Join Team Tennessee for the Source-a-Thon!!!! (TEAM FULL)

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Welcome to Team Tennessee!!!! Just post an answer here, (not a comment) to keep track of your sources. During the source-a-thon, this thread will be used to keep track of how many profiles get sourced, and to encourage each other and cheer on our successes great and small.

Helpful Links:

As you source, just copy that profile's WikiTree ID into your answer below (you can edit the same answer over and over, adding new info each time)  and add what source you provided (we don't need a link to the source, just a description). This way we can keep an accurate count of what profiles you sourced, and with what source. 

  1. WikiTree ID - name of source added
  2. WikiTree ID - name of source added
  3. WikiTree ID - name of source added
  4. WikiTree ID - name of source added
  5. WikiTree ID - name of source added
  6. WikiTree ID - name of source added
in The Tree House by Summer Orman G2G6 Mach 8 (86.4k points)
edited by Summer Orman
Way to go, Summer !
Yay!!  I'd thought about doing it originally but then 2 teams took on Tennessee, so I just let them have it....then I was asked if I'd be interested so I said heck yeah!!  :D  I'm a TN girl to the core!

Team Tennessee Members

  • Team Captain: Summer Orman - 49
  • Leigh Geschwill - 233
  • Paulette Templeton - 264
  • Teresa Webb-Martin - 479
  • Janette Huskey - 420
  • Rachel Gossett - 376
  • Tanya Sharp - 469
  • Brad Griffith - 356
  • Joy Harrison - 577
  • Gwen Fleming - 596
  • Peggy McMath - 438
  • Kim Jordan - 413
  • Jeanie Thornton - 418
  • Ashley Ogg - 422
  • Don Burzloff - 546
  • Deborah Dunn - 513
  • Nancy Sluder - 609
  • Chelsie Burkhart - 611
Aaaaaaaand we're off!!  Good luck and happy sourcing everyone!!!!  Your contributions begin now!  :D
Elizabeth Alexander got her parents marriage documents added to profile.

Thanks Chris! I'll use those links to contact folks who haven't checked in yet.  Appreciate the help!  :D
Tennessee!! We are at 239!!

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Tennessee ladies!!  We are at 213 woohoo!!!
by Summer Orman G2G6 Mach 8 (86.4k points)
selected by Anonymous Barnett
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  1. Adams-21095  Burial Info
  2. Adams-14598 Death records for children, 1870 census
  3. Adamson-1006 marriage record
  4. Cagle-1129 burial record
  5. Allen-1548 death record
  6. Allsup-115 1850 census
  7. Armbrister-19 1830 and 1840 census
  8. Armstrong-3249 burial record, 1880 census
  9. Arney-148 1830 census
  10. Babb-864 burial record
  11. Hatfield-2513 death/burial record, military service record
  12. Hatfield-2514 burial record
  13. Johnson-50006 marriage record
  14. Binkley-221 death record, 1940 census
  15. Bobbitt-323 marriage record
  16. Brinkley-234 death record, marriage record, military service record
  17. Baker-10156 1850 census
  18. Baker-4984 marriage record
  19. Berry-951 military service record, son's record
  20. Towne-239 added birth records for children
  21. Towne-226 added birth record
  22. Towne-225 birth and death record
  23. Towne-224 birth record
  24. Towne-223 birth record
  25. Towne-560 birth record
  26. Towne-233 birth record
  27. Towne-220 birth record
  28. Towne-126 birth record
  29. Binckley-28 1800 census
  30. Binkley-225 death record, address record
  31. Binkley-400 obituary record
  32. Binkley-219 1940 census
  33. Binkley-211 military record
  34. Binkley-224 added obit
  35. Binkley-167 marriage source, FAGR source
  36. Binkley-166 marriage record
  37. Robertson-4206 Marriage record
  38. Binkley-200 death record for daughter 
  39. Binkley-209 1850 census
  40. Binkley-47 marriage record
  41. Hudson-137 marriage record
  42. Hudson-139 1880 census
  43. Binkley-7 Marriage record
  44. Shrider-26 death record/cemetery category
  45. McBride-503 1830 and 1840 census
  46. Walker-19527 burial record
  47. Walker-1097 military and census record
  48. Rice-4435 military record
  49. Mayfield-12 FAGR
  50. Nelson-3041 FAGR
  51. Stinnett-1 Death record
  52. Stockton-87 marriage record
  53. Winningham-1 marriage record, child's death record
  54. Walling-475 death record for child
  55. Winton-372 child's death record, 1860 census
  56. Foster-5771 1850 Census
  57. Gambill-8 FAGR
  58. Casey-1249 FAGR, marriage record, military service record
  59. Garrett-867 1830-1840 census records
  60. Robertson-111 FAGR
  61. Key-593 marriage record
  62. Johnson-22751 death record
  63. Houser-272 death record
  64. Dishner-1 death record for daughter (she is mentioned)
  65. Dodson-3685 FAGR
  66. Dill-104 1830 & 1840 census
  67. Dodson-825 FAGR, cemetery category, 1850 census
  68. Stockton-86 military record
  69. Wood-3411 FAGR
  70. Dulin-38 FAGR, 1850 - 1870 census
  71. McCord-3139 1850 census
  72. Lynch-337 marriage record
  73. Mabry-24 marriage record, military service record
  74. Seawell-35 marriage record
  75. McAtee-139 1830 census
  76. McAtee-141 1790 Census
  77. Craig-826 Christening record
  78. Carter-1500 FAGR
  79. Tittle-224 - FAGR, census, TN Death record
by Summer Orman G2G6 Mach 8 (86.4k points)
edited by Summer Orman
1. Griffis-220 Added Birth, 1850 Census, Military War of 1812.

