Will you participate in the Source-a-Thon? Current registrations (9 of 9) [closed]

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Registration is open for the Source-a-ThonSource-a-Thon runners

It will be going for 72 hours straight, October 1-3. Those are the first three days of Family History Month: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. We're including Monday so that those who are busy on the weekend can still participate.  

If you can participate by sourcing Unsourced Profiles during any of those hours, tell us in an answer below.  

After you post, a Team Member or Leader will give you the Source-a-Thon badge and a "race number". A number is required in order to be eligible for the $4,850 in door prizes being donated from around the genealogy community.  

(Please post an answer, not a comment. Make sure you're signed-in. Include your locality or the location or genealogical topic you like to research. We will group participants into teams to make participation easier and more fun. If you posted on a previous sign-up thread (1, 2, 3456, or 7) don't post again.)


closed with the note: Registration is closed for this weekend's Source-a-Thon!
in The Tree House by Eowyn Walker G2G Astronaut (1.8m points)
closed by Abby Glann
Hi i would like to participate, i know Syria by heart and most of Levantine area including Arab tribes. me & my cousin are team.
I have added family member and forgot to add sources. I clearly have managed profiles that need corrected. I was hoping to participate in the Source-a-thon. Will there be another event. I am interested in researching sources for other’s and I have a paid membership to a couple of websites that may be useful to our Wikitree Family

27 Answers

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If it is not too late I will sign up, MY plans changed so I will be able to participate. I research mostly in Ohio, North Carolina and the surrounding States.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
edited by Dale Byers

Thanks Dale, you're #595.

My name is not Dale.

+10 votes
Will you sign me up? I have family in AR, OK MA FL

Thank you, Gwen
by Gwen Fleming G2G6 Mach 2 (22.8k points)
I want to participate in the source-a-thon.  I have kin from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Alabama (and further back) Virginia, South Carolina.
Hi Donny,

Can you go back up to the top of this post and click the "answer" link instead of the comment one, to post an answer? Thanks!
Thanks Abby.  I think I now have that done.

Thanks Gwen, you're #596.

+10 votes
Yes, I will join,  current

genealogical topic is South Carolina
by Meikda Miller G2G Crew (590 points)

Thanks Meikda! You're #597.

+8 votes
Please sign me up! I know Eastern NY & New England the best, but also have a lot of Southeast & Texas ancestors.
by Deborah Barber G2G6 (6.4k points)

Thanks Deborah! You're #598.

+8 votes
Joyce Hodges would like to participate.  (Hopefully, I got it right this time.)
by Joyce Hodges G2G2 (2.7k points)

Thanks Joyce! You're #599.

+6 votes
Yes I would like to participate. Would like to research England
by Terry Laraman G2G Crew (870 points)

Thanks Terry! You're #600.

+7 votes
I would like to participate. I am located in West MI. Newspapers, cemetery, Irish genealogy, interpreting dna results (autosomal)...
by Angela Purkiss G2G1 (1.2k points)

Thanks Angela! You're #601.

+7 votes
I'd like to sign up! I'm in Washington and hope to join the PNW team. Research areas of interest: U.S.: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota. Canada: Quebec.
by Karin Borgerson G2G1 (1.0k points)

Thanks Karin! You're #602.

+6 votes
I am in UK and would like to participate.
Hi Kay! We'll need your WikiTree ID to assign you a bib #. Could you log in & edit your post to say what it is? Thanks!
Hi my ID is Bridgeman-118
+8 votes
I can for Celentano Tree and Coffey Tree

Thanks Jeanine! You're number 603!


+7 votes
Might as well give it a go. Doing my Hempel profiles  mostly in Texas Jon P Czarowitz

by Jon Czarowitz G2G6 Mach 4 (40.2k points)
What number am I?

I thought b595, but you gave it to Dale.

Got to teach this keyboard to spell.

Jon P Czarowitz


Thanks Jon! You're number 604!


+8 votes
I would like to participate.  GA, FL and AL please.
by Debra Pate G2G6 Mach 1 (19.1k points)

Thanks Debra! You're number 605!


Thanks  Liz
+6 votes
Hi coming late to this party.    Can you allocate me a number please.   Will be working on Scotland profiles.  Many thanks
by Maria Maxwell G2G6 Pilot (166k points)

Hi Maria! <waves> Fashionably late :D Thanks for joining.

You're number 606!


Thanks Liz.   Glad it's not 666 !!   Do you want me to start another UK/GB Team as Ros'   Team is full.
I think starting teams is off the table at this point, but you might want to make that offer to Abby - she's working on assigning registered folks to teams as we speak.

Cheers, Liz
+6 votes
sign me up please.
by Dodie Bartlett G2G6 Mach 2 (25.6k points)

Hi Dodie! Two familiar names in a row <waves>. Thanks for joining!

You're number 607!


Hi Liz and tankies. Now to do my stretches and get a going :D
+6 votes
Yes, I will partake in the source-a-thon. I'm working on it now.
by Cheryl Wimsett G2G1 (1.9k points)

Hi Cheryl! You've already registered (you're number 582 - see [this post]).

The Source a Thon starts at midnight.

+6 votes
Please sign me up. I'm from Australia but interested Hamburg, Germany.
by Geoff Heise G2G2 (2.7k points)

http://www.wikitree.com/images/source-a-thon/bibs/608.png608 is your source-a-thon number, Thanks !

+5 votes
Hello, I need a number please. Thank You

Ruth Henry
by Ruth Henry G2G6 (6.1k points)
Ruth, you already have a number. It's 521
Where can I find it?
I just put it on your profile too as a message. Do you belong to a team ?
Ruth entered a request to join the Midwest team, so I'm assuming she still wants to help us there.
+6 votes
I'd like to participate. Family is from Indiana, Kentucky migrating from eastern shores
by Nancy Sluder G2G6 (6.4k points)

http://www.wikitree.com/images/source-a-thon/bibs/609.png609 is your source-a-thon number, Nancy ! Thanks.

+6 votes

Gladys Lustica has number 610.


by Maggie N. G2G6 Pilot (910k points)
+6 votes
I'm already in (#127), but a question:  I've been poking around scoping out some sites I'd like to source, but often there is no bio to source!  Are we supposed to add some bio details and then source them for this -thon, or just source the ones that have something to source?
by Robert Hvitfeldt G2G6 Pilot (145k points)
Robert, excellent question as I was wondering myself and double-checked with the leaders. For the sake of ease, just one source needed per profile.

If you want to go back after the source-a-thon and add biographies later, that's good.
I will like to be added for GA, NC, Great Britain,  Ireland, and East India immigrants.

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