name    of margaret  she remarried david morgan who was born in wales but came to the us and at his death in 1968  they resided in scranton pa
the inf i have is scarce  all i know is she  was  her daughter and what        i have to go is the fact that my cousin who was born   in the 1930s lived with them my grandfather was    her stepfather  whole bunch of secrets coming from the grave
There was a Margaret Gallagher born in Philadelpia in 1930.

Have you thought of looking this up at which is a free site?

Which is the correct spelling of Florence's last name Daley or Daily?

Do you know Margaret Gallagher's father's first name?

There were two David Morgan's who died in Lackawanna county in 1968.

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In the spirit of starting with what you know, here's what I did:

To attempt to find an estimated birth year for Florence,  I looked up David Morgan in the Social Security Death Index. Here he is:

David Morgan, b 2 Jun 1887, d. Dec 1968; last residence Scranton, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania.

In an effort to pin down when Florence may have married David, I needed to first know when he came to the U.S. I found his passport application, which states:

He was born 27 Nov 1888 [off from the SSDI] in Aberdale, Wales, son of Howell T. Morgan, and that David Morgan emigrated to the U.S. 6 June 1907. That since that time and before applying (27 Dec 1924) for the passport, he'd lived in Philadelphia, Wilkes-Barre, Detroit, then Scranton. He became a naturalized citizen on 2 Dec 1915. He'd been back to England a couple of times (and when and for how long). Oh, and on the back there's a photograph of him!

UPDATE: Not sure the above man is him. Might be one of the other men by this name.

I then looked for him in Scranton in the 1930 census. There he is, 42, married to (presumably an earlier) wife Sylvia, 32, and living with them is his sister Ann, single, 27. David was a coal miner.

In 1940, still in Scranton, 52, still with Sylvia, 42. No sister. No children.

Therefore, he married Florence after 1940.

That means that Florence is likely to be a Gallagher in 1940.

UPDATE: strike-through language above: WRONG man. Disregard. Sorry about that. 

I'll look for her first in/near Scranton. Oh dear. Popular name. No Florence Gallaghers in Lackawanna County, but many throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Did a quick scan for Florence Gallaghers with daughter named Margaret, no initial luck, but only checked six. Also, depending on when Margaret was born, she might no longer be with her mother in 1940.

So we need a bit more information, anonymous. First name of Gallagher husband? Approximate birth year/place of daughter Margaret?



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Oh! Oh! I found  'em in the 1920 census. In Scranton, PA:

Frank Gallagher, 31, born PA of Irish parents; he was a laborer working at a Street Car Barn.

Florence, wife, 28 [therefore born abt 1892], born in PA also of Irish-born parents.

Katherine, daughter, 7, born in PA, suggesting that Florence and Frank were married in Pennsylvania about 1912.

Margaret, daughter, 6 [therefore born about 1914], b PA.


Using THIS information, I proceeded to the 1930 census, where I learn that what I provided earlier about David Morgan was inaccurate. Wrong man. (Sorry; this happens... it's why you have to keep digging and digging to make sure you're hitting the right pot of gold.)

In 1930, Florence is now married to David Morgan. Living with them are two children of his by a previous marriage (not Sylvia), Edward (18) and Marie (14) -- too old to be children of Florence, and Florence's Gallagher children -- Catherine (17), Margaret (16) and a son Francis (10).

In 1940, David Morgan and wife Florence (not sure why I didn't find them first pass) are living together in Scranton with HIS son Edward, 28 along with HER children Margaret and Frank. Catherine must be off and married by now (or deceased).

What these census records tell us is that Florence was born about 1892 in Pennsylvania of at least an Irish mother. The census records are inconsistent about the birthplace of her father-- in 1920 he's Irish; in 1930, he's from Pennsyvlania.

Next step is to find her as a minor with her parents in the 1910 and 1900 census records.
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Florence might be this one from the SSDI:

Name: Florence Morgan
SSN: 180-40-5842
Last Residence: 18508  Scranton, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Born: 28 Dec 1890
Died: Sep 1978
State (Year) SSN issued: Pennsylvania (1965)


how positive are you about the DAILY name? Is DRURY a possibility?

disregard. I found them. See new answer.

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Sorry for all this information from (paid site) but heck, it sure shows you it can be worth the price-- or at least a trip to the library where they may have free access to

I found Florence Daley. According to the 1900 census, she was born Sept. 1890 in Pennsylvnia, daughter of Michael and Bridget Daley, both of Ireland. Michael was born Dec 1854; Bridget was born Jun or Jan 1860. Michael emigrated in 1856; Bridget emigrated in 1864. They were married about 1876. As of 1900, they had 10 children. By 1910, they'd had 11 children, but 3 had died (btw 1900 and 1910). In both census years they were living in Archibald, Lackawanna Co., PA, about 15 miles northeast of Scranton.
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I appreciate all the help from everyone on this website most of the family has passed on from this side of the family my unclle passed away in 1978 and my dads sister was killed in her 30s i think and granddad died in 1968 so everyone took their secrets to the grave
Is there a particular fact you're trying to confirm or disprove?

If you can't tell already, we love solving mysteries. ;-)
In a separate post you said your father was Edward. Do you mean Edward Morgan, son of David Morgan?
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David Morgan, b abt ….  In PA of Welsh parents; m1 abt 1908 Mame Manley?; in 1920 a conductor for a traction company. Can’t find them in 1910 census.

[NOT he b 27 Nov 1888 in Aberdale, Wales, son of Howell T. Morgan (per 1924 passport application) and died in 1968 (December?); emigrated to US 6 Jun 1907. That David Morgan married Hannah and had son Howell; they are still together as a family unit in 1930, so clearly a different man.]

Children with Mame:

  1. William Morgan, b abt 1909 (11 in 1920 census); not with them in 1930 census; there is, however, a William Morgan, right age, enumerated as grandson in the household of John & Sarah Manley (parents of Mayme? no sign of Mayme)
  2. Edward Morgan, b abt 1912 (18 in 1930 census, 28 in 1940 census))
  3. Marie Morgan, b abt 1916 (14 in 1930 census; not with them in 1940)

David Morgan m2 btw 1920-1930 Florence (Daley) (Gallagher), former wife of Frank Gallagher. She was born either 28 Dec 1890 or Sept 1890. She died Sept 1978 in Scranton. David and Florence had no children of their own, but living with them were her Gallagher children. (See below.)


Frank Gallagher, b abt 1889 (31 in 1920 census) in Pennsylvania of Irish parents; laborer working at Street Car Barn (1920); he m1 about 1912 Florence Daley, b 1890, dau of Michael and Bridget (_____) Daley of Ireland. Frank G. died or they separated by 1930 when Florence is identified as wife of David Morgan and enumerated with him in Scranton.  (I no longer find Frank Gallagher in Scranton.) Children with Florence:

1.     Katherine Gallagher, b abt 1913 probably in Scranton, PA

2.     Margaret Gallagher, b abt 1914 probably in Scranton, PA

3.     Francis Gallagher, son, b abt 1920 probably in Scranton, PA.


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