2. Griffis-31 Added Birth year and 1880 census.

3. Griffis-29 Added birth year and 1880 census

4. Griffis-221 Added birth year and 1860 census
Yay Nancy!!!  Could you make an answer below (click Answer at the bottom of the original post) and copy this into it??  Just trying to keep them straight!!  Thanks for joining us, we are super glad to have you!!!
Confused - can't find the answer option. Nancy
Hi Nancy,


Go all the way to my original post at the top. Then at the bottom of that post, after the green tags, you'll see the "answer" option, which is right next to "comment" option.
Also check out the tutorial which gives screen shots
Wow!  You've been busy since I went to get dinner.  :)
I have to take it in spurts. I have 3 kids; a teenager and middle schooler who do their own thing mostly, and then the 3 year old terrorist who runs the house. I just live here.
I'm back in!  Very strange.  I was logged into WikiTree, but logged OUT of G2G, and every time I clicked login on G2G, it told me I was already logged into WikiTree.  So I logged out of everything, closed all my browser windows, then logged back in, and that seemed to straighten it out.  So my list is up to date again!
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Source-a-Thon Bib 413

So...although I've been randomly assigned to Team Tennessee, don't expect me to source anything from there - I would just slow you down, having zero TN background.  :)  Instead, this Yankee is planning to source Swedes from ArkivDigital after I clean up my own personal miscreants.

I've added a Source-A-Thon section to my To Do list:


by Kim Jordan G2G5 (5.4k points)
No worries Kim!!  Teams are more for keeping track of source counts, than areas!! :D
Just making sure I am properly managing expectations for my new teammates!  :)
  1. George Ramelmeier. (Add bio and census, immigration/naturalization, draft, marriage and death sources)
  2. John Hegmann. (Add bio and 1940 US Census)
  3. Minnie Bierdümpfel. (Add bio and census, immigration, draft, marriage and death sources)
  4. Fritz Bierdümpfel. (Add bio and häuser - chronik source)
  5. Johanna Bauer. (Add bio and häuser - chronik source)
  6. Marion (Jurgens) Beveridge. (Add bio and SSDI, public record and first-hand sources)
  7. Brad Rhodes. (Add bio and census, death, and military sources)
  8. Heinrich Jürgens. (Add bio and son's marriage and death sources)
  9. Christine (Boschen) Prigge. (Add bio and children's birth and marriage sources)
  10. Heinrich Prigge. (Add bio and children's birth and marriage sources)
  11. Christian Lührig. (Add bio and children's birth and marriage sources)
  12. Ernestine (Prasse) Lührig. (Add bio and children's birth and marriage sources)
  13. William Moran. (Add bio and death, city directories, children's birth and marriage sources)
  14. Mary (Hennessy) Moran. (Add bio and death, census, city directories, children's birth and marriage sources)
  15. Bridget Nangle. (Add bio and census, death and burial sources)
  16. Thomas Ratigan. (Add bio and census, death and burial sources)
  17. Petter (Persson) Wäström. (Add bio and household and children's birth and death sources)
  18. Anders (Wäström) Pettersson. (Add bio and birth and household sources)
  19. Anna (Wäström) Pettersdotter. (Add bio and birth, household and children's birth sources)
  20. Brita Wäström. (Add bio and birth and household sources)
  21. Anna Andersdotter. (Add bio and household and children's birth and death sources)
  22. Anna Månsdotter. (Add birth, marriage and death sources)
  23. Carl Petersson. (Add birth record)
  24. Maria Petersdotter. (Add birth record)
  25. Elin Petersdotter. (Add birth record)
  26. Magnus Petersson. (Add birth and death records)
  27. Petter Carlsson. (Add household record)
  28. Carl Månsson. (Add son's birth record)
  29. Maja Liskensdotter. (Add son's birth record)
  30. Cajsa Pehrsdotter. (Add household records)
  31. Olof Olsson. (Add household records)
  32. Olof Olsson. (Add household records)
  33. Stina Olsdotter. (Add household records)
  34. Petter Olsson. (Add household records)
  35. Anders Olsson. (Add household record)
  36. Anna Olsdotter. (Add household records)
  37. Anders Olsson. (Add household record)
  38. Anders Olsson. (Add household records)
  39. Brita Larsdotter. (Add household records)
  40. Anders Andersson. (Add Sweden Template and household sources)
  41. Brita Ersdotter. (Add Sweden Template and household sources)
  42. Lars Pehrsson. (Add Sweden Template and household sources)
  43. Maja Stina Eriksson. (Add birth record)
  44. Carl Eriksson. (Add birth record)
  45. Erik Forsman. (Add birth and death records)
  46. Per (Ersson) Bergman. (Add birth record)
  47. Anders Ersson. (Add birth record)
  48. Maria Ersson. (Add birth record)
  49. Erik Ersson. (Add birth record)
  50. Johan Svârd. (Add birth record)
  51. Johan Svârd. (Add birth record)
  52. Emma Svârd. (Add birth record)
  53. Märta Zakrisdotter. (Add birth record)
  54. Sifvert Zakrisson. (Add birth record)
  55. Henrik Stockhaus. (Add death record)
  56. Alma Eklund. (Add birth record)
  57. Anders Nilsson. (Correct birth date, remove death date, add marriage and household records)
  58. Anders Eklund. (Add birth and household records)
  59. Anna Persdotter. (Add marriage and household records)
  60. Helga Eklund. (Add household records)
WoooHooo!!  Leading the charge!!  Go Kim!  :D
And....then it was naptime....zzzzzzzzz....

