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Should we have a layout standard on external links

Why standard if we start getting more external sources 

  1. its better good looking
  2. easier to read for the user
  3. we always try to have information about a source next to an external link

Today we have FindAGrave used on profile Gyllenhielm-5

I have been using external reference templates and tried to find a standard ==>

  1. Part one is name of Source or type of source non clickable
  2. Part two is name of specific item
  3. Part 3 is about the source were the user can click and get futher info about the source

Example A:
Geography name register Söderhamn parish. Source: SOFI (collections eng. hjälp)

A-1) Geography name register 
explains the source for people who don't know what SOFI is - no link

A-2) Söderhamn parish 
is a link to the Geography register for parish Söderhamn

A-3) SOFI (collections eng. hjälp)
is a links about SOFI that should help the user understand SOFI

More examples:

B-1) Archives available for Söderhamn (X). Source: NADRiksarkivet (about video swe.)
B-2) Family Search about Söderhamn parish (about Sweden)
B-3) Genealogy Forum Söderhamn (source: Anbytarforum)
B-4) Map/pictures Söderhamn Source: Bygdeband

Target audience: normal WikiTree user with no skills at all about a specific source like NAD but eager to learn more and research the profile more and would like to find sources and learn what sources has already been found

in The Tree House by C S G2G6 Pilot (274k points)
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I don't see the benefit of having the name of the person, (Elizabeth in this case) to be displayed since the fact that the link is on her profile must mean it is for her.  I don't see the benefit of memorial or memorial number to be displayed since that is just a number assigned by Find A Grave which could be changed and displays in the edit mode.  I don't see the benefit of displaying which Wikitree-er posted the link to the profile (seems narcissistic and is already in the change log.

>> I don't see the benefit of having the name of the person

The parameter is optional

I have started using it and think it's useful as sometimes findagrave has another name than we use inside WikiTree....

Especial when you start move around in Cyrillic land...

  • Sophia Holszany Find A Grave Memorial# 8093950. Retrieved 1 oct 2016.

The problem with WikiTree is the lack of fields to support alternative spelling of names in more writing systems. See below Wikidata that support much more flexibility. I would suggest that WikiTree either say we are a US genealogy site only or plan for some kind of redesign to support international names better...

If you check in Wikidata the name form is even more complex
(Wikidata use numbers for easy/unique define a person Q274316)

English     Sophia of Halshany Wife of Jogaila, Queen consort of Poland
Swedish     Sofia av Halshany
Belarusian     Соф'я Гальшанская Соф'я Андрэеўна Гальшанская Сафія Гальшанская Соф’я Гальшанская
Belarusian (Taraškievica orthography)     Соф’я Гальшанская Соф'я Гальшанская
Czech    Sofie Litevská
German    Sophie Holszańska Königin von Polen und Großfürstin von Litauen Holszańska, Sophia Holszanska, Holszanska, Sofia Holszańska, Sophie Holszanska
Canadian English     Sophia of Halshany
British English     Sophia of Halshany
Spanish     Sophia of Halshany
French     Sophie de Holszany, Sophie de Halshany
Armenian    Սոֆիա Հոլշանսկա
Italian    Sofia di Halshany
Japanese    ゾフィア・ホルシャンスカ
Dutch    Sophia Holszanski
Polish    Zofia Holszańska, Sonka Holszańska
Russian    Софья Гольшанская
Королева Сонька, София Гольшанская, Софья Андреевна Гольшанская, Гольшанская, Софья Андреевна, Софья Андреевна Ольшанская, Софья Ольшанская, Сонька Гольшанская
Ukrainian     Софія Гольшанська
Chinese (China)    哈尔沙尼的索菲亚
Traditional Chinese    哈爾沙尼的索菲亞



>>I don't see the benefit of displaying which Wikitree-er posted the link to the profile 

Then you check with that person if you dont agree/have questions.... The change log is not easy to use see Collaborative Profile of the Week 

  • Oscar von Sydow - Von_Sydow-8
  • Then we have a change log of maybe 100 items you have to read through? Can you find who added that he moved to Östersund ;-)
    • WikiTree changelog is of if you use comments but not easy.... 

I feel this is 100 times more useful than having acknowledgement for uploaded unsourced GEDCOM files....

Best would be if WikiTree had a more sexy user interface and you could expand a fact and see who added it.... Wikidata makes this easy you can see on the profile mentioned above that is Q274316 that in the changelog attribute P2949 was changed by 

12:28, 10 August 2016‎ Lesko987a (talk | contribs)‎ . . (27,444 bytes) (+1,106)‎ . . (‎Created claim: WikiTree ID (P2949): Andrejevna-1)

Lesko987a is Aleš 

I don't get the objection to the number being included. It lets me know at first glance that the link is to a specific page and not just the root domain. Even though you can see it in the link on hover, that doesn't always work, touch screens for example.

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Has their use become official? Page still says draft.

I think that a template for a Find a grave memorial should also include the name and location of the cemetery.

Yes I think there should be a basic standard for layouts.

And... I would never cite that particular Find a grave memorial. There is no source citiation for why they think Elizabeth is buried there. There is no photo of a tombstone. As far as I can tell it may be total fiction.

by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)

>> I think that a template for a Find a grave memorial should also include the name and location of the cemetery.

A) This is version 1 and we just use id and as optional parameters you can add ~~~~ and the name in FindAGrave. The graveyard etc. can be added after the template as usual....

In my vision we should have also GPS location of the grave also I do in Wikidata land maps of graveyards with Wikipedia people buried on that churchyard autogenerated from the GPS coordinates... 
>> Yes I think there should be a basic standard for layouts.

B) Any suggestion ?!?!


In the Bio. I always try to add under the Obituary (if there is one):

=== Burial ===

* Lakeview Memorial Gardens, Longview, Gregg County, Texas, USA.

This makes it a progression or time line of events & makes Bios. easier to follow.

This helps Cemeteries Project ? (IDK) :)
Another standard needed: Events. And whether to use a subheading for them. I think they should just be a label at the start of a line, not a sub header. Example:

Burial: Lakeview Mem....

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