Because sources entered when brain is fried may be worse than no sources at all!  :)
I'm very much in agreement there.....and may or may not be guilty.

Mom's Germans DONE!  On to Dad's 4 Irish, and then I will start on the

Finished my family - taking a quick lunch break, and then on to Sweden!

Reached max length of 8000 characters on previous post.  Wouldn't it be cool if the number list properties to set the starting list number actually worked?  I set it to 61 in the edit box, and when I save, it changes it back to 1.  Add 60 to the final number here for my total!

  1. Marta Eklund. (Add household records)
  2. Aurora Eklund. (Add household records)
  3. Syster Eklund. (Add household records)
  4. Anders Eklund. (Remove unsourced category - sources on profile for merge)
  5. Ida (Vikström) Jansson. (Add death index)
  6. Per (Olofsson) Arnbom. (Add birth record)
  7. Per (Olofsson) Arnbom. (Add birth record)
  8. Maija (Olofsdotter) Arnbom. (Add birth record)
  9. Lars (Olofsson) Arnbom. (Add birth record)
  10. Ingeborg (Olsdotter) Arnbom. (Add birth record)
  11. Kajsa (Olsdotter) Arnbom. (Add birth record)
  12. Olof (Olofsson) Arnbom. (Add birth record)
  13. Katarina (Olsdotter) Arnbom. (Add birth record)
  14. Nils (Olsdotter) Arnbom. (Add birth record)
  15. Maja (Olsdotter) Arnbom. (Add birth record)
  16. Jonas (Olsson) Brandt. (Add birth record)
  17. Hulda (Andersson) Brand. (Add birth and death records)
  18. Inger (Abrahamsson) Herrstedt. (Add death record)
  19. Erik (Andersson) Wallbom. (Add death record)
  20. Anna (Carlsson) Sjövall. (Add death record)
  21. Lisa Danielsson. (Add death record)
  22. Peter Härstedt. (Add death record)
  23. Carl (Hellström) Hellstrom. (Add birth record)
  24. Peter (Hellström) Hellstrom. (Add birth and household records)
  25. Victor Hellstrom. (Add birth and household records)
  26. Allan Herrstedt. (Add death record)
  27. Anna Herrstedt. (Add death record)
  28. Eva Herrstedt. (Add death record)
  29. Gerda Herrstedt. (Add death record)
  30. Göte Herrstedt. (Add death record)
  31. Hans Herrstedt. (Add death record)
  32. Hans Herrstedt. (Add death record)
  33. Helmer Herrstedt. (Add death record)
  34. Hilda Herrstedt. (Add death record)
  35. Hilding Herrstedt. (Add death record)
  36. Karin Herrstedt. (Add death record)
  37. Karl Herrstedt. (Add death record)
  38. Karna (Herrstedt) Göransson. (Add death record)
  39. Karolina (Herrstedt) Årnell. (Add death record)
  40. Lydia (Herrstedt) Rosenqvist. (Add death record)


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1. Thornton-3035 birth, marriage and death info and sources.

2. Thornton-3038 BMD

3. Thornton-3036 BMD

4. Blanchard-1962 D

5. Thornton-3066 BD

6. Thornton-3037 B

7. Thornton-3067

8. Thornton-2596

9. Rowell-709

10. Thornton-3089

11. Thornton-2595

12. Bowker-257

13. Thornton-3603

14. Thornton-3090
by Jeanie Roberts G2G6 Pilot (127k points)
Way to go Jeanie!  WooHoo!!
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Sopha Sims 1860 Census White CO TN photo added


Woodson-1051 1880 Census

Womack-7 Find a grave

Winton-40 Find a grave

Winton-348 Find a grave 1860, 1870 and 1900 Census

Williams-22461 1880 Census

White-5600 Find a grave

West-281 Marriage records

Walker-19529 1860 census

Walker-10630 TN marriage Index

Walker-19528 Find a grave

Walker-19525 1850, 1860 Cen and find a grave

Walker-19552 1850 Cen

Walker-16454 Find a Grave

Walker-19518 WW1 Draft 1900 Cen

Wade- 5059 Marriage records

Wade- 1358 Corrected source already listed

Unknown-21458 1880 Census

Unknown-90405 1860 Census

unknown-324417 marriage and 1830 Census

Unknown-331941 1940 census husband and child

Todd-366 1850 and 1860 census and find a grave

Todd-3070 1820 census

Thweat-176 1810 and 1820 census

Thompson-2408 marriage and 1830 census

Thompson-1121 Ill. Still birth Recrds

Taylor-24962 1830 Census Find a grave

Taylor-33616 1830 Census find a grave

Stratton- 52 1860 Census

Stratton-64 1870 Census

Smith-104884 1900 Census

Smith-33007 1820 Census

Smith-60282 1850 Census

Dement-199 1850 Census Find a grave

Stockwell-617 Find a grave

Silkwood-2 1830 Census 1865 Il Census Find a grave Added two wives both sourced as well

Shipley-81 Iowa Death Records

Scurlock-21 Va marriage and War of 1812

Tune-130 1830 Census and Va Marriage

Sale-90 1850 Census

Rozell-35 1880 Census

Rozell-97 1880 Census Created Profile

Rozell-96 1880 Census Created Profile

Rozell-95 1880 Census Created Profile

Rozell-94 1880 Census Created Profile

Rowan-134 1830 Census

Rowan -126 Pedi Resource File

Robertson-4931 1790 Census

Riddle 319 1860 Census

Rice-4670 1820 Census

Range-4 Find a grave

Range-3 Find a grave

Made these Profiles all sourced

Ronimus-1 Find a grave

Range-58 Find a grave

Range-59 Find a grave

Range-60 Find a grave

Range- 61 Find a grave

Range-62 Find a grave

Hale-5016 Find agrave

Range-63 Fnd a grave

Range-64 Find a grave

Williams-44159 Find a grave

Range-65 Find a grave

rankin-2136 Find a grave

Rankin- 2135 Find a grave

Rankin-2139 Find a grave

Rankin-2138 Find a grave

Rankin-2137 Find a grave

Rankin-2809 Find a grave

Dinwiddie-229 Find a grave

Miller-39297 Find a grave

Miller-29298 Find a grave

Dewald-67 Find a grave

Dewald-68 find a grave

Dewald-69 Find a grave

Galloway-1870 Find a grave

Galloway-1871 Find a grave

Beard-2669 Find a grave

Beard-2670 Find a grave

Dilingham-326 Find a grave

Galloway-1547 Find a grave

Barnes-5542 Find a grave

Galloway-989 Find a grave

Rankin-467 Find a grave

Pleasants-57 Corrected

Pierce-7065 Marriage

McIntosh-2533 Marriage

Philips-27 Census

Philips-9 Census

Unknown-6520 Census

Patten-413 Mil. Records

Moses-22 Marriage Records

Morrow-1349 1850 1870 Census

Morris-13106 1850 Census

Morris-14437 1850 Census

Morris-14438 1850 Census

Unknown-337847 1850 Census

Miller-9109 Marr. rec.

Miller-38566 Ped file

Miller-18791 1880 Cen

Miller-7939 Fam. Bible

Medlin-48 Ped File

Medlin-455 Ped File

McMillan-686 Find a grave

McMillan-665 1830 Cen Find a grave

MCCuistion-5 1800 Cen

McCuistion14 Find a grave

McCuistion-461812 Mil Rec

McCord-90 1790 Cen

McCord-2344 1790 Census

McCallie-52 1830 Cen

May-879 1820 1830 Cen

Manson-19 1820 1830 Cen

Magill-261 Book records

Lowry-1557 Cleaned profile

LeVorn-26 Ped File  Deed Records

Loveday-2391910 Cen Death records

Looney-502 Ped FIle

Lee-3386 1840 Cen

Layne-430 Cleaned

Law-1379 1880 Cen

Land-1720 1850 Cne

Kirkpatrick-303 Cleaned

Keck-443 Cleaned

Barr-1531 1830 1850 Cen

Karns-72 1830 1850 Cen

Houston-1563 1830 Cen

Hopkins-1931 Cleaned

Hopkins-1932 added Fam link

Hines-89 Marr and death Rec

Hicks-4303 Marr. rec

Henry-1657 Cleaned

Henderson-1409 cleaned

Harrison789 Mil rec

Haggard-36 Cleaned

Guffey-47 cleaned

Griffis-158 Cleaned

Griffis-218 fam link

Griffin-5981 1820 Cen Find a grave

Green-2320 1850 Cen

Green-1055 Cleaned

Green-944 Fam book

Gerlach-134 Birth rec

Freshour-67 Cleaned

148 Flowers-466 Mar rec Employ data

149 Fitzpatrick-119 1860 1870 1880 Cen

150 Finley-517 Mar rec

151 Erwin-330 cleaned

152 Emory-15 Mar rec

153 Edwards-6030 Cleaned

154 Edwards-5655 cleaned

155 East-12 cleaned

156 Smithson-25 Find a grave

157 Drewry-33 1870 Cen

158 Dollarhide-26 cleaned

159 Dodson-897 1850 1860 1870 Cen

160 Dill-258 mar rec

161. Devault-98 Cleaned

162 Denny-127 1850 Cen

163 Davidson-1913 1840 Cen

164 Davenport-152 1850 Cen

165 Davenport-153 1840 Cen

166 Curtis-1264 Cleaned

167 Crews-125 1840 Cen

168 Crecelius-1 Ped File

169 Cox 4605 cleaned

170 Cook 5007 1900 Cen

171 Clouse-259 Cleaned

172 Clouse-208 find a grave

173 Clendenin-17 cleaned

174 Clark-21874 Mar rec

175 Bottles-3 Ped File

176 Bandy-118 Cleaned

177 Chism-32 cleaned

178 Cavet-4 Mil rec

179 Carter-1650 1860 Cen

180 Carter-1658 1870 Cen

181 Carter-1655 find a grave

182 Carter-1597 mar rec

183 Carter-2712 1840 cen

184 Carter-1594 1860 cen

185 Carter-1593 1840 cen

186 Carter-1598 mar rec

187 Carter-1654 mar rec

188 Carter-1591 mar rec

189 Carter-1552 1830 1840 cen

190 Carroll-2274 1820 Cen

191 Carroll-2271 1830 Cen

192 Capps-7 1850 Cen

193 Campbell-13813 1860 Census

194 Beaty-154 1870 Census

195 Beaty-25 1840 Cen

196 Bridges-107 n1880 Cen
by Rachel Gossett G2G5 (5.7k points)
edited by Rachel Gossett

Look at you go, Rachel!  Now you are the 3rd top contributor on the team.  :)  Thanks!

I'm adding your previous contributions here so they are all in one answer thread:

  1. Alexander-3358 Add parents marriage
  2. Alston-430 Census records 1900 Benton CO TN lists his wife and children added source photo.
  3. Alston-428 1860 and 1870 Census's photos
18 +3= 21 ending at Wade-1358 . Rachel, you're doing great! As you continue, will you start numbering them so it's easier to grab a tally? Thanks so much!
Great job Rachel, you are moving on up, at 29 now!! WOOHOO!!!!

( ending with Thompson-2408)
49 (Riddle 319) + 3 = 52!  (Monday 2am EDT count)
73 (Dewald-67) + 3 = 76!  Now we've both passed Summer!  ;)  (Monday 4am EDT count)
Hi Rachel, when you get a minute, could you please go through and number your list as Abby suggested?  It really helps us keep our tallies better.  Thanks!!

Current to Galloway-1870 = 79

79+21=100 profiles ending with Unknown-337847 

+8 votes

1.  Cagle-1124 Sourced Marriage Record, 1900 US Fed Census, 1910 US Fed Census, Obit, Cagle Cemetery

2.  Carter-1652  Sourced Family Record

3.  Cheatham-10 Sourced Find A Grave

4.  Cheatham-10  Sourced Birth, Marriage, Spouse, Burial, Cemetery, Headstone

5. Cagle 1128 Sourced Marriage

6. Emory-15 Sourced Marriage certs 

7. East-12 Sourced Birth/Death

8. Ferguson-3905 Cleaned up source

9. Loveday-239 Sourced Birth/Death

10. Nichols-3732 Sourced Birth

11. Norwood-587 Sourced Birth

12. Overton-2108 Sourced Birth/Death

13. Pleasants-57 Sourced Marriage

14. Phillips-10216 Sourced Marriage

15.Guthrie-139 Sourced Birth/Death/Marriage and cleaned up

16.Haggard-26 Sourced and added Headstone Photo

17.Haggard-15840 Sourced Marriage, War Pension

18. Haggard-36 Cleaned up and sourced Marriage

19. Haggard-1931 Cleaned up and sourced Marriage

20. Henderson-1409 Birth/Death

21. Carter-1651 Birth, Naturalization Record

22. Armstrong-1429 Sourced Birth

23. Bandy-223 Birth/Death

24. Bandy-121 Birth/Death Family History

25. Bandy-118 Marriage

26. Fleming-235 Death and Info

27. Gaskins-283 Cleaned up and added Death

28. Gillespie-3112 Birth/Death

29. Ferguson-3905 Birth/Death/Family

30. Duckworth-70 Birth added Bio

31. Houser-218 Birth/Death/Bio

32.Rickman-1659 Obit










by Gwen Fleming G2G6 Mach 2 (22.9k points)
edited by Gwen Fleming

Hi Gwen!  Thanks for playing!!  Could you please click the "edit" button on your answer, and make a list like this?  Then as you source, just copy that profile's WikiTree ID into your answer, and add what source you provided (we don't need a link to the source, just a description).  See mine up at the top for an example. This way we can keep an accurate count of what profiles you sourced, and with what source.  Thanks for joining us, we are so glad to have you!!

  1. WikiTree ID - name of source added
  2. WikiTree ID - name of source added
  3. WikiTree ID - name of source added
  4. WikiTree ID - name of source added
  5. WikiTree ID - name of source added
  6. WikiTree ID - name of source added
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My number is 577

These changes are based on a book published in 1996 which includes information from 1820 census and photo images of gravestones.

1. Thomas Conwell 138 book published in 1996 which had 1820 census
2.  Mary Conwell 139                "
3.  Rachel Conwell 140             "                        
4. Priscilla Conwell 121            "
5. Jemima Conwell 142             "  
6. Rebecca Ewing Neill 670   family genealogy, copyright 1916, TN records
7.Griffethello Lewis 18323  book published in 1996, photo of gravestone

8.William George 3712   Book published in 1996 with 1870 census info.
by Joy Harrison G2G6 Mach 1 (12.3k points)
edited by Joy Harrison
+9 votes

1.  Brandon-890  Birth, death, and marriage dates, Pedigree  charts

2.  Brown-34796    edited bio and death place

3. Russell-8839    marriage confirmation NC records

4. Thompson-12094    Residence 1830 Blount Co. TN Census

5.  John Bilderback-99  Find A Grave Index," Death date and place

6.  Mary (Jones) Bilderback-8158 changed death location

7. John Bilderback-99    Illinois, County Marriages, 1810-1934

8.  Lillian Brinkley-230   Death Record and parents confirmed

9.  Tennessee (Ozburn) Binkley-25  Added source for known mother of Lillian Beatrice Brinkley Allen

10. Benjamin Philips-31  United States Census, 1870

11. David Smithson-26   Tennessee Death Records, 1914-1955 proving parentage of child, Tenn. Marriage Record, Find a grave

12. Larkin Stark-49 Find a Grave index, proof of burial, and death date and birth date

13. Florie (Stewart) Branan-18823  Tennessee Marriages, 1796-1950, Geo. Brannan and Florie Record of Husband, Death Record

14. George Branan-59  Marriage date Tennessee Marriages, 1796-1950

15. Jerry Wilson-33662   United States Census, 1850

16. Charlotte Bishop-7466 (Find A Grave Index birth and death dates and death place)

17. Jesse Ashcraft-600 (United States Census 1840,1850 and U S Confederate Verteran papers

18. John D. Ashcraft-599  United States Cenus 1850, Texas Deaths, 1890-1976

19. Jerry C. Ashcraft-597  Texas Deaths, 1890-1976

20. Amanda Liveoak-1  United States Census, 1860

21. Phillip Keck-443  Find a Grave index, proof of burial, and death date and birth date

22. Mahala Tussey-2  Find a Grave index, proof of burial, and death date and birth date, Pedigree Resource File, LDS

23.  Susanna (Sherrill) Casteel-5    LDS Pedigree Resource File

24. Rosa Holly-392  United States Census 1910

25. Chester Holly-392   United States Census 1910

26. William Hutchens-35  Tennessee, County Marriages, 1790-1950, United Sates Census 1880

27. Sarah (Lynch) Tollett-3863  Arkansas Marriages, 1837-1944

28. Andrew Dodson-899  Texas Deaths, 1890-1976, death of daughter Maggie Dodson, sources parents.

29. Elias Davidson-1912  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Ancestral File

30. Edward Elam-70  United States Census, 1820, 1830, TN

by Deborah Dunn G2G6 Mach 2 (23.0k points)
edited by Deborah Dunn
Yay Deborah thanks for joining!!!
+8 votes

1. Griffis-220 Added Birth, 1850 Census, Military War of 1812.

2. Griffis-31 Added Birth year and 1880 census.

3. Griffis-29 Added birth year and 1880 census

4. Griffis-221 Added birth year and 1860 census

5. Griffis-38 Birth, 1860 Census

6. Griffis-36 Birth, 1860 Census

7. Griffis-121 Land Purchase

8. Griffis-26 Birth, Death, 1860 Census, 920 Census
by Nancy Sluder G2G6 (6.4k points)
edited by Nancy Sluder
There you go!!! Awesome!! Now, you just edit this post periodically with your updates. Happy sourcing!!
looks like I may be out for a while.My desktop crashed. Taking it in for repair. I'll try to work on my old one.
Oh no!!  Hope you get it fixed!!
A good feeling to put flesh to the bones of the past!!
+9 votes
Getting started.  I hope to add many sources. I hope I do it correctly.

I'm #479

1.  Hurst-1609 Added Birth year and 1880 census, Birth date and Death date and place from TN Death Certificate

2. Hubbard- 186 Added Marriage Location and Source for Marriage

3. Stinnett-1  Added Death Location from Find-A-Grave

4.  Stark-49  Added Marriage Date and Location form Illinois Marriage Records, Birth year from 1880 Federal Census, Added Child Stark-2745 from  Federal 1860 Census, Stark-49  Added Child Stark-2746 from Federal 1860 Census,  Stark-49  Added Child Stark-2747 from Federal 1860 Census, Stark-49 Added Child Stark-2748 from Federal 1860 Census, Stark-49 Added Child Stark-2749 from Federal 1860 Census, Stark-49  Added Child Stark-2750 from Federal 1860 Census, Stark--49 Added Child Stark-2751 from Federal 1880 Census, Stark-49  Added Military Pension File, Stark-49  Added Birth date from Find-A-Grave, Stark-49  Added Probate Records

5. Sheets-83  Added Marriage Date and Spouse

6. Sneed-696  Added Birth date and Death date and Biography

7. Sneed-697  Added Father for Sneed-696, Birth date and location and Death date and location

8. Samples-365  Added Source for Birth date and Death Date and location.

9. Ledford- 88  Added Birthdate and source

10.  Lewis-4730  Added Census and Federal Mortality Census

11. Walker-19525  Added Census for birthdate and Marriage Date with source

12. Carter-2708 Added Birth and Death dates and locations with source

13.  Carter-2710  Added Birth and Death dates and middle name with sources

14. Dotson-683  Added Death location and source

15. Rankin-457  Added Death location and corrected birth location and date with sources

16. Richardson-2431  Added Birth location with source

17. Roberson-864  Added Birth location and 2 sources

18  Layne-430  Added 4 sources

19.  Fleming-235  Corrected birth location and added 2 sources

20. Pleasants-57  Added several sources

21. Freshour-67   Added 2 sources

22.  Lowry-1557  Added 3 sources

23.  Armstrong- 1910  Added 3 sources

24.  Devault-98  Added 3 sources

25.  Devault-255  Added 3 sources


welcome, Teresa!!  Happy sourcing!  Just leave a numbered list in a comment to your answer.  You'll do great!

Let me know if you have questions or need any help!  :D

You're doing great Teresa!  Yay!!   Just a quick note: the powers that "be" only give credit for one source per profile, because we are counting "number of profiles" sourced, not number of sources on profiles.  So, in order to keep an accurate count, you might want your list to just show one profile per number, but with a list of sources added.  Like this:

  1. Stark-49 Added: probate records, birth date, military records, several children, birth year, marriage date/location
  2.  Hurst-1609 death certificate, birth info, 1880 census

Let me know if you have any questions!  Thanks!!  And keep up the amazing work!

Count is 8 (Samples-365)

Thanks,  I'm new at this so please bear with me.  Yesterday I had to go out of town to a wedding.  Back to sourcing today!
welcome back! We are glad you can join us! :D
+6 votes

Team Tennessee, we are up to 72 profiles sourced!  YooHooo!!!!

Don't forget to stop into the Tennessee Unsourced Profiles; even if you don't know anything about Tennessee, you can still research within Tennessee unsourced profiles, or any other unsourced category.  When you open up a new profile, click on their WikiTree ID on the drop down menu at the top right of tthe screen.  Click on "Research" within that menu.  Then it will give you several options to choose from (Ancestry, FamilySearch, FAGR, etc).  Pick one and add a source!  Easy peasy!!

Tennessee Unsourced Profiles

United States Unsourced Profiles

by Summer Orman G2G6 Mach 8 (86.4k points)
+5 votes
Tennessee!  We've sourced 98 profiles so far!!  <happy dance>
by Summer Orman G2G6 Mach 8 (86.4k points)
+5 votes
Team Tennessee!!  133 profiles sourced so far!  It's probably getting close to bedtime for some...get your beauty sleep then come back tomorrow ready for more!!  Way to go!!!
by Summer Orman G2G6 Mach 8 (86.4k points)
If I've counted correctly, I think we have 152 profiles sourced now!
+5 votes
Tennessee!  We are doing so well!  I hope everyone is up and at it this morning!!!!  As of 2 hours ago we stood at 164 profiles sourced. I've added a few to that myself.  I hope everyone is ready to make a big push today!!  Let's crank out those sources!  Remember, as your team Captain I'm here if you need any help at all.  My iPad is an extension of my hand until this is over, so I'm within reach at all time.  (except for when I'm checking my eyelids for cracks).  Have a great day and happy sourcing!!!
by Summer Orman G2G6 Mach 8 (86.4k points)
+7 votes
1. Shipley-1186 1940 Census and Social Security death Index
by Tanya Sharp G2G Crew (990 points)
edited by Tanya Sharp
I had it at the start but thought it was done wrong.
+6 votes
420 checking in!
by Janette Huskey G2G1 (1.2k points)
+8 votes
Bib 420

1. Ogle - 1041 1870 census

2. Ogburn - 323 burial record

3. Ogburn - 328 burial record and bio

4. Pace - 1782 death records of daughter naming parents

5. Yadon - 2 burial record and bio

6. Kitchens - 296 1840 census record and bio

7. Talbot - 1829 - burial record and bio

8. Talbot - 1376 marriage record

9. Boyle - 1024 marriage record

10. Talbot - 1156 burial record

11. Bate - 416 burial record and bio

12. Foster - 662 - burial record

13. Bird - 160 census record, left in comment area, individual locked
by Janette Huskey G2G1 (1.2k points)
edited by Janette Huskey
Hey Janette, welcome!!!!  Glad to have you!!!  Just keep a running list and you'll be good!!!  We are so glad you joined us, thank you for your help!!   Let me know if you have any questions or need anything!  As your team Captain, I'm always available!! - Summer
Summer, I'm sorry I didn't get more done, I've not been feeling well.  I was running a fever on Saturday.  Jan
+7 votes


  1. Wilson-34418 remove 'unsourced' 
  2. Schubert-339 personal recollection birth
  3. Peck-3791 compiled genealogical book
  4. Gordon-7010 1860 Census, 1880 Census, 1900 Census, headstone, birth/death information, death certificate
  5. Gordon-7025 compiled genealogical book
  6. Gordon-6976 compiled genealogical book
  7. Gordon-6968 compiled genealogical book
  8. Gordon-7026 1830 census
  9. Truax-347 headstone,1850 census, death info
  10. Gordon-6971 birth information, will
  11. Gordon-7023 birth information, children information, death information
by Peggy McMath G2G6 Mach 3 (33.5k points)
edited by Peggy McMath

Hey Peggy!  Thanks for joining us!  Can you please edit your comment to show only one number per profile?  What counts is the # of profiles sourced, not the # of sources per profile.  Example from your contribs above: (you have sourced 11 total profiles as of 7:49pm CST)

  • Gordon-7010 1860 census, 1880 census, 1900 census, birth/death info, death certificate
  • Truax-347 1850 census, death info

Make sense??  If you need help please see the tutorial here, it has step-by-step instructions and screen shots!  Let me know if you need help or have any questions.  As your team Captain I'm always available!



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